Muslim Police Officer Protects Her Son from an American Crazy Guy

Yahoo News reports from New York! ‘Hero’ Muslim cop, her son harassed by a bigot in Brooklyn!
The person, in question, who yelled & threatened the Muslim police officer and her child was wrong in taking the law and the Constitution into his own hands with an ugly attitude!
In WW2 we never called Germans nor Japanese hideous names!
If we did so in WW2 then we had failed in continuing to pray for Japanese & Germans when we had a war to fight.

When Muslims need to go to a Sharia Muslim country it will be through our government and it’s actions in forcing and protecting the Constitution and daily America culture. NOT by THIS so-called white man or any person.
It could have been an Asian or a Blackman but it wasn’t !!

We must leave the question of when Muslims go to a Sharia Muslim country of their choice to our government. But not with some foolish American white guy or any color guy. It’s nuts!

Yes, the Muslim police woman was a hero in protecting her son against over zealous crazy guy.

~@ROliverLuce | 12-05-16

Reference A:
‘Hero’ Muslim cop, her son harassed by bigot in Brooklyn’hero’-muslim-cop%2C-her-son.html

Reference B:
The danger of Islam is NOT the Muslims but the real danger comes from their Islamic trilogy of books. It’s the content in the books that breed the behavior in all Muslims because people can not be Muslim unless they believe and follow the Hadith, Quran, and the Sira. However, there are secret Muslims who are seeking the spirit of truth when hearing the truth and will leave Islam. Some won’t until they see America protecting them when they do leave Islam. To be practicing Muslims is to practice Sharia. If Sharia can not be practice then Muslims must practice cultural jihads as offenses in removing a host non-Muslim nation’s own objects of culture. IF not then they must wait until their numbers are great enough to launch jihad strikes. Otherwise, Muslims go about their lives being friendly to you and me without troubles looking at us like we are to become frogs in cold water on a stove. 🙂 Just saying, as everyone now can see. Liberals are useful in defending and protecting Muslims with various strategies that gainsay against the truth of what’s coming. But as I say, Muslims smile and go about their business being friendly and why not? They may not have the strength…… yet.


Ohio State Stands with Solidarity with Terrorist Abdul justifying His Islamic Jihad

You do love the person with compassion and hate his behavior in the way consequences must come.
This terrorist flew all the way to Pakistan and back to be trained particularly as a jihadi with encouragement to do it.

A person still must pay the consequences of their behavior and still liberals can be wise in standing with them even in the face of the consequences HE MUST FACE. Liberals can become wise once again instead of foolishly condoning a terrorist’s actions.

AGAIN, you do love the person with compassion and hate his behavior in the way consequences must come.

~@ROliverLuce | 12-04-16

Ohio State Now Stands in Solidarity with Terrorist Abdul, as oppressed?

Trump will be the Next President Crushing Mrs. Alinsky-Communist Hillary

Mr. Trump will be the Next President Crushing Sharia-Communist Hopes!

Pence won the debate, really? But the liberal PRESS tells us he lost with Trump? Trump lost?
How is it possible Mrs. Hillary of Bengazi wins when she tells us she wants the U.S under Sharia Law communist style? How is THAT possible?


Islam is influencing our own destruction from within using slandering as a cover!

~@ROliverLuce | 06-19-16

CNN Money reports from an article that “[The] Muslim woman** deluged by ‘hate tweets’ after helping Homeland Security panel” as if the Muslim is innocent and found to be a wonderful example of an American woman for Liberal America!
An example tweet follows in what CNN says is sick and evil: “I hope you die slowly in a pool of pigs blood.” I would agree! Except many Americans who can see the evil, that’s in America these days JUST DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE OTHER THAN to make sick and evil statements. I say let good Americans rise to the occasion and speak for the nation what Islam is doing to America!

To reiterate, There will always be citizens who have their minds in the gutter who are unable to communicate the danger of allowing Muslims to live illegally in America even with a sick attitude as well.

The problem began with Americans voting in a dangerous President in 2008 & 2012 President Obama has shown all of us and the world that he is indeed dangerous, who behaves and speaks as a Muslim. Behaving in ways of breaking an American law, for example, that was created in 1952 in the spirit of the Constitution to outlaw Muslims living or coming into the United States.

The 1952 Law is due to the fact Muslims live by a code that comes from their holy trilogy of books with the express purpose of worshipping their Allah as the only god and idolizing Mohammad by acting out various traditions and life of their prophet.

With all this said, the primary focus is about pressing (through various types of jihads) their life under Sharia on everyone in the Earth to become Muslims or graciously die! They sometimes will make unbelievers pay a very hefty tax but eventually, they will be killed in the end. Everyone must obey and/or pick from sections of the life and the various traditions of their prophet from the Hadith (traditions of the prophet) and the Sira (life & times of the prophet) to LIVE OUT their lives as Muslims, with the Quran coming up as an introduction to Islamic rules of life and how the lovely kafirs (unbelievers) are to be treated and killed in the end.

After all, as Muslims privately & publically say, it’s Allah’s grace and compassion to behead the unbelievers for it is the BEST PUNISHMENT EVER for the kafirs (that’s us the unbelievers)!

This my fellow Americans is what the future will be if good men & women, everywhere, do not get up and throw the evil out of the country, now or kill them in saving our Republic. To protect your family, your friends, your town, your country is NOT evil but righteous in putting down evil its self.

**Laila Alawa, a 24-year-old Muslim who was part of a Department of Homeland Security subcommittee that helped brainstorm solutions for the report! A Muslim contributing to solutions to American security? Let’s look at what her Imams would say about how they plan to destroy America as we know it and our freedoms! Laila is part of a worldwide problem and why would we want her ideas that would only bring on offenses that the American people commit against her political system with its religious wing for all types & kinds of jihad-justification!


Click to access Countering%20Violent%20Extremism%20Subcommittee%20Membership%20Roster_1_0.pdf

Fox News & FBI May Be Purposely Avoiding Root Cause of Muslim Jihad

~@ROliverLuce | 12-22-15

To Catch a Terrorist: Pols see Child Porn Laws as Model for Tracking Jihadists?
Can U.S. fight terror online in [the] same way it stops child porn?

Are we avoiding the root cause here?

Are we not listening to their (Muslim’s) own words, their actions, and their behavior?
Do we not (yet) understand their words and their actions, and their behavior does comes directly from their own political system and religion?

Their political system and religion come directly from their books. And those holy books are the ROOT CAUSE! Are we NOT reading and listening to the REAL ROOT CAUSE? What is that ROOT CAUSE? It’s reading and understanding the Spector from the Islamic trilogy. Those three books that spell out everything about Islam but we were afraid to ask. The holy books spell out the how and why terrorism thrives with the express approval of Islam (again see the trilogy) while at the same time Muslims attempt to distance themselves from the terror jihad types when they appear in the media! There are many OTHER types and kinds of jihads that are ALSO aimed squarely at bringing down our own culture, our institutions, and our government in using our own FREEDOMS against us. They are the enemy. Their own culture of evil from their trilogy is NOT equal to American Constitutionalism!

The demon seeds, which are the various kinds of jihads, are FROM the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira. Care must be had in studying the non-candy coated versions!

The solution is that Muslims must live in their own country and should be deported to those countries as soon as possible. Those who say they are only the peaceful types of Muslims are not true Muslims but are lying to you and me. If those Muslims who honestly want no part of Sharia must show this by LEAVING ISLAM. For remaining in Islam will only show their support for Sharia and their children will catch the demon seeds and act out the jihads which are listed in the trilogy. Otherwise, if a Muslim refuses to obey the trilogy they will be killed like you and me as kafirs who are non-believers!


Muslim Taqiyya Shifting Strategy Blaming CAIR in Effort to Stop Anti-Islamic Wave

~@ROliverLuce | 12-18-15

Muslims now say: ‘They [CAIR] don’t speak for me’: New Muslim group(s) reject CAIR representation? Really? Can this be true in the light of their own Islamic fundamental doctrines?  It’s NOW time our American media and our own state and national leaders to start examining Islam’s trilogy (the holy books) and begin questioning the dogma that Muslims are here to stay and are safe to live in the West as well as in our own country as neighbors!  This is NOT the truth of who Muslims are.  They will never assimilate into our American melting pot culture!  President Obama has a brain and he sees THIS!

This new Muslim group or groups which began with an ex-US Navy officer is wrong about Muslims and their faith.  According to all three (3) of their Holy Books which are, the Hadith, the Quran, and the Sira document the facts Islam is the root cause of all kinds and types of jihads.

No one can never separate jihad from Islam!  The violent jihad type/kind is NOT the only way to bring down America to gradually or quickly promote and install Sharia on everyone in any host country for that matter!  There are street control jihads, financial jihads, cultural insult jihads, generalized taqiyya jihads, education jihads with our own children’s education, and many others.

The jihad is all about the promotion of Sharia for them and then ultimately on you and me.  The alligator will also eat liberal-progressives whether they believe it or not.

Of course, there are Muslims who wish they can find a way to leave Islam for they do not wish to live under any kind of Islamic Sharia.  To be a Muslim is to obey the trilogy!  Do not listen to taqiyya.

Deport all Muslims is the best punishment possible, as Islam will always say beheading is the best possible punishment for mankind in disobeying Sharia.

“CAIR is a primary obstacle in the effort of many honest American Muslims who recognize our need to own up and lead long-overdue reforms against the root causes of radicalization: Islamism and its separatism,”
~said Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, an ex-U.S. Navy officer who founded and heads the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

These peaceful Muslims now say who now dares to deport them NOW!
Nice Muslims coming out of the closet with the truth our leaders don’t want to admit! Your culture & freedoms are at risk:

Trump’s Proposal to Deport Out & Block Inbound Every Living Muslim is Justified

~@ROliverLuce | 12-08-15

Donald Trump proposes sweeping shut down of all Muslims entering the USA including Muslims who are in America whether citizens or not!
Islam is the danger NOT radicalized Muslims. It’s all in the demon seeds: The Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira.
There is no such thing as radicalized Muslims.  All Muslims are normal who follow the trilogy of books in committing all types of jihads which includes the violent types of jihad!

The sweeping proposal is justified because to be a Muslim is to be ruled by the trilogy.  This means they must support Sharia and all of it’s various types and kinds of jihads in taking down host countries.

This means civil rights advocates have no business advocating the rights (if any, lol) for enemies of any host nation (like America) and its legal system, it’s cultural environment, and it’s freedoms of which Islam has declared as offensive to them because of their own holy books, the trilogy of evil.

To be a Muslim is to live the Hadith, the Sira, and the Quran or else they must be killed like the rest of us or taxed to the max until death!  Still believe it’s all a fairy tail? READ THEIR HOLY BOOKS and smell the coffee with great trust that God will help you to become accountable!


All Muslims in America Support Sharia; It’s Documented in The Quran, Hadith, Sira

~@ROliverLuce | 10-19-15

51% of Muslims promote and agree with Sharia?? Hardly!! 51% is an outright lie and a cover! For ALL Muslims must follow the unholy trilogy (the 3 books). 51 is an LIE, with many Muslims who are not educated YET from their unholy books, (or) the Imams are covering up for their POLITICAL SYSTEM with it’s religious arm to sear (sooth) consciences while openly telling the host country their culture is offending them!! HOW DARE OUR LEADERS FALL FOR THESE LIES.

Now, we can make use of this opportunity to show the love of Christ to these Muslims one-on-one. At the same time, we must secure the nation as we did in World War II.

In order to be a Muslim they must (YOU must) believe in all 3 so-called holy books, the Quran, the Hadith, & the Sira which SPELLS OUT Sharia (law)! IF they don’t (if YOU don’t) then you are NOT a Muslim and in time you will be killed for resisting Islam’s teachings from the trilogy and WILL BE KILLED by other Muslims. All versions of Islam MUST believe the 3 unholy books or else. If you are a liberal or other non-believers THEY WILL LIE TO YOU. It’s also untrue that they only get their religion from the Quran only. Mostly it’s from the Hadith that directs the Muslim daily in HOW they must emulate their prophet in activities and how they treat the non-believer. The Quran alone is more concern about how to treat the non-believer than it is about being a religious holy person or such!!

THEREFORE, it’s all the Muslims who support Sharia and for THAT matter any version of Sharia depending on which sect Muslims might belong. When a Muslim tells you they only believe in the Medina version the first part of the Quran they are actually lying to you. For that part is true but at the same time it’s true they will subjugate you in time whether by violent jihad or cultural jihad.

Because of the unholy trilogy Islam does want to become the dominant Political-religious-system over the entire world. Their 1,400-year track record shows it. And because of their unholy books and even with the last 100 years up to the present they will prevail if good men DO NOTHING. So far most of the leaders of the West are scared and will do anything to appease evil that the alligator will not eat them!

Ben Carson Gaining on Mr Trump and Donald Explains Why!

~@ROliverLuce | 10-14-15

But first it must be said that we all must realize that these anti-constitutional(1) liberal Democrats ARE afraid of the Muslim’s dual evil-cover [See Dr. Bill Warner on this subject] as to why they NOW hate BOTH Mr. Trump & Dr. Carson.

The Muslim evil is only controversial because American Liberal-Progressives are afraid of the Muslims, therefore, refuse to read the 3 Muslim holy books

“Republican front-runner the Real Donald Trump says the Real Ben Carson has been gaining on him in recent polls because the retired neurosurgeon has taken a page from the Trump playbook: making controversial statements that draw media coverage.(2)”

Of course Carson’s and Trump’s statements re: Muslims are controversial because Americans are realizing the danger of normal Islam and it’s mobile worldwide style citizens moving into the country, our country, who all must support all types of Jihads whether violent or the cultural types such as school issues and street-commandeering for prayers! These Jihads are dictated through all 3 holy books at various stages when it’s advantageous to outwit the host nation. [Read the all 3 books and save yourselves!]

Americans want the push for Muslims to stop and reversed. Muslim refugees belong overseas where they can play with Sharia tyranny there!

The source of the trouble with all Muslims come from the trilogy of all 3 holy books, the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira from which the demon seed ideas come!

(2) Reference:

(1) Anti-constitutional in breaking the law, not enforcing the law, and breaking the constitution especially regarding allowing millions worldwide to flood our borders without understanding the consequences and actually using illegals to prop up certain agendas.

Exposing & Uniting the truth About Islam from Two Sources!

October 5, 2015 | 2:15pm

Exposing & Uniting the truth About Islam from Two Sources!
(1) The Constitution that outlaws Islam.
(2) The facts from expert’s own research into Islamic history & the holy books of Islam that give the facts on Islam and it’s agenda.

(1) From Publius Huldah’s WordPress blog:
The First Amendment does NOT give Islamists the right to build mosques, proselytize, and institute sharia here!
The video

(2) Research and Data on Islam by Dr. Bill Warner

{ Please simply gloss over the references to Christianity & the Crusades and read/study Dr. Warner RESEARCH because YOU and EVERYONE must understand the TRUTH & help spread the truth! }

A Quick Study: A taste of Islam; The true nature of Islam; A dualistic Islam ~Dr.Bill Warner:

{Start location 5:17; Book refs 0:03}

An Examination from Research into the real history of the Crusades & why Europe is afraid:
Dr. Bill Warner & the examination of the Muslim barbarian invasion of Europe and Rome and why the denial. The WEST IS SCARED as the teachings prove.
A brief study on why the West is scared of Islam and why the denial


Time mark: (29:25) for a quick look at where you will see the crusades on the map.

Thanks for your support, and Publius Huldah thanks you as well,