God is Only a God of Righteousness & Justice; He Is Not The Author of Evil

~@ROliverLuce | 06-22-15

(^1) There are those who question whether God who is the God of creation creates darkness and woe! Isaiah 45:7 and 8 {CJB version}

Isa.45:7 “I form light, I create darkness; I make well-being, I create woe; I, ADONAI, do all these things. (NT) (Kindle Locations 19679-19686).”

(^2) True, but read on further…
Isa.45:8 “Heavens above, rain down justice; let the clouds pour it down. Let the earth open, so that salvation springs up, and justice sprouts with it. I, ADONAI, have created it.” (NT) (Kindle Locations 19679-19686).

And …

(^3) What’s more! Our God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob is …
Deuteronomy 32:4 The Rock! His work is perfect, for all his ways are just. A trustworthy God who does no wrong, he is righteous and straight. (Kindle Locations 9779-9781).

(^4) And here is HOW God created darkness which is not EVIL nor is it SIN that God was creating! HE is a wonderful God who CHANGES NOT!
Genesis 1:3 Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.
Genesis 1:4 God saw that the light was good, and God divided the light from the darkness.
Genesis 1:5 God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. So there was evening, and there was morning, one day.
(Kindle Locations 1410-1413).

(^5) As for the Woe:
Finally as for God creating “Woe” He is after all a God of justice who repays those who refuses the Law of Sin and Death. For God will not allow sin to go unpunished.

(^6) Now let’s deal with the question why did God create Satan (other names) knowing Satan would fall since God is “omniscient” knowing all things: Job 37:16; Psalm 139:2–4, 147:5; Proverbs 5:21; Isaiah 46:9-10; and even in the B’rit Hadashah> 1John 3:19–20.
Now for a great quote: “First, we should understand that knowing Satan would rebel is not the same thing as making[/creating] Satan [to] rebel.”

God did not create Lucifer [as an evil being] (the devil); God created him good as noted in Genesis 1:31 as to “everything.”
As we all know, when God says “everything” He does means “everything” when He is creating! 🙂

And as we all know from Isaiah 14:13,14 Satan chose to be evil that did become a tool for God to raise a harvest of inheritors of the Kingdom of God to those whosoever will choose to accept His COVENANT of love and salvation from their sinful corruptible flesh egged on by Satan to tabernacle with God for eternity!

He is our creator, our Father, and He deserves our respect as like unto a loving Father who LOVES US! And our loving Father spoke a WORD that He will never rescind!!


Free Will is about Love; Without Free Will there is No Relationship

~@ROliverLuce | 04-27-15

Calvinism in Christianity was born in the midst of European Catholicism and became part of America’s Christian foundation in the beginning. Our forefathers heeded the Lord in those days but have since then we are learning from the scriptures and the revelation of God in nature that God is a relational Lord who loves us so, even as a hurricane!

The Chief Reason why “free will” is important to God is attitude and the acceptance of His Covenant Word. For without a receptive and a repenting attitude and a willingness to accept God’s Covenant Word, His Son, there is only the rejection of God’s love and there is no salvation without blood. Blood was the payment for the law of sin & death to be released so we can be free through His payment.

So God showed His love by paying this debt. And it must be said, love can never be dictated nor demanded a relationship. God, after all, is the author of what relationships are supposed to mean!

Law and judgment are that cause alone, the dictating of righteousness to ensure it is the rule. And that rule is the requirement that the law of sin and death be fulfilled for which God did demonstrate His love through His Son dying to pay that debt of the law of sin and death.  So, again, we might be saved from it and thereby doing it with a willing Spirit through the promise and the encouragement of His living Word!

Therefore, it is up to the inheritors of salvation to believe, to accept, and to receive the gift that was paid! A gift of salvation free of the law of sin and death.

Who are the inheritors? Those of us who have been born on the earth. We have that choice between the spirit of life (salvation from ourselves) or the spirit of death (separation from God) for eternity.

And with all this said. It’s the Father’s Covenant that is dependent on our agreement to accept a gift of God’s living Word. That Word sealed a deal on His only Covenant that we might accept His way and not find our own way, to god, in knowing the difference between good and evil. Always searching for a set of laws that we might lean back and enjoy our self-created righteousness and joys without God’s presence and help.

Covenant Building for the Coming Messiah for Whosoever will Trust & Obey

~ROliverLuce | 04-17-15

Covenant building is covenant obedience and walking in partnership with the one who freely gave us a way out of our sin and degradation! A Covenant of Promise we can choose to trust and enter for our own Spiritual well-being for eternal life or for a spiritual death for all eternity without God if we choose our own way to god.

Obedience to the Father’s (God’s) Covenant is from our Spirit with His spiritual encouragement and promises. Because it is not through the flesh which seems to always boast itself in pride and bolster itself above others!

In Covenant, we are to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God through the obedience to His Covenant of promise & salvation that comes through wisdom & the living Word from the mouth of our Father God!

So, when we walk by the Spirit we are walking by faith, which is trust, thereby walking in our new Covenant Robe; We do put on His righteousness which is from His Word of Truth with our obedience from our Spirit! But never do we do so from our own boastful prideful flesh. We get our righteousness from the 2nd Adam: Yeshua’s heal was wounded when He crushed Satan’s head, crushing his authority over the man.

Therefore, if we walk habitually with continuous action by the Spirit we will no longer fulfill the lust of the flesh nor the pride of life. From this view we are no longer slaves of sin but now slaves of righteousness by our obedience that turns to slavery in righteousness for we are now brothers with the Son of God who is the firstborn of many brothers but without sin. HE is the one who came to SHOW the way!

Ref: Galatians 5:16

The Coming Revelation & Judgment of America

~ROliverLuce | 04-06-15

Who are those who worship and enjoy YOU, oh Lord-God who will not fear [anything] and glorify your name?

Because you alone, oh Lord, are whole, righteous, and complete with wisdom and common sense in the truth for all time!

All the nations, of the Earth, will come and worship (admire & dance like football worshippers) before you, for your righteous, wise, and common sense deeds have been revealed [and continue to be revealed]! Therefore, there are NO excuses for those of us who call ourselves the Americans, continue to walk away, from HIS righteous and humble deeds, with a FADING righteous innocence for a time. A time that made us look still righteous without the Lord-God. Then without warning we began to wake up to see ourselves as callous, cold, and sarcastic looking upon your past as if we’ve always been this way: callous, cold, and sarcastic saying to ourselves our national culture has always been evil thereby condemning ourselves with foolish thoughts that we might continue to sin without impunity!

Judgment is crouching at the door since walking away from Yeshua-Jesus as a national culture with bewitching exuberance for demons now, named Allah and Lawlessness, that have come in the name of smooth lies and tricks with quick sound-bites because of “YOUR” national complacency. We have let, we have allowed our national leaders run, do, and promote evil because of our complacency because of own selfish and self-centered desires birthed from our own lawlessness that comes from sliding away from our national conscience in Yeshua-Jesus who kept our Republic until today, until TODAY. It was a decade’s long slide to this moment in TIME! We have lost our identity if we continue down this path allowing lawlessness and Allah to invade our American cultural conscience. You and I do not have to believe in Yeshua-Jesus but we do need to hold firm to Yeshua-Jesus for the sake of our heritage or be lost forever in time.

I speak of “YOUR” as in you, myself, and everyone who calls themselves the Americans! We are Americans throwing away our nation for a quick bowl of soup as Esau of old in the Jewish book of Tanakh.

Earnestly Teaching the Chosen Ones in Christ

~R.OliverLuce | 02-06-15

The teacher of the Word of Salvation must endure all trouble with faithfulness for the sake of the ‘chosen’, those who “love the truth.”

It must be understood that those who do NOT love nor SEEK the truth will be sent a delusion as like in the case of pharaoh in Moses era. The apostasy, attitude of unrighteousness, sin, and foolishness begins in the heart and manifests outwardly afterwards, with the acceptance of any level of obsession and evil. The delusion that God allows is the judgement of unrepentant sin, i.e. Homosexuality for example is the judgment upon them.

Verse Reference:
2Timothy 2:10
“For this reason I [Apostle Paul] endure all things for the sake of those who are chosen [those who love/seek the truth], so that they also may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus [through continual obedience] and with it eternal glory.”

To Save a Republic with Prayer Through the Word & Bravery

~R.OliverLuce | 01-23-15

This is our attitude that we pray and intercede with SHOES on our prayers to take the stand in the PUBLIC SQUARE without abrasiveness nor guilt but with the Word of Knowledge mixed with WISDOM that we will see evil put down and righteousness promoted in God’s good timing!

In order for a free people to secure their Republic
who may consider themselves as the righteous who go by MY NAME** will humble themselves, turn from their wickedness & religious sins, and seek ME** then shall I** heal their land.

And further more, the righteous will then have the power to win many over to righteousness that a republic might be saved; That many will be at peace.

And they shall also gain HIS strength and HIS power to stand against evil principalities and powers in the public square that STAND AGAINST the Kingdom of God, and the Lord will prevail in all seven mountains. This is bravery that men will stand in the gap and over rule evil with God’s Word of Strength.
The truth will prevail and truth is a person.
2Chr.7:14 {NASB}

The people rejoice when evil men are put down! This we shall earnestly intercede towards before God!
Proverbs 29:2 {NASB}

We can be numbed by evil men who have been promoted.
Psa.38:8 {NASB}

The people cry out and are badly crushed by foolish evil, yet God will not listen until the people turn!
Job 24:12 {NASB}

Wilberforce: The Courage to Impeach a Growing Evil is Necessary even in the Face of Political Risk

~R.OliverLuce | 11-14-14

Some House representatives in the Republican party are forgetting their role in defending the American Constitution. Sure, lets go ahead and defund certain operations if and when down the line the president ordains lawlessness by dictate! It’s true the party must take care of it’s self! BUT should the party only do their own thing at the expense of the nation that even spells a national decline coming? Both the Republican and Democratic parties must ultimately tow the line to secure the Constitution and the country, letting only the best man or reps to win and rally around them all! So therefore we must encourage our Republican representatives to pull a WILBERFORCE and impeach this present danger in the White House even in the face of political risk and years of trials. Mr. Wilberforce eventually won because he was on the side of truth. Slavery is a danger and an evil that has occurred world over for centuries. Let us not cower but secure courage from our God and forge ahead without delay.
Let us not delay for we are more than able to take the country and see it’s salvation from this present wrong that grows larger everyday!

To regress. May I simply mention the reality that the lack of courage in any people leads to wrong and that wrong will produce what we call sin which in turn springs obsession and lost in the soul any people, any person, or even a nation’s soul if not checked!

So our courage to do what is right is needed for initiating impeachment and defunding the government in certain areas to stop this President from breaking the Constitution (he’s habitually doing, i.e. many examples) once again to ordain illegal foreigners as eventual citizens [without waiting in line] without Constitutional and legal grounds. BUT we have a immigration plan already at hand. It is simply for the MOST PART not being ENFORCED. Neither is the border being enforced. Ok and if RED-China [soon to be overpowered by Christianity] created a great wall, if Israel created a high wall, if Mexico enforces and imprisons illegals of it’s own, then WE are more than able as President Eisenhower has proven back in 1954, to secure a border and outlaw illegal employees and stabilize national wages in our own national market place as Eisenhower had done with a few thousand agents with several million illegals. Deporting lawlessness did deserve to be called “wetback.” Good Americanized citizens from Mexico who are law-abiding are not therefore “wetbacks.” As we can understand it’s ok to look down upon the lawless until they perk-up so to speak.

So, in the face of great political loss [election of 2014], even the current Democrat party has forgotten their obligation on the national scene in their push for lawless and anti-Constitutional actions which have led to the flooding of the country with illegal foreigners who have family and those who have not and those who have desires to live off the government and those who have desires for gain with evil intent. Lawlessness has undesirable side effects even for control freaks.

Once we break our own laws that effectively gives away “the farm” (lawlessness) to foreigners (illegal aliens) the “string” of illegal families are never ending: “I have a family LET ME IN NOW illegally, and so do I, and I do too, and so is my family here as well, and help me I have a family too, and I have nothing help me, and I have this or that…” until the “string of illegal extended families” gets longer and longer and longer… until the American culture is crushed by illegal-cultures of another time and place, who do not understand ‘what is America’, and comes under the thumb of THE tyranny of dependency! Legal immigration has always been a good thing for a great country who knows HOW to repel groups who call good evil, and evil good! Why allow America to become a mix-bag-of-tricks through “legal anarchy?”

This is what our current liberalized/progressiv’ized government is doing to America. Seducing everyone, including millions of illegals, on government dependency for the delight of control in their effort to make a new world free of misery as they SEE IT. All this with the desire to remove all unnecessary responsible freedoms and wealth creation and calling it “White Privilege” for control purposes in swaying ignorant masses in believing there is not enough to go around even in wealth creation. After all, they call it all a lie. But what liberal-progressives call good is nothing but a lie and a trick to save the world from their own FEAR. But their fear is from the adversary of lies. They fear because they believe they are better than God as in NIMROD of old!


President Obama and his threat of ordaining lawless foreigners into eventual voters:

Example of the lack of American courage in stopping this present wrong that has grown into an evil:

From Fencing Out Lawlessness to a Culture Whose Sin is Ready for Judgment

~R.OliverLuce | 10-24-14

By R.OliverLuce

Fencing out lawlessness is good!  Fences ARE effective if we have the will. The will, the righteous will of a righteous nation! Shall we… GET A LIFE from Israel, humm? Lets see THEIR fence, shall we?

BUT wait, God has allowed a man in a White House to destroy America, as we know it, because our sins seem to be FULL for judgment! How is this? So why? Well, as Americans we don’t stand against evil any more. We just speak our minds and that’s it for those of us who do! But while others just let it go because of [false]guilt. For all practical reasons, we’ve lost our repulsiveness to ACT! We’ve LOST OUR HEADS so to speak!!

Losing our heads? Sure, we call it tolerance in the name of political correctness (PC) which comes from false guilt that most likely, I think, comes from our dead Christian churches who have lost their first love for a probable “once saved always saved” worldview for everybody or something very close to that kind of “spirit.” BUT wait, after all our president is a Black man, right? Never arrest a black man for any of his lawlessness. Why? because we are the bad people for attacking black people. Because their lawlessness is good. Why have laws when we all want our way. Why obey the speed limits on the freeways? Our ways are good, who needs God now. Get the drift? We have all place the great lawless creature in the WHITEHOUSE. He’s not the only lawless guy. Lets look at ourselves. Ooh God, WE HAVE LEFT YOU!!

To give an example of our plight lets talk about Abram: Centuries ago, God was talking with Abram regarding the promise land. HE referred to the current people of that land as people whose sins were not full or completed as yet to be judged. HE began speaking to Abram in taking the land through his own children who would do it 400 years later in fulfilling the promise!

So when any culture’s sin have become full. It’s ripe for JUDGMENT time, and God will use another country or a people group whether they be evil or good depending on God’s own plans. He knows the beginning from the end. And Islam will not escape it’s demonic evil.

It does look like America has arrived with a full cup of sin ready for judgment whether we like it or not as a culture, as a nation. And we do have a remnant who still truly behave within the Father’s Covenant of salvation!

Now, does any of this make any sense? See the Bible 🙂 I want you to study and read the bible.  It’s my desire that you will find your VISION in life!  Do it and be covered with the seriousness of Christ’s Covenant blood…

that sealed the deal on THE FATHER’S COVENANT 🙂

The above picture is for enjoyment purposes.

The Mystery of the Will of Man

~R.OliverLuce | 09-26-14

The mystery of the will of man, the only wonder in the universe that God understands and allows. As He has done through HIS living Word by empting Himself of His lordship to live among us as an example like many of His previous revelations and acts of His character and love. It’s through Abraham and His descendants HE had chosen to reveal His plan of salvation for all mankind. It began with God finding Abraham’s heart was righteous before Him with an attitude of seeking the ‘Spirit of Truth!’

For only the living God, the living Father understands what He had created for His own purposes. And HE still is creating more sons and daughters who are to be His inheritors of HIS Kingdom through their will in seeking THE ‘Spirit of Truth.’ God the Father is no longer in the business of creating more angels, but more free sons and daughters for THE Kingdom!

It is the will of man whom God has created and has called, to not intervene nor control in the entire universe! He is a God of ‘no respecter of persons.’   For everyone who been called by God to enter the world ARE the inheritors of His salvation of which angels, with no freewill of their own, have tried to understand! Only those sons and daughters who have all been called through birth are called by the Will of God through their repentance. God chooses those who have repented of their sins and accept His Word of Life Jesus the example into their lives as Lord!

After Knowing & Rejecting God’s Love It Is Hard For Them To Return If NO Repentance

~R.OliverLuce | 09-24-14

Let it be said in regarding to any covenant or contract in the history of the Universe, Our only wise GOD who has created all of us, has done so for only one purpose!

When we talk of a covenant or a contract, a breach of any condition gives the other party (whoever may that be) the right to repudiate said covenant or contract.

BUT!  As one who departs from the faith after knowing the will of God and HIS benefits for another lover, even for another god, he leaves at his own self destruction.
God made him/her for one purpose only, to bring living glory to the Father that life may have rich meaning in hope and for a future.

God will never repudiate but allow His chosen ones to willfully walk away from God’s Covenant of ‘salvation’ from their old self-life unto a love that will never end through God’s living Word.