Here’s What a Canadian Female Student & Facebook, Inc. have in Common

~@ROliverLuce | 12-08-16

A woman (in the class room) was triggered** into complaining about a brief word or two (the example) a teacher gave in class (on abortion). Quickly following up and then the teacher simply moved on! But moving on wasn’t enough for the student. She had to go tell administers SHE felt UN-SAFE!! Oh my god, weird! Is this unsafe?

A weird stance that even FACEBOOK has stood upon shoveling this type of PC unto tens of thousands of Americans for even simply quoting from Islam’s own Holy Trilogy of Books and censoring them because of Muslims feeling un-safe?

Unsafe? There are no attacks on Muslims in question of their life and limb. If they are scared of what might be revealed in their own holy books then that’s THEIR PROBLEM. Then the jig is up. They must come to terms with their own Holy Books if not already!

THIS HAS TO END; The censoring has to end, and we’re not TALKING about those OTHERs on Facebook threatening other’s life & limb, as some do.

Christie Blatchford: B.C. teacher fired for having the wrong opinion

** A key phrase used quite often in THAT school for excuses in getting out of class.


A Discussion on Islam with an Egyptian Student

Yesterday I had the chance to discuss Islam with an exchange student from Egypt who himself is Muslim. Yep, the children of Islam are brainwashed in believing Islam wants to leave Christians & Americans alone to their own devices, thinking, & religion. Muslims do not want to take over the earth & make everyone a Muslim. This poor high school kid from Egypt is telling American kids in our schools he and his religion are very peaceful and don’t want to even ask or persuade people to become Muslims!

Gosh, this poor kid is just that, a poor ignorant teenager :-(. And he’s telling me everything is wonderful in Egypt now!! Oh gosh again, the poor kid :-(.

Well, I got a wonderful chance to explain to him who and how Jesus comes from the Father God, our creator without much of a wrestling match between us. He was open to listening! But, his eyes did grow to became rather huge. He didn’t know. I really believe he thinks Jesus was only a wise human being who was ‘called’ God’s son. After all, most Muslims believe that and therefore say God has NO son! But our creator did create us and HE loves us so much HE sent His spoken Word, His arm of LOVE to earth in the form of flesh to show us the way and more importantly to SEAL a DEAL on HIS everlasting Covenant HE made with Abraham and all his descendants! That’s US, we are his spiritual & blood descendants, that’s ALL OF US in planet Earth!!! A Covenant God will never break!! Our very nature is sending ourselves to hell but we have a ticket where the righteous OVERLOOKS our sick sins and loves us through HIS Word(Jesus)!!