Government TALKS UP Gun Violence as It Releases Thousands of Gangs with Muslims Pouring in [IS this the change?]

[IS this the change?]
~@ROliverLuce | 06-15-16

“So many Americans are slaughtered by gun violence that even the most sensitive of us has [been numbed]?”
{Rather Americans are numbed by a lawless President.}
“An Islamic extremist [all Muslims are normal extremists] turns a gay (homosexual) nightclub into a grisly abattoir and we all know what comes next: nothing, no gun control at all.”
{Gun control is NOT the problem!}

Government inspired mass killings are the problem with an administration TALKING UP the focus on mass gun murders and releasing tens of thousands of murders and gang members.
The Government continues to TALK UP the focus and also allows Muslims to live illegally in this country. THE NATION HAS A 1952 LAW OUTLAWING ISLAM.
The allowance of Muslims “began with earlier” presidents without considering the consequences of Muslims in America and OUR LAWS! It REALLY seems that the few (comparing to the Middle East) American black Muslims are NOT exactly true Muslims, for they might NOT have any idea what the Hadith and the Sira demands of them! Most became Muslims in 1950’s and 1960’s to get out of national responsibilities.}

The Obama Lies

Lie number 1, “so many Americans have been slaughtered by guns?”
Rebuffing lie #1: There are NOT thousands of Americans being slaughtered.

Lie number 2, “that even the most sensitive are numbed?”
Translation of #2: Most Americans are beginning to realize guns might be the problem. Really, putting ideas into our heads?

Obama cover: There have been more guns sold since I’ve been president than just about any time in U.S. history.
Rebuff coverup: More Americans are realizing Obama is the enemy even in his own words and his ignoring of law & order. Thus the purchase of weapons for possible rebuffing of tyranny.

Obama lie: There are enough guns for every man, woman, and child in this country and at no point have I ever proposed confiscating guns from responsible gun owners.”
Rebuff of lie: Obama is after confiscation of all citizen weapons in due season!



A Comparative History Between Ancient Israel and America

~R.OliverLuce | 12-29-14


Old Testament history Joshua 11:18-20: Removing savages from a new and promise land. Israel did to all the people throughout all of the promise land in destroying and removing them, except the Hivites who had agreed to a peace treaty which Israel kept even in the face of the people who groaned! The Hivites became servants of the Israelites. There is an old saying the foolish man will always serve the wise man no matter the color of their skin.
[Surmising from my own studies: Groups of people do tend to grow increasingly foolish (evil) in nature which explains how slavery (via skin color and other) began in the very beginning of time.]

American recorded history: So did America in capturing their new promise land, they did to the savage Indians as the Israelites did to the savages of old, who were always at war with each other! But America made a number of peace treaties, but unlike the Israelites, they broke the treaties for supposedly good reasons because of the Indian’s own strange and evil culture and from the new found riches in the lands they offered to the Indians. But it was evil in the face of God for committing to a treaty and later even for good reasons revoked those same treaties.

As in Joshua 11:23 Joshua took the whole land and parsed it out to all the tribes for an inheritance according to the Lord. Thus the land had rest from war. So too did America after it’s wars with the Indians.

As in our history books that are not re-written: America did the same after containing the so-called savage because of their current behavior that did not fair well with the American Christian culture. The various Presidents and congress parsed out the lands to various created States and the land eventually had rest from the inter-Indian and the America-Indian wars.