The Coming Judgment on God’s Return on Investment

~@ROliveLuce | 05-28-15

Regarding the soon coming judgment upon all of us, God will be looking for a return on investment from each one of us!

What talents and gifts HE (God) has given us and what we have done with them while in our frail flesh will be examined whether we had HIS spirit, HIS attitude, HIS grace in us or not, i.e. the spirit of truth.

The real question is did we use what HE had given us with an attitude of having the Spirit of Truth while in our corruptible flesh? Those who seek the Truth (in attitude) in all matters will be on the side of God’s “Word of Promise.” If presented with HIS “Word” we would see it! HIS “Word of Promise” is the salvation that covers many of our sins, even all of them!

Because under HIS “Word of Promise” there is hope that we can be forgiven and strengthen that we may rise above our constant failings and omissions! The question here would be if we were presented with HIS “Word” did we accept HIS “Covenant of Promise” that we would be hidden from God’s coming stark judgment that is almost without hope because of the lack of TRUSTING in HIS “truth,” HIS “Word of Promise?

Even hidden within HIS “Word of Promise” we shall all be judged as well with what we have done with HIS hope and HIS Holy inspiration (the Holy Spirit). Our purpose is that we do the exploits in furthering HIS kingdom while on this Earth in Trusting in HIS Spirit, even while in our corruptible flesh. There will be rewards depending on what we have done with HIS Spirit of Promise” in obedience and dependence on HIM.

But as for those who may have never heard or were honestly confused about God’s “Word of Truth,” HIS “Word of Promise” there is the possibility of being judged rightly by our God who is righteous all the time! Romans 2:7 and Romans 2:14, 15 explains HIS grace here on the basis of HIS goodness. But Romans 2:16 does confirm we all shall be judged through HIS “Word of Promise,” HIS “Spirit of Truth.” Therefore it is imperative we accept the author of Truth who is God’s “Word of Promise” that we may be hidden from the stark judgment that is coming upon the Earth (2 Corinthians 5:10).


Please Disregard: This Article Does Not Say What I Had in Mind To Say!

~R.OliverLuce | 11-21-14

Just in Time in Preparation of The Bride of Christ for HIS Return

Just in time for full maturity and wisdom for the bride to be accepted by God’s Son, who is God’s living Word of Promise from HIS mouth! This bride is the Church of CHRIST in full maturity; That is to say it knows how to get back up from it’s sin with grace knowing who they (the church) are in Christ.

It’s ALL COMING TOGETHER** with the church waking up to the revelation of it’s full maturity (ready for marriage to the LAMB) in realizing & obeying it’s JEWISH COVENANT steps that displays the path to intimately knowing our Lord & our GOD. We shall be a BRIDE ready to receive HIM as the Word returning for HIS bride to be sure!!

All this hidden since the Greek influence on the Church AFTER the era of the book of ACTS and the Hebraic Pauline epistles which were written both in Hebrew and Greek had long passed!

For a thousand years the Church followed their savior and Lord with a blindness to an intimate knowledge of the COVENANT NATURE of the walk in Christ that could have been and now is!!

This Covenant nature of the whole gospel of the Word of God, hidden for a century, details the process of how we know our God with works from the ‘Spirit of Restoration’ with the express purpose of being involved intimately with God as in the beginning of all time in the garden when Adam and Eve were innocents without knowledge but with complete trust in HIM.

This understanding comes from knowing the Tanakh and the B’rit Hadashah, an Hebraic approach instead of the traditional Greek hermeneutics approach which is unable to bring out the more certain details of our salvation!
All this just in time for the maturity and the development of a bride ready for the return of the LIVING WORD of GOD in the flesh!!

** The final but developing mass sneak attack on Israel, recent demands for building the 3rd temple by the Jews, and the fulfilling of Matthew 24:14!

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It’s Being Reported Some are Saying ALL Muslims are Violent? Really?

~R.OliverLuce | 10-14-14

Are All Muslims Violent Jihadists?

Is it true all Muslims (ALL Muslims?) are violent in nature and are reported to be supporting ISIS? Whose saying this? Whose doing the lying here?

Well now! Here’s a person who is supposedly putting the whole accusation into perspective! Which perspective would that be? This person goes by the twitter handle of @LibyaLiberty and tweeted the following message via just yesterday or so:
5 of the last 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners were Muslim. So according to Bill Maher, we’re all Peace Prize winners!” Who? What? Politicized? Obama?

Now a quote from a particular blog from an author regarding the above tweet:
“This tweet is a very straightforward way of making a point that shouldn’t need to be made, but does: generalizing across a vast and diverse demographic group [Muslims] based on the actions of a few [Muslims] of its members [Muslims] isn’t just bigoted, it’s logically ridiculous. [01]”

Here is another quote from the same blog regarding the same tweet regarding violent Muslims:
“The fact that we are so ready to embrace that reasoning when it lets us promote deeply negative stereotypes about Muslims, including on major news outlets, is just another of many signs that Islamophobia is increasingly rampant in America.” [01]”

To say that ALL Muslims are violent, as hot Jihadists on the order of ISIS is to either extort the issue of Islam in your country or it’s simply a foolish response to what Islam really represents. And finally, there are those who also refuse to see the issues in question at all.

The real problem is that Islam represents a growing evil for the entire world without even talking about the West! Islam is the embodiment of all kinds and types of Jihad that all Muslims must be part of (whether violent or not) or suffer with the non-believers. The Muslim who only refers to the early section in the Quran will never make heaven and will ultimately be forced by his faithful Muslim friends.

Not Every Muslim is called to Violent Jihad But All are Called to Jihad

The main point of who is violent within Islam is that NOT every Muslim concerns himself with violence. Not every Muslim is called to such!

We can relate this calling to our own country called America where not every American citizen signs up nor concerns themselves with arming themselves and going to WAR against Islamic fighters in either Afghanistan nor Iraq nor in World War II with Japan or Germany!

So, again, not every Muslim is concerned with being called to violent Jihad for the cause of Allah and Sharia. But it is true, every Muslim is called to some form of Jihad depending on what stage of development of Islam in the host nation they are living in. The ultimate aim is to gradually force the Sharia on every living soul in the host nation with the aim of forcing everyone to become Muslim or else. This behavior could be confused with the Mob except the Mod does not believe in a mad demonic god. To know what IS Sharia is to READ and simply understand what the Quran and the Hadith says it is. We can not trust what our so-called Muslims friends say it is, sadly.

Non-Sharia ‘Muslims in Name’ Only

There are Muslims (usually a minority) who do concern themselves with family and making a living more so than obeying the Quran, the Hadith, and their Imams. After all, even Imams want get tired of pushing Sharia and wish they could have the good life now!

But in order to remain in the faith of Islam Muslims must eventually obey or face terrible consequences over time. It’s because there are Muslims who do know the knowledge of the Quran and the Hadith who see the need to remind and force the others to follow the way of Mohammad and the Sharia.

If Muslims or Arabs who are not following the way and refuse to listen they will be slaughtered as we see throughout the Middle East and Asia. But sometimes there are simply too many Muslims who are NOT listening. A good example and apparently the only example is Egypt [02]. However, it’s why Muslims kill each other for this main reason in refusing to follow the Quran. There are other reasons for killing each other. One of which is not following the entire book of the Quran, and the book of Hadith that explains more of what the Quran says and does. This would include Sharia! Moreover, every group of Islamics want control over their own from the other Islamic groups. The real problem is the Quran and the Hadith. From these evil books you get evil behaviors and outcomes. This evil has been ongoing for the last 1,400 years. America has seen it’s share of evil in the 1790’s and early 1800’s. And today our leaders have forgotten those days!

British Muslims Speak Boldly of Their Plan to Force Sharia on Everyone

These people are what the Brits call peaceful Muslims who NOW are coming out of the closet with boldness all because their numbers in the U.K. are now greater. As their numbers grow in any host country their boldness does as well. They no longer have to quote to non-believers, to remain stealthy, with their “peaceful” quotes from the early peaceful section of the Quran which has been abrogated by Allah with the later second section in the Quran.
Everyone in America needs to watch HOW these (and others) common peaceful Muslim thinks and now boldly they speak today. It’s true, Islam is peaceful when all the world is under the control of Islam. [03]

To sum it up: The object of Islam is the installation of Sharia over every human on Earth and to become Muslims or else. To strike the necks of the un-believers is good for them. To you and I when their numbers are strong they will say it’s GOOD FOR YOU. They do not want to do it, but it’s good to do it for Allah’s sake. To know what is Sharia is to READ the Quran and the Hadith.


[01] Article: Perfect response to people who say all Muslims are violent, in one tweet

[02] A great example of Muslims in name only, who we call peaceful, is in Egypt where many of them (Muslims) join in to outlaw what they hope to call extremists who are called the “Muslim Brotherhood.”

[03] Peaceful British Muslims speaking out about their various Jihads to force all non-believers in the U.K. to become Muslims or else:…

Muslims refusing to learn from non-believers nor will they ever integrate with the Europeans. But they are taking the wealth of Europe being on welfare without working causing very serious financial hardships on every country in Europe. All this done in the name of the Quran:

Dr. Warner: A Taste of Islam {Islamic Research}

William Federer: What The West Needs To Know About Islam

Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration:

Islam: What You Need to Know

Yom Kippur and Genesis 15:17

Yom Kippur: It’s central themes were and ARE atonement and repentance.
~R.OliverLuce | 10-05-14

Prior to Yom Kippur God made a deal with the first Jew, namely Abraham (whom you might even call the first Christian if you will, looking forward to the coming savior) regarding atonement & repentance.

God made a deal with Abram, who became Abraham, with HIS Covenant of salvation by God the Father and the “Spirit of Truth” (H.S.) passing through the pieces of the sacrifice on the alter, that would and does take away Abram’s sins (and ours!). If Abraham believed and accepted God’s “Word of Promise” (Jesus the Christ) regarding this covenant God made with him He would have a hope and a future. And we know that Abraham did so, and walked with God by trust.

So we can say Jesus was the pieces of flesh on that alter God used to pass through with His very own SPIRIT OF TRUTH which is the Holy Spirit (Gen.15:17). And as we all know today, Jesus came at the right time and died on a stake to seal that deal to show the world of God’s Word is trustworthy!! God’s covenant covers our sin. Nothing else will do.

According to Jewish tradition, God inscribes each person’s fate for the coming year into a book, the Book of Life, on Rosh Hashanah, and waits until Yom Kippur to “seal” the verdict.

The Mystery of the Will of Man

~R.OliverLuce | 09-26-14

The mystery of the will of man, the only wonder in the universe that God understands and allows. As He has done through HIS living Word by empting Himself of His lordship to live among us as an example like many of His previous revelations and acts of His character and love. It’s through Abraham and His descendants HE had chosen to reveal His plan of salvation for all mankind. It began with God finding Abraham’s heart was righteous before Him with an attitude of seeking the ‘Spirit of Truth!’

For only the living God, the living Father understands what He had created for His own purposes. And HE still is creating more sons and daughters who are to be His inheritors of HIS Kingdom through their will in seeking THE ‘Spirit of Truth.’ God the Father is no longer in the business of creating more angels, but more free sons and daughters for THE Kingdom!

It is the will of man whom God has created and has called, to not intervene nor control in the entire universe! He is a God of ‘no respecter of persons.’   For everyone who been called by God to enter the world ARE the inheritors of His salvation of which angels, with no freewill of their own, have tried to understand! Only those sons and daughters who have all been called through birth are called by the Will of God through their repentance. God chooses those who have repented of their sins and accept His Word of Life Jesus the example into their lives as Lord!

As Obama Fails to Enforce Law; So Do Excuses for Everyone NOT Too Obey from Convenience

Corruption in America: As Obama Fails to Enforce Law; So Do Excuses for Everyone NOT Too Obey from Convenience
by R.OliverLuce | 05-10-2013

One of many reasons why we are Corrupting Ourselves, in allowing illegals to roam and become citizens without due process as oppose to LEGAL immigration, it corrupts us all!  NOT just the President and law enforcers.  As leadership goes so goes the people of any group of nation!!  America must also educate American-Latinos that lawlessness is not to their benefit if they do support illegals being allowed in our nation without due process. The cost for all is too high!

Now, what follows is a quotation from a senator who should know better ‘TODAY’:
“If you grant amnesty, the message that you’re sending is that if you come in this country and stay here long enough, we will let you stay. And no one will ever come through the legal process if you do that.” ~Marco Rubio
Well then, the spirit of corruption is furthered by our leaders by NOT leading the charge to enforce our laws! Ongoing deportation is a reasonable thing for law-abiding illegals to get back into line with their grown children as well. They might even be the world changers for their original home country who needs them! And then America can assist these illegals in their own country by providing help in fighting the drug war that seems to be ‘designed’ to push illegals into our country! Investigations are needed HERE!! Legal is what we need to FOCUS on.

Now for a surprise!! State House speaker Mr. @MarcoRubio said the (above) statement back in the year 2009! Now he’s backtracking from his common sense into the gawking-salivating-Liberal-Democrat-senators who believe in the lie that illegal makes sense for the country (But lets call it what it is, breaking the law and not enforcing it.) And for what reasons? It’s all about who might win the culture war (yep, everyone is talking) and primarily convenience. But of course, you can’t fool God (conscience) even if you might be an atheist. REMEMBER CONSCIENCE? We are a land ruled by law and morals. This is one reason why America is exceptional. And all countries can become exceptional too, when they pursue righteousness and law. A country is able to be exceptional and it does not have anything to do with certain false pride and certain ‘liberal’ guilt. We are a good country with a Christian heritage with terrible sins that could be dealt with without turning against our country. We all hate racism for example! God is glorified when we deal with it in a great way. Today we are turning against our own selves and even allowing enemies like Islam to come in! All cultures are NOT equal; Sharia Law has no place in the Constitution!

Question is, are we Americans or NOT, if we do not obey our own laws including our traffic laws? Ah yes, do we speed without impunity? Oh no, lets not go there, huh!! Yes, illegals are law-abiding people when they go to the back of the line. And let us start a new chapter in our country! Where are the decent wages for farming, that will support American families? Oh yeah, that’s another subject we got to get ahold of. Nothing wrong with rising prices on fruit for competition!

The Spirit of Corruption does rage in our Land. Not just through our misled Liberal leader’s who are pushing for evil-infested agendas, but many of our Conservative leaders as well with their certain false pride. God Help us all!! We are still waiting for the leaders who will listen to the SPIRIT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS which is NOT religious but life giving!


How God Does NOT Hate Us; He Sees What’s Missing ~Gays Take Notice!

How God Does NOT Hate Us; He Sees What’s Missing ~Gays Take Notice!
by R.OliverLuce | 05-09-2013

When we give ourselves to Christ we reckon our flesh as DEAD in Christ!
This is why the Father doesn’t see wrong in us. HE only SEES what’s NOT in us!
For God is committed to our ongoing experience in life, in the Holy Spirit. We practice godliness by choosing & relying as a child like person in the “Holy Spirit” [Something like the ‘Spirit’ of football mania but wonderfully more powerful and beyond our fleshly comprehension].

He is focused on the new nature that you have thrown off in His “Arm of Love” Jesus.
This is why He puts a finger on that part of your/our life that is not functioning in relationship with HIM. When HE does this He’s actually pointing to your/our next upgrade in Christ [His arm of love].
For God has no adverse thoughts toward you or me but simply to see us conform to the image of HIS love & grace (God’s arm of love, Jesus)!!

God the Father created His Covenant of love and sent His ‘Arm of Love’ to Earth to ‘seal that deal’ on the Father’s Covenant. We are FREE to choose whether we want His love & holy inspiration to grow & mature in HIS wisdom, to do exploits for His enjoyment and ours as well.

Separation of Mosque & State

~Question: Whatever happened to “separation of mosque and state?”

~Answer: There are more than 1 (one) Muslim religion that’s why, as it is with the Christian Religion(s)

~Fact: BUT the REAL reason Islam can’t be apart of American Society is it’s incompatibility with American LIFE & the Constitution. READ THE QURAN for petes sakes! Christianity is the basic bedrock of our American society and we are attempting to walk away from it without judgment falling on us. Judgment is here and it’s getting worse and worse until…

FoxNews & Shep Smith Dictating to GOP in Accepting Gaysex into Marriage!

[These people who want to be known by their sexual activity, who are addicted to this kind of sexual behavior need help. And I might add giving help with compassion. To promote and give sexual behavior a special class of protection is only enabling foolishness. ]

Very personal behavior remains at home. We come to work to work, not to advertise our very personal behaviors and even to recruit.

Shep Smith of Fox News is browbeating the GOP into submission, to go along with Obama’s subversion of the definition of Marriage! Gaysexuals have their partners. They have their benefit-money from BIG Government. Leave marriage alone UNLESS you want to marry your true opposite sexual partner who you will listen too & love whether you feel like it or not lol. MARRIAGE is COVENANT!


Mr. Shep Smith please back off and be quiet! You have no idea what you are speaking of. To subvert marriage with gaysexual behavior will bring even further judgment on you, me, and America! Society will suffer, it will. It’s a can of worms.

Of course everyone has the right to marry. But to change the definition of marriage is nothing more than an evil way to subvert our country in accepting weird sexual behavior (see a doctor) and its desire to recruit children in schools, and to subvert our other American institutions! Very personal behavior of any kind, whether we consider it ‘weird’ or ‘normal’ has to be kept private. To flaunt our personal behavior sexual or not is unbecoming. It’s not redeeming. So this has to be stopped; STOP continuing this push for a special protected class of behavior. Again, this kind of behavior should stay at home and not be flaunted all over creation for craziness to rule! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD let’s use some common sense here.

People without any common sense are taking over the country it would seem. Or is it Liberalism has an obsession with sexual behavior? Where are the wise? Where are the people who have some kind of wisdom? Why do they refuse to stand against this evil? Or why is it when men and women DO stand up against this, our courts ‘create law’ to crush the will of the people? These people who want to be known by their sexual activity, who are addicted to this kind of sexual behavior need help. And I might add giving help with compassion!! To promote and give sexual behavior a special class of protection is only enabling foolishness. Has America really thrown its common sense into the toilet, or maybe the wild winds of change and lost its HEAD!!


Christianity is the Foundation of America; Let the Atheists be Separated Instead

Christianity is made up of MANY religions; Separation of Church and State has never applied except when 1 Christian religion is promoted by a Government.

Atheists are stealing the cross off a 91 year old soldier’s grave claiming it violates separation of church and state!  Here we go again, with an evil agenda as if it was all true!

But as for the “separation of church & state” being in the Constitution or being the under pinning of America, it is not true and never has been! Christianity is made up of MANY RELIGIONS within Christianity!! However, Christian America** has backslidden from its time tested morality for ugly self-centeredness and sensuality, sending America down a sewer hole! America needs to realize what it’s doing to its self. She believes the lies that are pushing her into the sewer. However, what the Atheists are doing is nothing more than Obama style [eventual] communism that is being advanced upon America.

Soft or hard tyranny of any kind will not and does not play any part in so-called Christian America**! American needs to humble its self and return to its God where people again will treat each other with respect and honor. Where wonderful White, wonderful Hispanic, and wonderful Negro people everywhere will love each other without DEMANDING but letting go and letting God!

**Christian America does not mean everyone or almost everyone are Christians. But what it does mean America is a Christian based society in ensuring that liberty will be ensured. Real liberty can never last without a society that is self-restrained!! Without a moral majority there will be tyranny in due season. This is a time tested truth from history. There is a God and we are more than able to know Him as well.