George Clooney & Liberal Elites of Both Wayward Parties are now Muslims with an American Conscience!

You see, Georgy and all other ‘hardcore’ American liberals know better than Muslims who grew up Muslim. Those so-called true Muslims were brought up in The Middle East knowing only Islam and nothing else that would dispute it as they were growing up!

George Clooney and his Muslim wife have taken in a total of zero(0) Muslim refugees as reported by one Facebook friend.
I have not verified this, but surely it is very likely. Here is what I’ve seen happening (overall) in the minds of these liberal elites of lawlessness.

Yes! Here is what’s going on inside all hardcore liberals, including Mr. George ‘Gravity’ Clooney, who do understand the nature of Islam. Do not be fooled; they do in believing in being spared with impunity. Read on!

George and others who happen to be ‘educated’ Muslims from their Christianized-American upbringing still have a Christian-American conscience who knows better, deep down! BUT George, in particular, is bitter at God deep down and thus rejects (among denying certain other classes of people) those 2nd class invading Muslims egged on by Turkey; Those are Muslims who behead (and other cultural jihads) or simply supports the best thing ever for mankind if people do reject Allah.

But oh no, not him! Not George! He believes, deep down, Sharia will never cut off his head for living high on the HOG with walls around him with armed guards and with approval from the most senior Islamic Imams of Earth. Oh no, Georgy can’t imagine getting punished ever for being an elite with the world at his disposal.

~@ROliverLuce | 03-17-17


Muhammad Ali, Jr. May Not be a Real Muslim Because He Truly Would Never Live for Sharia

~@ROliverLuce | 02-27-17

{A Very Clear & Present Danger Even for All Liberal Followers of the Elite Liberals of Our Nation.}

The boxer, Mr. Muhammad Ali was a Muslim when he was alive. Did Ali, Sr. believe he was a real Muslim? Does his son, Ali Jr. think he’s a real Muslim? All Muslims are Sharia believers who must commit all types and kinds of offensive jihads with those Muslims who chose the Muslim stealth terror army tactics of violent jihads.

As a fact, all jihads are the subject of eventually ushering in Sharia around the world and when threatened Islam will maintain it. No-Go Zones are created for Sharia and are strongly protected against the host nation’s own authorities! And the establishment of these zones is meant to be EVER EXPANDING ZONES to encompass the entire host country like America!

What the West has done is capitulate and backed off causing for the first time in modern history to EMBOLDEN Muslims everywhere to commit acts of offensive (so-called peaceful) jihads and the so-called Muslim Army terror acts of jihads!

Again, if Mr. Ali Jr. says he’s a Muslim BUT does NOT believe in living under Sharia Law he is NOT A REAL MUSLIM. He is thus subject to DEATH even by a dictate from an Islamic Temple. Islam will murder him for Allah in the FAR FLUNG FUTURE by any Muslim who finds him. Ali, Jr.’s death will most likely occur when foreign Muslims, who are pouring into America and now living in America, WILL rise up in enough numbers and command Sharia over everyone, over non-Muslims, and over even the half-heart (ignorant) Muslims in our Country. Americans who become Muslims before the Sharia takeover may not be fully ready to commit to Sharia until they realize they must do so or be beheaded! That day is coming IF Trump does not ENFORCE the Constitution and the Anti-Muslim laws of this country, today!

News Article Reference:
Muhammad Ali Jr. Speaks Out About Being Detained After Officials Asked if He Was Muslim

Social Media May Be Dangerous To Your Freedoms! Or is it Something Else?

@ROliverLuce | 01-19-17

Social Media ‘could be’ dangerous to your freedoms if we continue to believe everything ‘we feel’ is not fake news. Or even that we retain our own echo chamber kicking out those ‘we feel’ have the lies and half-truths. The real issue I contend instead is ‘we the people’ slowly leaving the basis of all truth!

[What is ‘gaslighting?’ The ZDNet Article I’m writing about (herein) is attempting to describe a social reaction to a new term.]

With the advent of many American people leaving ‘the basis of truth’ found in the Bible, the Republic has gone astray leaving open the possibility of a vacuum that brings in chaos! This author is advocating that ‘Social Media’ encourages the absence of truth by its nature of allowing anything posted as news for example! However, I contend it’s all about leaving our first love, of the Bible, that held Americans together. Of course, Americans are not perfect from any perspective.

Of course, an absence of foundational truth does bring in destructive elements, like Alinsky-liberalism in filling the vacuum we see today in our Republic. For example a President and a party filled with Alinsky-communist liberals with their Muslim cohorts and their Islamic Sharia (laws) that stand against the values of the American Constitution.

People who believe in government control with a religious (like Islam) wing that drives and supports control can never understand the Biblical basis of the American social system. It’s also the basis from which we get the American Constitution.

The following quote[1] I’m providing from this ZDNet Article is simply common sense from which I have alliterated above. And from what I have written at the beginning of this article of mine, the real issue is walking away and losing our sense of the truth from the Hebrew-Christian Old Covenant and the Jewish-Christian New Covenant books. We are now venturing into uncharted territory. America based on lies and hearsay and candy coated news articles. The fake news and the lies will lead to the fall of the United States of America as we know it. America enslaved in the end.

Quoting the ZDNet Article [1]:

“We need to read beyond the first 200 words and all become critical thinkers, question every single thing we read on social media, read the story from as many sources as possible, and learn to recognize which sources to disregard and classify as the enemies of American journalistic values, which are dividing and lying to us.” {From the ZDNet Article.}

And as the author, of the ZDNet Article, says in particular:

“I will refuse to be ‘gaslighted’[2] through social media. And I hope my readers will as well.” {From the ZDNet Article.}
[He is saying to become free thinkers, thinking out of the box (Social Media). Yes, if you need too. But the REAL QUESTION is, what is your basis of thinking? The only way a free Republic can endure is by embracing the God who created this entire world. This God has his laws and common sense that promises a better society that encourages people who are self-restrained and civil with each other.]

[2] The definition of gaslighting described:

The description of the author’s definition of ‘gaslighting’ follows:
“We need to go old school [like]. As American citizens, we need to shed our Technology Augmented Autism [meaning] to become free thinkers and to choose our sources wisely.” {From the ZDNet Article.}
[Sue we can do this!  Again, the real problem is leaving the basis of truth, from the Bible, and believing anything that ‘sounds’ right.]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
[1] ZDNet Article Title & Link Reference:
Article title:
“How social media is crippling democracy, and why we seem powerless to stop it”

“Tech-assisted gaslighting is destroying truth, justice, and the American way. Can anything be done?”

ZDNet Article Link:

HuffingtonPost is scared their Hillary-Alinsky-Islamic dictatorship has lost!

{Let us rejoice that we remain FREE without liberalism’s growing control over our lives!!}
~@ROliverLuce | 11-20-16

@HuffngtonPost, with their all-white publishing staff, tells us
president-elect Trump is a danger and a nightmare? Oh, brother!

Yes, it is! It’s a nightmare to their support for Hillary’s Alinsky-Islamic tyranny which has been crushed.
Americans have said NO MORE to their growing tyranny, even in the FACE of Liberals sneaking millions of illegal votes!

Huffers are telling us, Trump may have won the presidency by our archaic Electoral College, but he did not win the popular vote?

Oh but Trump HAS WON THE POPULAR VOTE “especially” when we will remove the 3 million illegal votes in the end!

The Electoral College is NOT archaic but it remains and refrains evil from outweighing a few states to control the American voting process.


that many will realize the dangers of liberal dictators rioting in the streets IS THEIR CONCERN to their safety and freedoms.]

America’s Glorification of Porn styling Super Models Adding & Encouraging The American Destruction

~@ROliverLuce | 10-09-15

America is still seemingly idolizing porn styling so-called (super-duper) superstar models.
And now one of which is Rihanna who is supposedly a “bad girl” classed model.  She is out there today glorifying our poor Rachel Dolezal who is supposedly a hero for raising black awareness through her stance based on lies about herself much less leaving her family behind forever!  Again, America is giving space, time, and money in glorifying these evil liberalized-ideals and people like Rachel who dishonor and shame all Americans whether they support  porn like stars like Rihanna and people like runaway Rachel or not!  It is sad to continue to choose evil that we might chase after false gods such as money and materialism in the face of destroying our society.  And right now we have liberal and Muslim elements  taking advantage of our sins that lead to destruction!

We must honor and love our family for better or worse that we might be healed, even healed as a nation.

The following is a quoted section that relates to what is being said here today!

“In a cover interview for Vanity Fair, Rihanna is quoted as calling Dolezal a hero:

“I think she was a bit of a hero, because she kind of flipped on society a little bit. Is it such a horrible thing that she pretended to be black? Black is a great thing, and I think she legit changed people’s perspective a bit and woke people up.”
The statement itself is contradictory, but then again so such is Liberalism, particularly for Millennials.

In answering the question, Rihanna is conflicted. Yes, it is a horrible thing she pretended to be black for reasons not addressed in her statement. But wait, “Black is a great thing.”

Stop the presses! Which is it? Is it BAD to be black in America or is it GOOD? Well, let’s see how it worked out for the “hero.”

Dolezal received a full scholarship to obtain her master’s degree by deceiving the admissions office at Howard University, a historically black college, into thinking she was black. She received an enormous financial benefit and deprived a black applicant of the opportunity to attend Howard.

To add insult to injury, she sued Howard for discrimination after she graduated on the basis she was white, according to an article in The Smoking Gun.

Imagine a bona fide white civil servant lying on his application to take advantage of affirmative action and leapfrogging blacks to get a position or promotion. The liberal media would be all over it and the last thing she would be called is a “hero.”

Consider what columnist Yesha Callahan of the online black news site The Root wrote:

“And this is why celebrities shouldn’t be asked questions when it comes to the politics of race.

Sure, being black is great. I’m great every day. But lying about being black isn’t anything great; it’s more a fraud. Dolezal couldn’t be further from the term ‘hero.’”
For Rihanna and blacks of her ilk, fraud in the name of blackness is acceptable. But the fact remains, that Dolezal is not a hero. She is a fraud, who used the system to get ahead. Her only mistake was getting busted.”


Rachel Dolezal’s family lives in the Libby area, Troy, Montana. 

Liberalism Bashing Nurses, Tip of the Iceberg on Lawlessness

{ The Outlawing of Liberalism must be in our future }

~@ROliverLuce | 09-18-15

Not only are “Liberal media inflation’aries(1)” bashing NURSES, the WHOLE IDEA of ALLOWING liberalism, to run amuck with their demands in sending America to hell, is crazy!!  Just allowing progressives to remain in AMERICA or to even lead the United States has been a growing DISCOVERY of DEADLY BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!  We are, even, now looking at the hordes of zombie-Muslims invading Europe and soon our own country with the Democrats allowing thousands of Islamics into America.  But more importantly Liberalism HATES our [American melting pot] CULTURE, our language, and our WAY of LIFE to the point of even stating they must over tax the country with spending and handouts to the point of crashing our country for communism!  The Lord Reid of the Senate has said this in various videos never before seen on TV except on YouTubers. Check them out!

BUT, it’s OUR own FAULT that we have all left our LOVE for the truth and walked away from Christianity and Yeshua our LORD towards other gods in our lives destroying our families like the liberal black people who show no love for their children for their self-hatred projected at everyone else and for all of us for that matter!!
And I’m NOT talking about being religious either. Being religious is a COP-OUT from living the truth from the Word of God (bible). Attending churches are to promote HOW we are to live and love each other. NOT to play religious games such as drawing crosses over ourselves and then live selfishly.

It’s time we are born again FROM allowing the flesh to rule over our spirits and let our SPIRITS rule the flesh instead with Yeshua’s LOVE!

(1) Inflating & promoting America’s sins to the point of destruction with perversion’ary & evil ideals.

Liberalism Using Progressivism to Fool Progressive Conservative Americans

~R.OliverLuce | 10-15-14

The article: “A progressive majority in America? Why a Conservative America is a Myth?” Oh please! But please do read the following liberal article on their re-labeling directive (article).

After READING the article below, think about this:
I dare say most Americans are conservative (of which many don’t think about it at all) and they ALSO want to be progressive in terms of improving their lives within the Constitution of the United States without lawlessness. A Constitution that protects us from lawless legal-precedents too often used by and from Liberals who now think they can hoodwink Americans with a NEW term, “progressive” as if they have changed their WORLDVIEW back to believing in the Constitution!

What liberalism is doing is covering up their communist heritage by STEALING the term “progressive.” Let it be known Liberals are Liberal progressive wannabes as the rest of us are for the most part American Conservative-Progressives already.  So much for the WAR over terminology in fooling most of us who might be too busy to be wise.

Moreover, Liberal-progressivism is all about utopian-communism that results in forcing people and driving natural human incentives away bringing down self worth. Forced communist re-education never works. Communist mentality does not know the way of human nature nor does it know how to inspire and develop creativity. And this is because it’s enemy is freedom! Liberalism is [LIB]progressivism is utopianism is communism is… the way of death… as in the death panels… or as in Islamic beliefs… or as in a fool’s wise to deceive.

The reference to the Liberal re-labeling article and how you and I are really liberals:

Liberal Hillary Pushes Partisanship & Pulling Wool Over Illegal Foreigners

Starting off with this quote from Mrs. Clinton: “Hillary Clinton says excessive partisanship taking America backwards”, Really?

Well, double speak! Mrs. Hillary speaks with a fork tongue.  Again!
The facts are when two people run for an office they both have their own ideas.  Liberals go much further, THAN THIS, in trying to mix people up as to who stands for what & where and who did what to whom & why, when they did the dirt! These Liberalists, such as Hillary, has done so much damage to the nation through dumbing down our colleges and promoting free sex & obsessive weird marriage, with their own professors who dream of godless communism that will overthrow our so-called Christian influenced governmental system once and for all.

But who cares about the consequences, yes?  Except to gain power and to dictate for Hillary cares little!  After all, killing off most of the world’s population and saving the planet from evil humans are both the goal!! They have said it.  Ohhh, they have!  We keep hearing about our STATE PARKS being open to all citizens from around the world. But hey, just the libs are allowed into them, who are allowed to live on the planet. The rest of us are doomed to die off through our godless abortions!  Ok, where is the outrage over these dictators?  We are seeing it ALL LIVE in person!  And yet most of us are still sleeping.

The truth of the matter.  We all need to be clear and truthful.  What Hillary truly is saying, without saying it, “… we do have partisanship and I’m the strongest supporter of partisanship and I don’t want you to know that.  Why? Because I want you ALL in America to know they, the Republicans, are the ones who are partisan-shippers and they are leading us backwards into the dark ages of America when it was evil and capitalistic and a bunch of slave drivers.” She’s saying this so that you’ll be confused and vote for me as the first wonderful lady of the Whitehouse who isn’t relegated to being a First Lady!  She hates that. She does want all the glory! Yes, Bill is a sex idiot but she wants to be the next American savor after the Obama savor the first.
Ooops, does she dream all this, you ask?

LETS BE CLEAR AND TRUTHFUL HERE instead! The poor lady-Clinton wants to suck all the air (remember this) out of the room again as they both (Bill & Hillary) did in times past when they had control of the Whitehouse. Yes, let’s move on to liberal style communism and let it rest there. 🙂  By the way, how did she fair in the State Department during the Obama years? I guess she quit so she can get THAT behind her with a bunch a little white lies and time. Oh gosh, she reminds me of one of my relatives who acts and talks JUST LIKE HER, just like Hillary!

Yep, Hillary Clinton wants to be YOUR next president of our Republic and for that matter she wants to be the first woman to do so with great fanfare.

By-the-way, did I mention anything about illegal foreigners in this article? Nope, but we all know Hillary believes she and the Dems can trust illegal Mexicans to vote for them AS WE SECRETLY educate them on what is good and true in Christ Jesus. After all, most illegals are Catholics are they not.  True Catholics must seek out the truth and be aware of the evils that confront AND use them as little people with little brains!  These liberals must be confronted and thrown out of every level of state and federal office!  Tar and feathering isn’t available!

P.S. I must make it very clear I can not respect this lady. If I were to meet her in person I would respect our conversation but I will confront her on her stands. For she stands for nothing that is good.  Only what seems to be good in her OWN mind. Never mind listening to others.


Liberalism Focused on National Sin Rather Than American Redemption; Pretext to Socialism

by R.OliverLuce | 02-23-2014

Liberalism through it’s discuss of our cultural values has chosen to focus on our national sins at the expense of America’s redemptive nature & it’s Manifest Destiny to spread freedom through righteousness, that through education and the Christian Religion(s) America’s vision might be fullfilled; Matthew 24:14.

In reiterating by explaining, liberalism has corrupted the American people with obsessive false-guilt and sin. All this by one of their focuses on the nation’s national sins rather than America’s redemptive Manifest Destiny as it was coined later in 1835. However the vision of this destiny was originated with President Washington to educate and redeem the Indians that we might continue to live together in peace. But, liberalism’s focus on our national sins covers up and takes us away from America’s ability to continue as an exceptional country on this earth. An exceptional-ism that transcends our differences but unites us to move into the future with great hopes and expectations for us to overcome our various and numerous national sins which we have.

Manifest Destiny is/was the miracle-attitude because it was an inspiration from God by it’s very nature, to eventually redeem an American national culture and thereby spread it to the Indians and around the world.
I say, it’s on the level of God’s original plan to raise up Israel through redemption and spread and teach it to all the other nations around the world. God still has that plan for Israel. God has always wanted to bless the nations of the world through the Jews whom He has shown His love. His love that can be had by all the nations of the world!!

In summing up, liberalism is very bad for our hopes and expectations to say the least! By focusing on our national sins of the past and present we only get more of the same! Even in daily life we all know in a marriage when a spouse continues to focus on the negative, she or he will ONLY get more of the same with no relief either. Bitterness in liberal blacks with an attitude towards white people will only bring out the worst of those they hate, for obvious reasons, and they will only have themselves to blame. Liberalism must be exposed and contained on the ash heap of history to save our liberal-black friends and families who are stuck in the bondage of spiritual dependency.

Updt: Emergence of Hitler’s Gay-Pedo Brownshirts; Truth Must Be Worshipped and No Other!

The Spirit of Truth today is under attack as if God is being destroyed!  This is the emergence of the “age of Hitler”: First it’s today’s Progressive Homosexualism & now it’s Liberal Pedophilism raising their tyrannical heads; Brownshirts pushing, screaming, beating, & threatening normal people everywhere!

It’s not enough to be left alone in their own homes doing whatever non-behavior they do.  Now they want to advertise and proselytize their deviant sexual behavior out in public for all to see in grabbing our babies for recruits with great glee in their eyes. And yet if that were not enough it’s the ugly truth of changing the definition of the word marriage for the first time in world history. The only real reason to do this without resorting to “Homo Unions” is to PROVE to everyone that God accepts them by lying, “God made them that way.”  They know it’s behavior and not skin color, and they know, we know it’s a lie from the pit. And the jig will soon be up.  It’s so sad for them, because it’s all about obsessive lust for the wrong sex when it comes to sexual actions.  They allow their p-feelings be god instead of the truth.  Truth must be worshipped and never anything else, not even unbridled lust.

A simple reference here with many others out there:

The age of allowing Hitler to rule again is here, first Gay-sex and now Pedo-sex: