A Warning of the Coming Priest as a Thief in the Night

~@ROliverLuce | 06-27-15

A Warning to those whose lamps are but half full due to their willful disobedience in walking away from Yeshua while still claiming His heart!

The appointment of Trumpets is the day of harvest of the bride.
Could be any year on the day of the feast of Trumpets.

The Messiah [as a Priest] does come as a thief in the night to those who are asleep both those who have rejected Him and those who have walked away from Him willfully while pretending to be of His following.

There are those here today who will be looking for His return on that day and Yeshua will return as a thief even to them who are wilful in their walk to reject His still small voice everyday while pretending to be His and even speaking with a sense of “god talk” that doesn’t even fool the unbeliever!

On September 28th or thereabouts may come the HARVEST of the BRIDE, however, it may not be THIS YEAR during a fourth blood moon, even during THE FORTH BLOOD MOON, yes even THE FOURTH BLOOD MOON!!!

BUT the coming harvest of His bride is in keeping the fulfillment of the Appointment of Trumpets!
IT is the fulfillment of the day of Trumpets!!!


The Coming Judgment on God’s Return on Investment

~@ROliveLuce | 05-28-15

Regarding the soon coming judgment upon all of us, God will be looking for a return on investment from each one of us!

What talents and gifts HE (God) has given us and what we have done with them while in our frail flesh will be examined whether we had HIS spirit, HIS attitude, HIS grace in us or not, i.e. the spirit of truth.

The real question is did we use what HE had given us with an attitude of having the Spirit of Truth while in our corruptible flesh? Those who seek the Truth (in attitude) in all matters will be on the side of God’s “Word of Promise.” If presented with HIS “Word” we would see it! HIS “Word of Promise” is the salvation that covers many of our sins, even all of them!

Because under HIS “Word of Promise” there is hope that we can be forgiven and strengthen that we may rise above our constant failings and omissions! The question here would be if we were presented with HIS “Word” did we accept HIS “Covenant of Promise” that we would be hidden from God’s coming stark judgment that is almost without hope because of the lack of TRUSTING in HIS “truth,” HIS “Word of Promise?

Even hidden within HIS “Word of Promise” we shall all be judged as well with what we have done with HIS hope and HIS Holy inspiration (the Holy Spirit). Our purpose is that we do the exploits in furthering HIS kingdom while on this Earth in Trusting in HIS Spirit, even while in our corruptible flesh. There will be rewards depending on what we have done with HIS Spirit of Promise” in obedience and dependence on HIM.

But as for those who may have never heard or were honestly confused about God’s “Word of Truth,” HIS “Word of Promise” there is the possibility of being judged rightly by our God who is righteous all the time! Romans 2:7 and Romans 2:14, 15 explains HIS grace here on the basis of HIS goodness. But Romans 2:16 does confirm we all shall be judged through HIS “Word of Promise,” HIS “Spirit of Truth.” Therefore it is imperative we accept the author of Truth who is God’s “Word of Promise” that we may be hidden from the stark judgment that is coming upon the Earth (2 Corinthians 5:10).

The Coming Revelation & Judgment of America

~ROliverLuce | 04-06-15

Who are those who worship and enjoy YOU, oh Lord-God who will not fear [anything] and glorify your name?

Because you alone, oh Lord, are whole, righteous, and complete with wisdom and common sense in the truth for all time!

All the nations, of the Earth, will come and worship (admire & dance like football worshippers) before you, for your righteous, wise, and common sense deeds have been revealed [and continue to be revealed]! Therefore, there are NO excuses for those of us who call ourselves the Americans, continue to walk away, from HIS righteous and humble deeds, with a FADING righteous innocence for a time. A time that made us look still righteous without the Lord-God. Then without warning we began to wake up to see ourselves as callous, cold, and sarcastic looking upon your past as if we’ve always been this way: callous, cold, and sarcastic saying to ourselves our national culture has always been evil thereby condemning ourselves with foolish thoughts that we might continue to sin without impunity!

Judgment is crouching at the door since walking away from Yeshua-Jesus as a national culture with bewitching exuberance for demons now, named Allah and Lawlessness, that have come in the name of smooth lies and tricks with quick sound-bites because of “YOUR” national complacency. We have let, we have allowed our national leaders run, do, and promote evil because of our complacency because of own selfish and self-centered desires birthed from our own lawlessness that comes from sliding away from our national conscience in Yeshua-Jesus who kept our Republic until today, until TODAY. It was a decade’s long slide to this moment in TIME! We have lost our identity if we continue down this path allowing lawlessness and Allah to invade our American cultural conscience. You and I do not have to believe in Yeshua-Jesus but we do need to hold firm to Yeshua-Jesus for the sake of our heritage or be lost forever in time.

I speak of “YOUR” as in you, myself, and everyone who calls themselves the Americans! We are Americans throwing away our nation for a quick bowl of soup as Esau of old in the Jewish book of Tanakh.

Earnestly Teaching the Chosen Ones in Christ

~R.OliverLuce | 02-06-15

The teacher of the Word of Salvation must endure all trouble with faithfulness for the sake of the ‘chosen’, those who “love the truth.”

It must be understood that those who do NOT love nor SEEK the truth will be sent a delusion as like in the case of pharaoh in Moses era. The apostasy, attitude of unrighteousness, sin, and foolishness begins in the heart and manifests outwardly afterwards, with the acceptance of any level of obsession and evil. The delusion that God allows is the judgement of unrepentant sin, i.e. Homosexuality for example is the judgment upon them.

Verse Reference:
2Timothy 2:10
“For this reason I [Apostle Paul] endure all things for the sake of those who are chosen [those who love/seek the truth], so that they also may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus [through continual obedience] and with it eternal glory.”

From Fencing Out Lawlessness to a Culture Whose Sin is Ready for Judgment

~R.OliverLuce | 10-24-14

By R.OliverLuce

Fencing out lawlessness is good!  Fences ARE effective if we have the will. The will, the righteous will of a righteous nation! Shall we… GET A LIFE from Israel, humm? Lets see THEIR fence, shall we?

BUT wait, God has allowed a man in a White House to destroy America, as we know it, because our sins seem to be FULL for judgment! How is this? So why? Well, as Americans we don’t stand against evil any more. We just speak our minds and that’s it for those of us who do! But while others just let it go because of [false]guilt. For all practical reasons, we’ve lost our repulsiveness to ACT! We’ve LOST OUR HEADS so to speak!!

Losing our heads? Sure, we call it tolerance in the name of political correctness (PC) which comes from false guilt that most likely, I think, comes from our dead Christian churches who have lost their first love for a probable “once saved always saved” worldview for everybody or something very close to that kind of “spirit.” BUT wait, after all our president is a Black man, right? Never arrest a black man for any of his lawlessness. Why? because we are the bad people for attacking black people. Because their lawlessness is good. Why have laws when we all want our way. Why obey the speed limits on the freeways? Our ways are good, who needs God now. Get the drift? We have all place the great lawless creature in the WHITEHOUSE. He’s not the only lawless guy. Lets look at ourselves. Ooh God, WE HAVE LEFT YOU!!

To give an example of our plight lets talk about Abram: Centuries ago, God was talking with Abram regarding the promise land. HE referred to the current people of that land as people whose sins were not full or completed as yet to be judged. HE began speaking to Abram in taking the land through his own children who would do it 400 years later in fulfilling the promise!

So when any culture’s sin have become full. It’s ripe for JUDGMENT time, and God will use another country or a people group whether they be evil or good depending on God’s own plans. He knows the beginning from the end. And Islam will not escape it’s demonic evil.

It does look like America has arrived with a full cup of sin ready for judgment whether we like it or not as a culture, as a nation. And we do have a remnant who still truly behave within the Father’s Covenant of salvation!

Now, does any of this make any sense? See the Bible 🙂 I want you to study and read the bible.  It’s my desire that you will find your VISION in life!  Do it and be covered with the seriousness of Christ’s Covenant blood…

that sealed the deal on THE FATHER’S COVENANT 🙂

The above picture is for enjoyment purposes.

Peaceful Islam Threatening the West with Their Coming Global Caliphate

Muslims again are reiterating their true stance; To take over all of Asia, the entire West , and wiping Christianity off the face of the Earth:

The Global Caliphate is here on the increase to rule the entire West as well. Meanwhile, as the so-called Caliphate may or may not be growing there is something eating at Islam from behind!  A huge worldwide underground radical Holy Spirit revival sweeping Muslims and even Red Chinese alike in asking the living Jesus who is God’s love into their hearts with wonderful signs and wonders and miracles!! As it says in the Word of God (Bible) when everyone has been told of the love of God and shown the love of Christ, then God the Father will send His Son of Love, Jesus back to the Earth; Matt.24:14.  The Islamic leaders are being eaten from behind by the Creator Himself.  And there is nothing they can do about it as long as there are people who continue to seek the truth and the only living God;  The great ‘I AM’ is the one and only true God.  He has sent His love to a dying world in sin, who is Jesus the Christ!!

Most Muslims** know something is wrong with Islam and are watching for the real truth and life. And many, but many, are earnestly seeking it with their whole hearts.  This is where, again, Islam is being eaten alive from behind.  No matter how evil rules, there is nothing Islam can do to prevent free Muslims from seeking the true God who happens to be their lovers. The true God gives love and life and forgiveness.  God will not condemn until the end comes.  Here is where judgment will be pronounced upon those who willfully rejected the truth and love of God in their lives!

[ **The only true peaceful Muslims are those who do not really believe the Quran who believe something is wrong with Islam.  They are the ones who are ripe for truth and love that will liberate them! ]


Shocking! Marriage is for Love, Sex is For Patience in Love. Gaysex is Lust As in Extramarital Affairs

There is no difference between a married man who is strongly tempted by another woman and a man who is tempted sexually by another man. They both fall into the same sin called lust. Marriage brings 2 people of the opposite sex together by real love. Then follows sex when it is awaken when they both make their Covenant vows.  We usually as sinners rush the relationship into marriage because of the rush of sex.  The rush will always bear fruit unto selfishness which will have to be contained through the dependency on God’s power, to sustain the relationship in TRUE love.

Gay sexualism is a temptation when undue focus is put on it. And it’s still a choice as a married man has a choice in temptation with another woman! But lust does become an obsession between men as it does between a married man and a single woman. They both can deal with the lust and return to their rightful places, the man with his covenant wife and the woman with her singleness! Society is partly to blame in stigmatizing homosexuality to the point when men or women indulge in it they feel trapped in their feelings and therefore become convinced they are born that way. Many indulge in it just for the love of it and proclaim they are born that way. But it’s a lie, just as lust of its own right is a lie to say it’s a righteous thing to indulge in. But in the end lust has a terrible cost.

We cannot give special favors and classification to these people who want to be known by their sexual behavior. We must never enable perversion in society but instead assist those who want and need help in redirecting their focus from their lust for the same sex. Lust is the problem whether directed and attracted with the same sex or not. To be a real man or woman requires standing as a man or woman and resisting temptation as everyone else does. We FOCUS on the truth and not on what we need to resist with God’s supernatural help! Resisting lust has been around as long as marriage has; it’s been around for thousands of years.

Incidentally, on the subject of marrying, I wish to add that marrying another person of the opposite sex by only sexual attraction and lust clouds-out what real love could have tied the couple together. To marry because you both are good at sex proves there is no real love and patience in your love. To judge each other’s love by how good you are by doing the act of sex is a lie for both of you. And that lie will be the bedrock for a forthcoming rocky relationship. Let the truth explode your preconceptions right here, right now!

Whether or not our attractions to love evil are strong or weak it’s all the same: This is the judgment on you, me, and everyone else! That we all have the strong tendency to love deeds of evil leading to sin rather than choosing to love righteousness and wisdom! Ref: John 3:19.

* Why Christ came the first time!
John 3:17-19 “For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. (18) “He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (19) “This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil.