The Clash of Races in American Culture & Who is Grateful to Trust God Who Unites

~R.OliverLuce | 10-17-14

The clash of human races in America began when America gave up her right to be a true nation with one culture, one language, with laws, and secure borders, by some (not all) Americans who bought the black man from another black man from a foreign continent whom England had taught us well to do.

Well, cultural bad habits DO blind us all then and cultural bad habits DO blind us still, today! It does blind us! Look at what we are doing NOW!! We will be judged for murdering millions of our babies someday in the future much more harshly than Islamic, Arabic, and European slavery ever was. Wait and we shall all see it.

Now concerning slavery and it’s removal from our sociey: There are two status’ by which Black Americans were rejected by their skin color, but are now accepted as American citizens today!

First it’s the conservative black (yep he’s usually conservative here) who is grateful which means HE is thankful that he has been accepted institutionally and by most people to live free and have a job with an attitude of forgiveness and desires to lead by example as an adult.

Now it’s the Liberal Black man (yes, usually a liberal) who has allowed bitterness into HIS life after being accepted as a free American citizen, which means he can not and believes he was BORN THAT WAY (as homos think as well) to be thankless and to hate those OTHERS for their past sins and against those who worked hard all their lives for a prosperous America they could part take as well.  But because of bitterness, it will not allow this man to take part in this prosperity by choosing to remain unforgiving and hateful.

After all, it’s a liberal black woman who said once, “We must keep on hating because these people are evil and will never change.” The judgment that woman has given is the judgment she pronounced on herself! And when the jig is up for all time (God coming for final judgment) it will be final!! This kind of attitude is usually egged on by such things as BIG government dependency which seems to only prove to themselves (liberal blacks) that they can’t make it because of the evils of another race who started the American experiment that will always make terrible mistakes but has proven to be redeemable! When BOTH races return to their God who gave His Word (Jesus is that Word) to save us from ourselves, then we will BOTH live in harmony even as a double-cultured country too!
Oops, did I leave out the Hispanic culture? The truth of the matter is enforce our single American culture to survive as a nation of states.

As for both camps (both races) LIFE was never meant to be fair, but to be thankful to God we are still alive to grow our SPIRTS unto the Lord our Creator for final judgment in due season.
It’s the SPIRIT that gives life to our flesh.  The flesh was never meant to be in control. Never.


Clear Patterns: Why Some Judges Are More Lenient Than Others and Why?

Briefly and in quick order  I am reporting on a soon to be released STUDY REPORT on criminal sentencing patterns of the federal judiciary.

A forthcoming federal judiciary study makes out there are clear patterns that Democrats & women are much more lenient in sentencing criminals.

Also where you live also makes a big difference.  It does look like certain areas of the country have more reason to be harsh rather than being lenient due to attitudes of the population and criminals. As this is generally accepted in THOSE areas, but as in my opinion in this article.  Increasing crime can also mean harsher rulings.

BUT what about why a certain political party would make more lenient rulings than another party?  Perhaps it’s a worldview and NOT about a conspiracy.  A worldview and a view on morality does effect the way people look at situations and the law.  I can understand why people would scream “conspiracy” but the truth of the matter is it’s all about whether a nation walks away from God and morality!  Women are lenient is due to their view from motherhood if you will. At this time I cannot find a better term to describe what I’m attempting to say HERE about women. Sorry women, lol.  But to be fair, there are wise women who are lenient for the right reasons and not-so-wise women who are simply always lenient ‘almost’ all the time.

The following reference (below) is a good read on the soon to be released study of federal judiciary leniency.


“A giant, forthcoming study of the federal judiciary reveals clear patterns: Democrats and women are slightly more lenient. Where you’re sentenced matters even more. Judges in the South are harsher; in the Northeast and on the West Coast, they are more easygoing.” ~A quote by Tim Wu, from his article entitled, “Who’s To Judge?”

Danger: @CAIRnational Increasing Their Attacks Against the Constitution & Our Institutions

by R.OliverLuce | 03-08-14

(1) First it was the state of MI where Islamists are assembling a community, a city if you will in establishing Sharia Law for cases to go forward to other places in the United States using our own laws against us!  This is very similar to what has happened in the E.U. and is succeeding there with the Europeans fast asleep denying there is any danger.  All Islamists (Muslims) who truly embrace the Quran and Sharia should and must be deported to those countries who are already under the tyranny of Islam!  [Documented and an ongoing danger as we speak]

(2) Then the moot-like but fake court cases in the state of Florida where a couple of Muslim Imams came forward claiming ownership of a temple [was not true] which was simply a cause in getting a Muslim precedence into the courts and the law. [Documented]

(3) Then there is the court battles shutting down the bills what the public had voted to outlaw Sharia in Oklahoma. A Federal judge elected in favor of the Islamists to shut up the public in defending Islam as it is suppose to be unconstitutional! Unconstitutional, the Judge knows better than this!  It’s time to raise the alarm and ignore any counter claims such as ignorance of evil and errant judges who know better. The Muslims who do embrace the Quran and Sharia [again] must be deported to a country that supports their evil tyranny that runs against the American constitution.

And all judges should and must be dealt with harshly when knowingly supporting actions against the Constitution and the American people who abhor  this kind of evil.  We can also say Federal judges have also force perverse sexual behavior [against the constitution and the American people] as a ‘protected’ behavior and forced this sexual behavior into marriage, against the law of nature and against the will of  the people instead of  upholding the constitution which would help those who WANT HELP.  Enough said on gayism as I digress.  [Documented]

(4) And now the breaking story!  We have further, but obvious, proof of the evil that’s living in our country despite liberalism’s (Dems/R.I.N.O.s) rush in legitimizing Islam in America!  Islamist Imams’ have been ‘discovered’ to be subverting and replacing teachers in order to reach Birmingham, Alabama. school children in bringing the Quran and Sharia Law for brain washing to counter act what the constitution teaches!  The attack on our schools is ‘hideous’ in how they are subverting the teachers in replacing them for ‘this purpose’.  [Documented reference below]

This following facts are to list why both worldviews must be outlawed or deporting those who hold these views:

Islam: Referring to the above commentary I’ve provided Muslims must be deported if for no other chief reason they will out vote us in the future with babies 8 to 1 of ours.

Communism: Joe McCarthy trying to identify and outlaw communists in the 1950’s was a man who had his facts straight. He wasn’t the best man for leadership but he could have had better asociates to help clean up communism and outlaw it. But he failed here as well. Russia, after the fall of the USSR, has verified McCarthy was right!


Is It a TAX or Is It a FEE Obama? And Benedict Arnold Defends CommunistCare!

The Supreme Court of the land has proclaimed the ObamaCare mandate is a TAX and is worthy of the people despite how the people feel and despite how the court has now ruined the Constitution!! Roberts himself has violated the Constitution as sure as we can read it! But I digress, this will be taken care on another day AFTER we examine the evils of the Obama factor! There will be impeachment actions against not only all liberal judges who are creating law but Mr. Roberts will likely be impeached as well. Justice Roberts has now become another Benedict Arnold in American history; a traitor to our country!

It’s very interesting to listen to Mr. Obama. Remember what he had told us when he and the Democratic liberals were ramming ObamaCare through congress? HE, Mr. Obama, told us the mandate was NOT a TAX during the time when the American people were screaming at him and the Democrats to stop; the America people wanted to KILL THE BILL!

Oh man, then finally came the judgment call from the Supreme Court! Obama’s lawyers were arguing that the ObamaCare mandate was NOT a TAX, Oh man!! Yes, they were telling poor Justice Roberts, among the other justices, the mandate was never meant to be a FEE but a TAX. Ah but then the Supremes came out with their judgment call. They proclaimed it to be a… TAX!! And that everything was just [im]peachy with them and Justice Roberts in particular [except the constitution doesn’t like it]. A TAX??? We are being forced and shoved down our necks to buy insurance from the Government?? INSANE!! I might not mine if my Grandmother would force me to buy her apple pie. But the Government has no business DOING THIS MUCK!!

So, please President Obama which is it going to be? A TAX? but that would invalidate your whole ramming process, wouldn’t it, in congress! That’s correct, Mr. Obama, your ObamaCare bill had to have originated in the house, lol. But it didn’t!! But hold everything! IF you say it’s NOT a tax and you’re pushing to prove that, then you are in hot water for all to see, brother Obama. This is a STUPID move on your part, sir. The Supreme Court founded the MANDATE to be a TAX, sir lol. How can you push to prove otherwise when YOU told your ‘lawless’ Lawyers that it’s only a TAX.
[Yes, ‘lawless’. Because you are now backtracking trying to prove otherwise you ‘white washed wall’. I and many others do not respect you for your behavior, sir. Sad isn’t it? What is an Obama to do, except scream RACISM huh!!!]

Obama sir!! Your sins have come out into the open for all to see! This is the time for all rational American-liberals everywhere to flee this kind of thinking and my gosh it’s stupid thinking!!! But for me to say all this of course, will only put evil pride into their hearts to call me and other conservatives names instead. Let God be the judge of who will turn away from this crazy behavioral-evil.

And now let it be said, the U.S. Government is being led by ‘worthless fellows’ (hint, see bible). This election of 2012 is important!!

~Read this:
~And realize this:
1 Obama was telling us the mandate was NOT a TAX when he was ramming ObamaCare!
2 Then Obama told his lawyers to tell the Supremes the mandate is only a TAX!
3 The Supreme Justices came out, telling us that the ObamaCare mandate was a TAX!
4 Now Obama is out to PROVE its a fine, a FEE, after telling his lawyers it’s a TAX!!!
5 What a dirty mess!
6 Why would an American-liberal re-elect this guy I will never know!! We thought liberals prided themselves as being very righteous as Jesus was or is or will be or whatever? Liberals tell us that ‘they’ are on the correct side and we’re wrong as evil is wrong lol!! Control of people’s lives must come to save the earth, lol lol lol. Oh Lord!!
Again, what a dirty mess!

[Published 06-27-12]

Fox:Supreme Court Agrees Somewhat w- FEDs; We are a NATION without Borders Now, INSANE!!

This is obscene!! We are a country without borders, NO ENFORCEMENT!!  The Supreme Court upholds most of Obama’s fight to allow the world in illegally without enforcing immigration law as Judge Scalia stated in his strong dissention.  Scalia rails against an Anti-Constitutional Obama!!  With the help of some conservatives even WE ARE A NATION IN DECLINE as a country!!

We are a nation on the verge of disintegration; And this is the democrats vision of a NEW North American country with communist controls.


Liberal Fed Judges Creating LAW in pushing Pseudo-Communism!

Federal judge blocks Texas from cutting off Planned Parenthood; IT’S UN-CONSTITUTIONAL? IT’S ONLY ABOUT THE FUNDING MR. JUDGE, THE FUNDING, THE FUNDING of murdering babies!!  WE DO NOT FUND THE NAZI KILLING OF BABIES!!  Tell this LIBERAL law creating judge TO STOP! Texas has the right to run its own STATE. The Texas action is unconstitutional? GET OUT OF HERE!! Someone, please tell this judge to please BACK OFF!! This is creating a lawless and confusing nation with Federal Judges creating new liberal-style laws in advancing a LIBERAL CONTROL AGENDA (pseudo-communism):