No One Should Promote Illegal Aliens To Break Legal Immigration Law

~@ROliverLuce | 10-11-15

@YahooNews: “No one should call the cops on undocumented immigrants for the crime of working for a living?”
On the contrary, no one should help, egg, allow, or ‘presidential assist’ illegal aliens to steal across our borders and allow lawless sanctuary cities to protect illegals from deportation. The act of illegal aliens birthing citizen babies once on our soil must be looked upon as a ‘voided’ citizenship action because of the lawless parties involved.

Terms to consider:
The term “undocumented” is a cover for lawlessness in breaking up the Constitution.
The term “immigrant” is a term for LEGAL immigration in processing people who have gone through screening and are becoming eventual citizens.

The lawless nature of ‘citizenship births’ by illegal people (breaking the law) must ‘void’ these babies from being instant citizens on our soil especially in these times of national emergency. America is being overrun by a massive rush of humanity. A humanity being promoted and pushed by American liberal and progressive elements in our national and state levels of leadership. And these leaders have become lawless and troubling to our nation’s stability and it’s laws. The Constitution is being shoved aside in a rush for tyranny through a liberal style of communism. We the people have been shoved aside and lied too about what is really happening and what is true and good for our society.

The terms “liberal” and “progressive” in relation to the American political processes have now been changed and re-defined by the very persons who call or go by these 2 terms. These leaders and others who are liberal or progressive have, by their own behavior and agendas have done so in re-defining themselves as liberal to mean anti-constitutional and anti-American and even to mean to be lawless in nature for the sake of their own cause! And they have said so in various videos as well.

Laws are meant to establish and to maintain a society, an American society in our case so that we would live in peace with our own culture.
We are not Mexicans, nor are we Hindus, and neither are we Islamic by culture by any sense of the imagination. We are Americans and so must true immigrants be when going through the legal process of true immigration processing. For illegal is illegal and it is NOT to be covered up with UNDOCUMENT IMMIGRANTS which is a contradiction in terms!

Working and having a job is NOT a crime!
Jumping our borders and stealing an Amerian job no matter how menial or high-level it may be is the CRIME!



Mr Vargas Can Never Be a USA Lawyer from Illegal Lawless Beginnings

~R.OliverLuce | 09-06-14

Immigrant means legal entrants. Illegals are NOT immigrants and neither can a lawless President pronounce nor allow illegals to run amuck against our culture nor our Constitution and our God.

Every country has a god otherwise it can’t exist! Shall we return to our God this time in reality? Beginnings have real meanings. A lawless beginning can not be hidden nor can any of us fool God. Even allowing in little foxes under the fence will become larger than life in due season; Becoming very unmanageable especially on a national scale!! When repenting the conscience must have it’s sacrifice of undoing the willful lawless action so that the conscience does not play games in continuing the demon [habitual] sin! A fact of life!

Mr. Vargas @DREAMerJ_D and Mr. Erika Andiola both of Dreamers for the promotion of illegal-lawless acceptance are now accusing Mr. Barack Obama of NOT CARING for the needs of “immigrant” families who have been arguing and insisting their demands be met now to become citizens with jobs or carded people with jobs and the possibility to vote eventually? Hey wait a minute, these people aren’t immigrants but illegals shouting for their rights from other nations to demand we feed them, equipt them, job them, and give candy to them over our own! What attitudes for non-citizens who have an attitude! Good grief!

I would say, GREAT people become WISE when they lead their LEGAL families in righteousness in obeying the laws of ROME (USA) as good Catholic-Christians! When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Please listen to the Lord your God and make the trip back to your gracious country who needs your American taxpayer bought benefits you NOW have [YES] at our own expense. Yes, please enjoy them as you either deport back or wilfully return to your own [YES] gracious country.

Please wait in line, in your country, as everyone else does. Doing this LEGALLY will help your own self respect in possibility entering the U.S.A. LEGALLY in an orderly fashion to help us maintain our American melting pot culture (that you must learn & speak as the Romans do). Our culture must remain AMERICAN MADE and not to be confused with a joyful and colorful Mexican culture which is GREAT in Mexico ONLY, thank you. Chinese and other South America cultures too are GREAT in those countries but not for the United States. If people want their own culture to rule over Americanism then be delighted in staying in your own country.

Thanks ahead of time for obeying our laws that you may live in prosperity which only come from righteous living. Prosperity is much more than gaining money and a better job here in America. You can also be a BLESSING to your own country who has needs just like the United States does. America is not HEAVEN nor shall it ever be. Ask the Lord of prosperity to help you to make your country special.

If we are able to control our immigration through legal means then we are able to save our own AMERICAN MADE CULTURE and assist other NATIONS from a position of strength. We have Americans who do not have jobs here. Those jobs must be filled before legal immigrants can come and get them, much less allow (God forbid) lawless illegals flood our culture and our land and be given jobs by a lawless American President acting against our Constitution!

America must DEPORT illegals and their born-in-USA children in fraud & Assist Their Nations From Position of Strength instead. All corporations must be inspired by law and by righteous reasoning to never again hire illegals for a strong America! This begins with strong American families who raise their children in righteousness through the power of the Spirit of Truth and the Author of Creation, our Father-God!


Email FL.Gov.Scott: No Tax Payer Funded Education For Illegal Foreigners in Florida

To the Governor of Florida, Governor Scott;

I plead with you and the state of Florida to stop bankrupting America and it’s culture!

Please NO tax payer funded EDUCATION for illegal foreigners.
Do not listen to the false-guilt gainsayers!
Prevent and support an organized American culture and prevent the coming cultural anarchy spitting the country!
Legal immigration is the way to prevent cultural anarchy.


Our nation has a system in place that isn’t being USED. It is our very own LEGAL IMMIGRATION SCREENING, a system of screening, educating, with background checks for such a screening to ensure the continuation of the American Culture, an AMERICAN style melting pot if you will. A screening to ensure the safety of our society. A screening to ensure we are NOT injecting people who are not able to support themselves nor have a group who will help them.


It has always been known that breaking one law will egg on another and yet another. We as humans are creatures of HABIT.  With lawless leadership at the helm of our Federal and state governments the people will follow as well into further and further lawlessness. Illegal foreigners  are no exception to the human condition. Illegal foreigners will do well for their well being to deport back to their respective countries of origin and be a blessing to their own.  If President Eisenhower had defended our country from an illegal foreign invasion that corrupted America farm wages so can it happen TODAY.  America is well able to assist other governments such as Mexico in helping their own funded education and free stuff programs, that we can do from a position of STRENGTH.  Presently, we cannot afford to support the world’s population of illegals flooding over our borders because of lawless leaders giving away the farm!  Their worldview causes this behavior with their own sense of false-guilt of how they see our country!


To say that illegals are immigrants is totally false and designed for gainsaying and shutting up any opposition!  Immigrants are recent screened and legalized citizens of the United States of America who understand our American culture and language.  Illegals are nothing more than foreigners sneaking over (they know they are breaking the law) our borders with the false-hope of lawless freebies thrown at them by lawless leaders of our country whose worldview is based on the blownup sins of our nation pushing a false-guilt to change a nation. They have no use of being true leaders with a negative focus on our national redeeming qualities that would bring hope and redemption.  Redemption even from slavery in due season.  That season finally came with the War between the States.  Illegal foreigners are flooding our culture and language. I see it with families who really want to speak their own language and do their own culture.  Our United States is at risk and people and leaders of the liberal worldview KNOW IT.  We are creatures of habit. Let us move towards a positive healthy attitude in redeeming our country.  Our country can never be redeemed through a negative guilt complex ever!


Allowing illegal foreigners to sneak into our country and egg them on even further with handouts, giveaways, and free education so that our national debt can be solved is not the way.  It’s even wrong in it’s attitude.  We are accountable to our own actions, whether liberal minded leaders in both parties let this spending go on year after year, so we shall solved this by letting go much of our government owned land to private ownership!  WE do have too much land and most of our PARKS are simply gods. We have done let the Spirit of India into our land which has destroyed our national MANIFEST DESTINY.  However, it remains to be seen if we have COMPLETELY fullfilled our purpose before God. A subject for another day!


Giving and opening up FREE education  (without even mentioning freebies) to illegal foreigners supported by the American taxpayer does and will lead to MORE millions and millions of  illegal foreigners from all over the world. Education foreigners only for them to flee back to their respective countries with their ill-gotten gains when We the People of these United States crumble and dissipate financially into a BLACK HOLE. Then what shall we have?  A communist nation with Sharia law over your HEAD???


Let not anyone scare you with false guilt even when a poor defensive illegal shares it with you.  Love also can be tough. Accountability also can be for an illegal family with children.  The parents must be accountable for their own sake, the sake of ‘how they raise’ their children, and the sake of a nation headed  towards further lawlessness.  Break a law reap a habit!!  We are headed in the wrong direction!

Three people groups affected: Us as Americans, the illegal foreigners, and our national and state leaders;  lawlessness hurts us all.

Demonizing, Comparing Immigrants With Stealthy Un-Assimilating Muslims

Demonizing, Comparing Immigrants With Stealthy Un-Assimilating Muslims.
By R.OliverLuce | 05-03-2013

The shooting of President McKinley in 1901 was accomplished by a lone Polish man.
As AlJazeera reports the American media demonized a whole class of people who were Polish immigrants at that time. AlJazeera then went on to compare the demonization of Polish immigrants with the demonization of the so-called Boston Bombers who are of Chechen descent. AlJazeera media feels the comparison is correct and therefore is wrong to blame Chechens in general. Of course, AlJazeera is ignoring the fact Checkens are almost ALL Islamic. Lets be clear here (and not clear as Liberals think, when being clear). The Polish people were never a terror group nor a terror-religion (Catholicism). So, yes, the Polish immigrants as a whole was wrongly demonized by the American Media at that time of 1901.

However, we can not compare Polish immigrants nor the killer of President McKinley to the so-called “Boston Bombers.” Why? Because the “Boston Bombers” who are of Checken descent, actually represented a whole class of Islamic-Muslims who pursue Sharia Law onto our America system of law! Islam wants to install Sharia Law on America. However, they know they can’t do that now. So instead they are pushing for installing Sharia on just themselves, thus proving they are not assimilating into the American Culture! Sharia Law contradicts the Constitution in almost every way, and will demonize our own Constitution by it’s very nature in time as they out produce Muslim babies 8 to 1 to ours. And on top of this issue many “assimilated” Americans continue to murder (abort) their own babies as we speak! Who knows how many babies are being born to Muslims today. It’s been reported that it is 8 to 1 in Europe! Are the Muslims truthful when reporting who is in their households when the Government comes around every 10 years. Muslims are forbidden to lie to each other. But it’s god’s will to lie to us who are “assimilated.”

To reiterate the “Boston Bombers” not only are they of Checken descent they are of the Muslim faith. The SAME faith that’s prevalent in Arabs and people from the Middle East, who are in America. These people are from such countries [that are Islamic] as the nation of Checknya and others, i.e. Saudi Arabia. And it’s this faith, this culture that wants to dominate not just Europe, not just us, America, but the whole earth!
It’s a strategy. The United States today faces the same Islamic strategy for the destruction of our way of life, as it’s currently happening in Europe. Lebanon once was a symbol of greatness and freedom with it’s shining cities in the 1950’s. It’s now a sad result of what Islam has done to a Christian country. Islam used terror, out-producing babies, and Sharia Law to overtake Lebanon.

Islam is not a peaceful religion. It’s a hate-driven culture with a hate-driven religion with a god named Allah with an image and a thought-process of a demon.
Ignoring excuses, LQQK at the fruit and be wise. We can no longer listen to ‘stealthy’ evil gainsayers any longer. All cultures are NOT EQUAL.

* Reference:

Schakowsky Says its Alright to Break Any LAW in America!

Schakowsky says GOP thinks illegals are NOT people. Squire asks Schakowsky, are LEGAL immigrants people? What about Mexico? Why not make Mexico the 51st STATE and bring in all Mexicans and feed them? Oh but WAIT, that would be a too LEGAL to do in making Mexico the 51st STATE to bring in all those millions and millions of Mexican immigrants as Demo-voters. Yep, that would be a terrible thing; it would be LEGAL 🙂

Illegal is still illegal Schakowsky 🙂 stick it in your ear and fly right, LEGALLY!