Really? The Birth of a New Civil Rights Movement?

~R.OliverLuce | 01-08-15

I ask. Based on what? Based on race baiting? Based on thugs pushing the law around after robbing & killing Black on Black? Based on young Black gang members shoving to the ground and kicking a Black elderly gentleman?
What has happen to these once civilized Black people who have given their allegiance to a liberal worldview that believes in dependency with no honor and respect? And refusing to listen to their wise Black brothers and sisters who believe in work, honor, and respect no matter the excuse! God is who we serve and not we ourselves.

Why do these so-called liberal Black people of ours NOT TAKE a queue from those very successful Asians, Chinese, and Black people from Africa who WERE mistreated themselves in days gone by? These people are climbing the ladder of success through honor and respect! Where is the honor and respect from these liberal Black people who have been deceitfully conned by a former president into buying into an American governmental “Great Society” of dependency that leads to a devilish kind of behavior that now the world can not believe their eyes?

Let us quell this evil today or forever more allow this great Republic to go into ruin by good men who did nothing to stand for Godly honor and respect no matter the excuse. This is a time of testing for those who are honorable and respectful!



National Corruption Creeps in Through Lawlessness &amp Illegal Immigration

Brief: Obama has corrupted America by refusing to enforce our laws. Are we going to do the same by rewarding lawless behavior by millions of illegals. For too long we have ignored illegal immigration and encourage slave wages at the expense of Americans.

A solution: Deportation and company fines for slave wages is the long range answer. And encouraging legal immigration with American hosts in preventing lawless and financially troubling immigrants from entering our land again.

Santorum says Obama rules like he’s above the law. Oh, let’s not be like him [Obama] by retaining those illegals in our country. If we’re not going to give them freebies and U.S. voting rights like Rubio SAYS he won’t do, but, hey, at the same time, Rubio also wants to refuse deporting illegals like Obama is doing already this year by forcing ICE from doing their lawful duty to do so; It’s ICE’s job for crying out loud! What gives? Is Rubio becoming another lawless-Obama? NO, but it sure looks that way, good grief.

Anybody who says WE CAN’T DEPORT 12+ million illegals are kidding themselves. It’s not like we have to do it inside of a single bound year or two! It’s going to be like an ongoing legal activity that also includes giving companies large fines for hiring them and giving them SLAVE WAGES. Sure, it might take up to 15 years to deport. This is America. Let us honor the Mexican and the Chinese when they visit America LEGALLY; I say LEGALLY!! What is wrong with assisting illegals to do the right thing. It’s not like we’re sending them back for a country they never live in before!!! Again, America is a nation of laws that shape behavior and character in the long run! Let’s not continue corrupting ourselves as Obama has done! A president has a sworn duty to defend and uphold existing laws of our land! Rubio must not forget that as well.

The time of change is here. WE HONOR our laws and our own self respect in the long run by enforcing our own laws. Yes, in the long run. Character and honor is built over time. Maybe we need God again to help us realize what happens to us over time when even our own leaders much less us little guys do not cultivate and honor our own laws.

When we allow one small little fox into the yard, the whole hen house is corrupted. The law of eventuality is real. Which is why the slippery slope exists for almost everything we should cultivate and honor.