Those who hate the truth will be given a delusion. Truth is a Person

~ROliverLuce | 04-01-15

The God who spoke the worlds into existence allows delusion into the hearts of men & women who hate truth, but instead embrace their own likeness of the truth

Various people who instead of seeking the truth become foolish & were allowed to be given a delusion instead for judgment for their wilfull disobedience against the truth!
For Truth is a Person who is the living Word of God, Yeshua the Son of the LIVING GOD who spoke the WORLDS into exsistence by the HIS living WORD the Messiah Yeshua the Christ (the charsmatic one)!

Romans 1:21-25 {NASB}

(21) For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
(22) Professing to be wise, they became fools,
(23) and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures.
(24) Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them.
(25) For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.


USARMY: Allowing GAYism to be Promoted & Forced on Others

by R Oliver Luce

US Army Forced Gayism:
Army Gayism:

Instead of attempting to help those who want healing & leaving the rest alone to their own devices in their own beds, they are actively promoting & advertising homosexual behavior.

It’s not skin color we have here. It’s all about behavior and pushing & soliciting for new recruits.

It’s also true many, many young people become traumatized by adults & others who force & influence the homosexual behavior upon them in their formative years!

The US Army must go back to wise advisors who are in the know!

Strange behavior, that even doctors will report the body is not designed for it, IS NOT SKIN COLOR.


Explaining George W Bush’s Stance on Gaysex Marriage

By R Oliver Luce | 07-07-2013

While George Bush is cautioning Americans and Conservatives against criticizing gaysex couples.

It must be understood there is a huge difference between criticizing homosexual sin in a person’s life and contesting, with reason, their desire to prove their gaysex is normal by using **marriage, and standing for justice and the truth in the public square without being labeled a hateful person, in this context directed at homosexuals.

When George was asked, whether gaysex marriage conflicts with Christian values, Mr. Bush responded along with, ‘taking the speck in the eye out when he has the log in his own eye’.

Either the former President does not understand God’s view and creation as it’s mentioned in the Bible or George doesn’t know how to respond without looking like he’s a hateful man because of the unrelenting P.C. that’s shoved on Americans.
It couldn’t be, George is all for gaysex redefining the centuries old understanding of marriage, I’m sure.
After all, intelligent people know how to invent another term that identifies a new idea for a different kind of union how be a kind of perversion.
Incidentally, the former President does confess to be a Christian who says he is born again into HIS Covenant of Love.


**If homosexuals are not attempting to prove to everyone and God that their gaysex behavior is normal why then destroy the centuries old definition of marriage in the first place with such vigor?

Explaining George W Bush’s Stance on Gaysex Marriage

Supreme Court On Verge Pushing Gay Sex Behavior On Marriage!!

Minnesota State Senators On Verge Pushing Gay Sex Behavior On Marriage
By R.OliverLuce | 05-13-2013

Author Patrick Condon tells us regarding protecting Christian rights: “But a majority of senators rejected a Republican amendment to increase the bill’s religious protections, as gay marriage supporters argued it would have gutted civil rights protections for gay people.”

This is a WAR with people pushing evil perversion on all of us to accept it.  They really are obsessed with proving God approves of gay sexual behavior & getting doctors to ignore the facts of life!!!

This is absolutely wrong, it’s a push to have God approve their behavioral life style. No one is created a homosexual. Homo sex is an action not skin color.  It is a behavior with a habitual obsession to it. And it can be treated if the person wants it badly enough. Love for the same sex is normal. Sexual lust for the same sex is not normal and the plumbing does not support it nor meaningfully except to addict the person. It can be seen as a drug. Taking drugs is NOT normal for people as we all know.

But homosexuals already have rights.  It’s already a crime to kill or beat anyone no matter if they be jerks or even homosexuals.  Marriage is available to EVERYONE.  If gays want to tie a knot of some kind then they simply should invent their own UNION-NAME in the name of COMMON SENSE!  Homosexuals already have rights!!



Knowing the Difference Between Helping & Enabling People in Homosexual Behavior

Knowing the difference between helping and enabling people given to homosexual behavior.


It’s plain and simple! Homosexuals have been humiliated and despised instead being shown the love of God in a reasonable matter! The gay behavior of sex must instead be despised as reprobate behavior and NOT the person!

For these people (even if they despise the love) need to know they are still loved by the Lord, and specially through Christians who seriously know GOD and HIS character. Not only is God the God of love, as HE has shown through sending HIS “arm of love (Jesus)” to seal the deal on HIS covenant of love. HE is also the God of justice for sure! How else would HE ever judge the world if HE were NOT?

Our problem as humans is we HATE accountability and justice when it’s directed at us! But if we embrace justice for ourselves with HIS power, then we LOVE wisdom and from wisdom we will prosper in everything we do.

The person given to the obsession of homosexualism must be shown love and when acceptable be willing to enable them back to health. The darkness of homosexual behavior can not be enabled in the name of helping people to health and acceptance. It will only lead to further deprivation and darkness to the core. Assisting & accepting them where they are is a good start on the road to complete recovery. God is great in empowering us to victory towards Holiness (completeness in God).

Finally: One of the results of allowing and enabling homosexual behavior in our society is the excuse why not allow homosexuals to re-define the word “marriage?” After all, almost everyone is getting divorced! This line of logic should tell us we are all knowingly “missing the mark” in the face of God as if “we can care less!”  America is headed for doom someday if we can’t stop this and help each other now!

Financially speaking society can not survive when morals decay. History shows this and if a society fails to see the wisdom in helping people, instead of enabling them in their VICES, trouble is yet to come, for it will come as a robber in the night suddenly. To redefine marriage (for the first time in the history of the world) is enabling this behavior causing more harm to themselves and society! The robber will appear suddenly in the night (so to speak). Our great country and even it’s financial empire with all of its corporations and stock values, will suffer greatly in due season if we do not respond to this threat of “our” sin and lawlessness in our land!


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A Bit of Wisdom From God On Temptation

[A] Woman blames hormones for driving [a] car into [a] pedestrian:  Wow, lol.

This is the same kind of idea or excuse homosexuals have for themselves. They blame their feelings that push them into strange sex. On top of that they can’t keep it at home, gosh.  Their guilt is pressing them to prove a point about their ‘normal’ sex behavior by stealing marriage from the rest of us, so to speak.  Come on gender-dictators, stop kidding around with yourselves!  You’re attempting to change the definition of the Earth for crying out loud.  Laugh with us and let’s help each other to become real men and real women in the image of our Creator!!!  Let’s also cry with each other in helping to break through our vices!!

Uh… No, people were NOT born that way, regarding gaysex. Feelings are real but you are responsible for what you decide to do with your feelings. Feelings come & go.

Recall, it’s the little foxes (that little looky at her or that little looky at him) that builds feelings and therefore temptation. Don’t lie to yourself while staring at the source of your upcoming lust.

After saying all this it’s a 99% prediction most will continue to go on refusing instruction. After all, most people hate it when they are exposed to any kind of wisdom from, oh no, God being explained to them. After all, they, we, you, I have a prideful right to be independent of God in all we do. 😦 Why, it’s our right to head for hell with our fearfully and wonderfully created bodies God gave us!! Oh yeah, we hate to be told anything!! Lol. Oh but we usually hide behind the phrase, “No, it’s not pride. I have my truth and you have yours lol.”

But I do admire those people who hate their proclivity!! It’s that man or woman who says they can’t help it but refuses to own such evil behavior. THIS TAKES GUTS to break the hold on themselves!! Praise God!! And yes, to worship and praise our God does wonders. God goes into action for YOU and I and we grow when we spend time worshipping and eating the dry-Word that eventually becomes LIFE!!!