Updt: Emergence of Hitler’s Gay-Pedo Brownshirts; Truth Must Be Worshipped and No Other!

The Spirit of Truth today is under attack as if God is being destroyed!  This is the emergence of the “age of Hitler”: First it’s today’s Progressive Homosexualism & now it’s Liberal Pedophilism raising their tyrannical heads; Brownshirts pushing, screaming, beating, & threatening normal people everywhere!

It’s not enough to be left alone in their own homes doing whatever non-behavior they do.  Now they want to advertise and proselytize their deviant sexual behavior out in public for all to see in grabbing our babies for recruits with great glee in their eyes. And yet if that were not enough it’s the ugly truth of changing the definition of the word marriage for the first time in world history. The only real reason to do this without resorting to “Homo Unions” is to PROVE to everyone that God accepts them by lying, “God made them that way.”  They know it’s behavior and not skin color, and they know, we know it’s a lie from the pit. And the jig will soon be up.  It’s so sad for them, because it’s all about obsessive lust for the wrong sex when it comes to sexual actions.  They allow their p-feelings be god instead of the truth.  Truth must be worshipped and never anything else, not even unbridled lust.

A simple reference here with many others out there:

The age of allowing Hitler to rule again is here, first Gay-sex and now Pedo-sex:


Faith in Action for the Hopeless!

Whether you are inflicted w/ homo temptations or a myriad of other temptations! When we still sin, we have missed the mark and we have this “ARM of LOVE” this “Living-Word” from God our FATHER, whose name is “Jesus.”

HE is the one who is always rooting for us even when we FALL!! He forgives and knows when we are contrite even when we are confused!! When YOU fall, even as a person inflicted with homo temptations, never give in and claim the SIN as yours in the lie that you were BORN to sin, BORN to be obsessed as a homo sex person. Don’t own the sin!!

It’s the wise man of God who will pull himself UP out of the sick-mud from which he fell and declares with his mouth and actions (in faith) he will go on as he crys to God for help (WE depend on HIM not ourselves)! And soon and very soon you shall see the salvation of your soul from your sin that so easily besets you!

There is HOPE when there is no caving!! Let the praises come off your lips to God that HE may and will go into ACTION for you!!