Liberalism Pushing Utopia Through Forcing Your Life into Poverty

America’s Liberalism uses the cause of the poor for control and regulation in pushing for an elusive Utopian dream. But this dream always ends up enriching Liberalism’s own leaders and bankrupting America. After all, someone has to enjoy the wealth and lead the useful people who gladly follow. These glad-followers are blind because of the evil agenda that must be promoted with the ends always justifying the means. Therefore evil is in its nature!

Now when Government or communism tells us about needing to feed the poor and help the children! You know it’s all about control & regulation and telling you NOT to vote for the other guys who aren’t really for freedom. When they tell you this they are attempting to grab control or keeping it!!

If the Liberal eventual communists really are concerned about the poor and the needy, then they must do their part NOW on a personal level, if they really mean business. Why wait to join a cause that takes away other’s freedoms in the name of freedom to push a stupid Utopian dream with a lie that the poor will no longer exist. It’s all a lie! Read the Bible IF the spirit of high-minded pride will let you.
Even Jesus has said, “You will always have the poor.” Otherwise, yes, it’s always been a ploy by evil peeps to control people and promote the wealth of control freaks; the control freaks who are the leaders of these communist and fascist movements. The American Liberal regulation & control movement can be included here. By its very nature is eventual-communism as well.