Government TALKS UP Gun Violence as It Releases Thousands of Gangs with Muslims Pouring in [IS this the change?]

[IS this the change?]
~@ROliverLuce | 06-15-16

“So many Americans are slaughtered by gun violence that even the most sensitive of us has [been numbed]?”
{Rather Americans are numbed by a lawless President.}
“An Islamic extremist [all Muslims are normal extremists] turns a gay (homosexual) nightclub into a grisly abattoir and we all know what comes next: nothing, no gun control at all.”
{Gun control is NOT the problem!}

Government inspired mass killings are the problem with an administration TALKING UP the focus on mass gun murders and releasing tens of thousands of murders and gang members.
The Government continues to TALK UP the focus and also allows Muslims to live illegally in this country. THE NATION HAS A 1952 LAW OUTLAWING ISLAM.
The allowance of Muslims “began with earlier” presidents without considering the consequences of Muslims in America and OUR LAWS! It REALLY seems that the few (comparing to the Middle East) American black Muslims are NOT exactly true Muslims, for they might NOT have any idea what the Hadith and the Sira demands of them! Most became Muslims in 1950’s and 1960’s to get out of national responsibilities.}

The Obama Lies

Lie number 1, “so many Americans have been slaughtered by guns?”
Rebuffing lie #1: There are NOT thousands of Americans being slaughtered.

Lie number 2, “that even the most sensitive are numbed?”
Translation of #2: Most Americans are beginning to realize guns might be the problem. Really, putting ideas into our heads?

Obama cover: There have been more guns sold since I’ve been president than just about any time in U.S. history.
Rebuff coverup: More Americans are realizing Obama is the enemy even in his own words and his ignoring of law & order. Thus the purchase of weapons for possible rebuffing of tyranny.

Obama lie: There are enough guns for every man, woman, and child in this country and at no point have I ever proposed confiscating guns from responsible gun owners.”
Rebuff of lie: Obama is after confiscation of all citizen weapons in due season!



Oh GREAT! A Second Fort Hood Killer on The Loose w/ NO Impunity

by R.OliverLuce | 04-03-14

Mr.Lopez always quiet? Always normal? As he’s always been “impatient and temperamental? Is this a contradiction or what? He sometimes gets into fights… pural? We not only have an impatient guy, a guy temperamental. He gets into fights as well. Yes, a temperamental man to me in my days is one who MUST be avoided for crying out loud. One who could lose it and kill someday even as we have seen today.

And it’s sad. I not only blame the killer AS WE SHOULD but I blame what I want to call “The Gun-Guilt” laws in this country that naturally encourages gun killings with no impunity, with no one able to shoot back at the start!  Enough is enough! Liberalism is a fool’s man worldview pushing back and ignoring the wisdom of everyday life. ENOUGH! Love and caring is good and so is blantant justice which some call cruel.  Yes stopping a foolish fool can LQQK cruel but it is justice and righteous whether you have the wisdom to realize it or NOT.

The time is fast approaching: For no more Gun-Guilt laws!  For no more guilt pushing liberal agendas!  Forget ObamaCare, as it will be gone. Liberalism is a curse!  Sorry for sounding hash but this has gone on too long.  Our national sorrows began with the crook [president] L.B.J. who started all of this madness with the “Great Society” and shutting up our consciences with 501c3 in covering his voter fraud crimes!  It’s time to remove these elites in the name of common sense!

Quote from article:
“He said that Lopez had always been “quiet” and “normal,” but was very impatient and temperamental. He sometimes got into fights – but it was just boy things, “he was not violent or anything,” the friend added.”

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