Supreme Court On Verge Pushing Gay Sex Behavior On Marriage!!

Minnesota State Senators On Verge Pushing Gay Sex Behavior On Marriage
By R.OliverLuce | 05-13-2013

Author Patrick Condon tells us regarding protecting Christian rights: “But a majority of senators rejected a Republican amendment to increase the bill’s religious protections, as gay marriage supporters argued it would have gutted civil rights protections for gay people.”

This is a WAR with people pushing evil perversion on all of us to accept it.  They really are obsessed with proving God approves of gay sexual behavior & getting doctors to ignore the facts of life!!!

This is absolutely wrong, it’s a push to have God approve their behavioral life style. No one is created a homosexual. Homo sex is an action not skin color.  It is a behavior with a habitual obsession to it. And it can be treated if the person wants it badly enough. Love for the same sex is normal. Sexual lust for the same sex is not normal and the plumbing does not support it nor meaningfully except to addict the person. It can be seen as a drug. Taking drugs is NOT normal for people as we all know.

But homosexuals already have rights.  It’s already a crime to kill or beat anyone no matter if they be jerks or even homosexuals.  Marriage is available to EVERYONE.  If gays want to tie a knot of some kind then they simply should invent their own UNION-NAME in the name of COMMON SENSE!  Homosexuals already have rights!!



Homosexuals Must Invent Their Own Union-Name; Everyone Already Has the Right To Marriage

Homosexuals Must Invent Their Own Union-Name; Everyone Already Has the Right To Marriage

Redefining marriage for the first time in world history?

Changing it just to give a certain sex ‘behavior’ special rights?

Everyone has a path to sex! Even Homosexuals in their own homes.

Everyone has a path to marriage! For there is NO favoritism against neither man nor woman! Remember all homosexuals are either men or women initially created when they were born! Have we all gone crazy!

GAYISM, if it must, shall INVENT their own union-name in order to grab Federal benefits and the illusion that God created and ordained homosexual behavior. After all, gayism is simply that, behavior, an obsession to sexual behavior of a certain kind. And there are various types of sexual obsession and not just with gayism. Yes, I have coined the word “gayism” to mean homosexualism.

My Friendly Chat with a New Muslim Lawyer

My experience with Islam and one of their new lawyers I met in a Starbucks in 2009.

In 2009, I had an opportunity to talk with a Black Lawyer, in Starbucks, who attends a Muslim mosque in the area. We had a friendly chat about politics. At one point he brought up homosexualism asking why I was against it. He also told me that Muslims support homosexualism. I had to tell him gayism is a perverse behavior and almost if not ALL conservatives and Christians would not condone the behavior but support the people who are captured and obsessed in it. Then he told me he was teaching at a Muslim mosque which took me by surprise! I mean after all, if he’s a teacher he should know what Islam teaches and believes! After asking him if he knew that Islam does not condone homosexual behavior but condemns it, he could not believe it and was shocked by my statement! He told me it wasn’t true.

Well, I had to, at point blank, tell him Islam is against homosexual behavior and they do put to death or jail people who indulge in the behavior. Again, the lawyer told me it wasn’t true! So, I told him he had better get back to the mosque and start asking some serious questions. It’s in their Quran and he can read about it from time to time in their daily newspapers from the Middle East. Finally, he said he would investigate it! Again, I told him, “they will tell you sir [assuming you are also a Muslim]. It’s also in their Quran.” While we were departing Starbucks I told him, “I was kind of perplexed as to why they wouldn’t be on the side of conservatism, which is to say taking the side of American conservatism, and not supporting the Left or the Democratic Party either.” I went on to say, “it’s most likely the Islamic agenda with its objective in replacing the constitution in favor of eventually implementing Sharia Law is the reason why they are not joining American conservatism and the GOP. I said, “I project they [the Muslims] would try to by 2040 if we do not wakeup and deport those who “refuse to reject” the Quran and Sharia Law.” [TODAY!! we find Islam is already trying to inject Sharia Law into our system in 2012!!]

It’ll be very interesting to know if this new Muslim convert [if he was a newbe] will stay with Islam. As a lawyer I’m surprised he didn’t know what Islam believes regarding gayism!
{It would be interesting if this same lawyer could read my blog, and we could compare notes today!}

A Bit of Wisdom From God On Temptation

[A] Woman blames hormones for driving [a] car into [a] pedestrian:  Wow, lol.

This is the same kind of idea or excuse homosexuals have for themselves. They blame their feelings that push them into strange sex. On top of that they can’t keep it at home, gosh.  Their guilt is pressing them to prove a point about their ‘normal’ sex behavior by stealing marriage from the rest of us, so to speak.  Come on gender-dictators, stop kidding around with yourselves!  You’re attempting to change the definition of the Earth for crying out loud.  Laugh with us and let’s help each other to become real men and real women in the image of our Creator!!!  Let’s also cry with each other in helping to break through our vices!!

Uh… No, people were NOT born that way, regarding gaysex. Feelings are real but you are responsible for what you decide to do with your feelings. Feelings come & go.

Recall, it’s the little foxes (that little looky at her or that little looky at him) that builds feelings and therefore temptation. Don’t lie to yourself while staring at the source of your upcoming lust.

After saying all this it’s a 99% prediction most will continue to go on refusing instruction. After all, most people hate it when they are exposed to any kind of wisdom from, oh no, God being explained to them. After all, they, we, you, I have a prideful right to be independent of God in all we do. 😦 Why, it’s our right to head for hell with our fearfully and wonderfully created bodies God gave us!! Oh yeah, we hate to be told anything!! Lol. Oh but we usually hide behind the phrase, “No, it’s not pride. I have my truth and you have yours lol.”

But I do admire those people who hate their proclivity!! It’s that man or woman who says they can’t help it but refuses to own such evil behavior. THIS TAKES GUTS to break the hold on themselves!! Praise God!! And yes, to worship and praise our God does wonders. God goes into action for YOU and I and we grow when we spend time worshipping and eating the dry-Word that eventually becomes LIFE!!!

Faith in Action for the Hopeless!

Whether you are inflicted w/ homo temptations or a myriad of other temptations! When we still sin, we have missed the mark and we have this “ARM of LOVE” this “Living-Word” from God our FATHER, whose name is “Jesus.”

HE is the one who is always rooting for us even when we FALL!! He forgives and knows when we are contrite even when we are confused!! When YOU fall, even as a person inflicted with homo temptations, never give in and claim the SIN as yours in the lie that you were BORN to sin, BORN to be obsessed as a homo sex person. Don’t own the sin!!

It’s the wise man of God who will pull himself UP out of the sick-mud from which he fell and declares with his mouth and actions (in faith) he will go on as he crys to God for help (WE depend on HIM not ourselves)! And soon and very soon you shall see the salvation of your soul from your sin that so easily besets you!

There is HOPE when there is no caving!! Let the praises come off your lips to God that HE may and will go into ACTION for you!!

Liberal Democrats: American Electorate Can Be Bought in Any Election!

Americans can always be bought in any election. Is this true? Or does the truth and morals have a part in our elections and our lives for that matter!

Again, are we the Americans always on sale to the highest bidder in any American election? Are we? The Liberal Democrats believe so. Listen to the following:

Liberal Democrat strategist speaking: “You need money to win Ohio, but it may not be worth the price of all this gay pride to get it. As the Times poll showed, a huge majority believe Obama’s rhetorical reversion was about politics, not a personal moral journey.”


FoxNews: Obama’s Gaysexualism Crashing American Public Opinion in NC

FoxNews: Liberal-DEMs are standing against common sense & life!! These Liberal Democrats are wishing to get ‘even’ with the AMERICAN people who voted against gaysexual marriage in North Carolina!

[ Gaysexuals do not need to be further enabled to continue their perverse behavior. Gaysexuals do not need to be RAISED above our FLAG as special citizens!
Gaysexualism is simply an outright rejection of GOD, our creator. ]

Marriage is 1 man and 1 woman. We ask but to please go somewhere else to do your gaysexual perversion there! In gaysexual behavior lust does become an obsession that does spread like a disease. And these gaysexuals wonder why we want them far far away from our children!!! Try moving to another country that is willing to become perverse and dangerous. This nation is not going to become a PERVERT-NATION with dangerous repercussions to come in the future.

Gaysexuals have their partners and their money from BIG-GOV. Leave Marriage alone. Go home and lust your partner. The rest of us men have normal friendships with each other where there is no need, no thinking of lusting after each other. It is SICK but the Lord God is a miracle working God! IF you want it, more than the lust! Marriage is for 1 man and 1 woman. In a nutshell! Women by their very nature help us men to become sensitive as they are usually are. And us as men help the female to think logically. Many times it’s the other way around lol. Additionally, the plumbing is there for both to seal the deal on the marriage in the bedroom. Anything else GOD through His very creation TELLS you it’s perverse. Gaysexualism is simply an outright rejection of GOD, your creator.

Again, we need to help gaysexuals who ‘want’ help out of this obsessive behavior. Gaysexuals do not need to be further enabled to continue their perverse behavior. Gaysexuals do not need to be RAISED above our FLAG as special citizens!

Those who want to be known by their sexual behavior are strange. They need to keep their very private behavior in the home and bedroom.

President Obama is not acting very presidential!! As President Reagan had said, “This is a can of worms!”


FoxNews & Shep Smith Dictating to GOP in Accepting Gaysex into Marriage!

[These people who want to be known by their sexual activity, who are addicted to this kind of sexual behavior need help. And I might add giving help with compassion. To promote and give sexual behavior a special class of protection is only enabling foolishness. ]

Very personal behavior remains at home. We come to work to work, not to advertise our very personal behaviors and even to recruit.

Shep Smith of Fox News is browbeating the GOP into submission, to go along with Obama’s subversion of the definition of Marriage! Gaysexuals have their partners. They have their benefit-money from BIG Government. Leave marriage alone UNLESS you want to marry your true opposite sexual partner who you will listen too & love whether you feel like it or not lol. MARRIAGE is COVENANT!


Mr. Shep Smith please back off and be quiet! You have no idea what you are speaking of. To subvert marriage with gaysexual behavior will bring even further judgment on you, me, and America! Society will suffer, it will. It’s a can of worms.

Of course everyone has the right to marry. But to change the definition of marriage is nothing more than an evil way to subvert our country in accepting weird sexual behavior (see a doctor) and its desire to recruit children in schools, and to subvert our other American institutions! Very personal behavior of any kind, whether we consider it ‘weird’ or ‘normal’ has to be kept private. To flaunt our personal behavior sexual or not is unbecoming. It’s not redeeming. So this has to be stopped; STOP continuing this push for a special protected class of behavior. Again, this kind of behavior should stay at home and not be flaunted all over creation for craziness to rule! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD let’s use some common sense here.

People without any common sense are taking over the country it would seem. Or is it Liberalism has an obsession with sexual behavior? Where are the wise? Where are the people who have some kind of wisdom? Why do they refuse to stand against this evil? Or why is it when men and women DO stand up against this, our courts ‘create law’ to crush the will of the people? These people who want to be known by their sexual activity, who are addicted to this kind of sexual behavior need help. And I might add giving help with compassion!! To promote and give sexual behavior a special class of protection is only enabling foolishness. Has America really thrown its common sense into the toilet, or maybe the wild winds of change and lost its HEAD!!