Muhammad Ali, Jr. May Not be a Real Muslim Because He Truly Would Never Live for Sharia

~@ROliverLuce | 02-27-17

{A Very Clear & Present Danger Even for All Liberal Followers of the Elite Liberals of Our Nation.}

The boxer, Mr. Muhammad Ali was a Muslim when he was alive. Did Ali, Sr. believe he was a real Muslim? Does his son, Ali Jr. think he’s a real Muslim? All Muslims are Sharia believers who must commit all types and kinds of offensive jihads with those Muslims who chose the Muslim stealth terror army tactics of violent jihads.

As a fact, all jihads are the subject of eventually ushering in Sharia around the world and when threatened Islam will maintain it. No-Go Zones are created for Sharia and are strongly protected against the host nation’s own authorities! And the establishment of these zones is meant to be EVER EXPANDING ZONES to encompass the entire host country like America!

What the West has done is capitulate and backed off causing for the first time in modern history to EMBOLDEN Muslims everywhere to commit acts of offensive (so-called peaceful) jihads and the so-called Muslim Army terror acts of jihads!

Again, if Mr. Ali Jr. says he’s a Muslim BUT does NOT believe in living under Sharia Law he is NOT A REAL MUSLIM. He is thus subject to DEATH even by a dictate from an Islamic Temple. Islam will murder him for Allah in the FAR FLUNG FUTURE by any Muslim who finds him. Ali, Jr.’s death will most likely occur when foreign Muslims, who are pouring into America and now living in America, WILL rise up in enough numbers and command Sharia over everyone, over non-Muslims, and over even the half-heart (ignorant) Muslims in our Country. Americans who become Muslims before the Sharia takeover may not be fully ready to commit to Sharia until they realize they must do so or be beheaded! That day is coming IF Trump does not ENFORCE the Constitution and the Anti-Muslim laws of this country, today!

News Article Reference:
Muhammad Ali Jr. Speaks Out About Being Detained After Officials Asked if He Was Muslim


Those who hate the truth will be given a delusion. Truth is a Person

~ROliverLuce | 04-01-15

The God who spoke the worlds into existence allows delusion into the hearts of men & women who hate truth, but instead embrace their own likeness of the truth

Various people who instead of seeking the truth become foolish & were allowed to be given a delusion instead for judgment for their wilfull disobedience against the truth!
For Truth is a Person who is the living Word of God, Yeshua the Son of the LIVING GOD who spoke the WORLDS into exsistence by the HIS living WORD the Messiah Yeshua the Christ (the charsmatic one)!

Romans 1:21-25 {NASB}

(21) For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
(22) Professing to be wise, they became fools,
(23) and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures.
(24) Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them.
(25) For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

The American people to Bobby Jindal. Force the Courts to STOP Creating Law on Sexual Behavior

~R.OliverLuce | 01-26-15

@BobbyJindal: “If @iSupremeCourt strikes down GAY marriage bans, we must amend the Constitution[?]” Why?

[Everyone constitutionally has the right to marry the oppose sex. Please leave it alone. Invent your own UNION please.]

Why do that, Bobby Jindal?; The courts (both State and Federal) with many homosexual judges and other judges, as well, who lean toward favoring that gay behavior is a race and not a behavior, have gone too far.

Mr Jindal let us force these illegal actions back LEGALLY in the name of [their] re-defining Marriage! We must do so relenting’ly and without quitting until we can secure the republic and the Constitution! Shall we, sir?

It must be said with vigor that everyone has the right to marry the oppose sex constitutionally. They do!
Ok, then men and women who indulge in gay-sex behavior must unionize their own definition.
After all, the Boy Scouts of America did not EXIST until it was formed and they gave their organization a name that defined the Boy Scouts again of America!

Finally to define terms, Homosexual’ism is only a sexual behavior. These people who indulge this particular sexual behavior are still men and women without putting a medical knife to their bodies. Homosexual behavior has nothing to do with being born “that way.” Sex with the oppose sex is self evident and children are a protected class by their own parents. Why? Children are very impressionable and anything they are taught become gospel to them despite how they feel at the time. They are children who can be abused and setup for life doing any kind of preversion if we do not protect our children!

If homosexuals are not “born that way” then what are they? Certainly they are not a race of people but a class of people given and obsessed with the homo-sexual behavior. If these people want their behavior so badly they should simply come out and admit they want their lust and simply say they hate Christianity for branding lust as a sin. Further more, they must invent their OWN union, that depicts their own sexual behavior, instead of getting the courts to CHANGE the DEFINITION of MARRIAGE of one man with one woman. Why pick on others when they can HAVE THEIR OWN UNION INVENTION for all time.

Let us “live and let live.” Thank you. Let us allow the judges to do the right thing for righteousness sake!


America Court System is Creating[LAW] an Extreme Condition for Tearing Up The Constitution

by R.OliverLuce | 05-10-14

To the Supreme Court it must be mentioned the definition of marriage is and has always been between a man and a woman for centuries upon centuries in every civilized culture since Adam.

Who says the court has the RIGHT to CREATE LAW by dictating what is unconstitutional and violates the Constitution and the people who vote against the what doctors call unbecoming behavior for the human body in marriage of all places!

Never mind the rights of the same-sex behaviors being effected by the protection of marriage. They (the people with the gay behavior) ALL STILL have their right to marry the oppose SEX if they deem to do so; Their rights here have not been infringed upon! Everyone in the nation STILL has the right to marry; Marrying the oppose sex!
What is necessary is for these homosexuals to be given or invent a UNION that identifies the term, the institution as such. A union between same sex people who wish to stay together under that oath of same sex.

It is time for men and women everywhere to stop visiting the American court system until which time they have renounce the practice of creating law and must roll back every law that’s been based or acted upon from unconstitutional precedence and the simple creation of law that was meant for only the people and the legislative process. Any law voted on by the people will stand forever until which the people rescind it.

Attorney General Eric Holder Explains Excuses for Spread of Lawlessness

by R.OliverLuce | 02-25-2014

[The special treatment & the proselytizing of homosexualism on America with the allowance of massive numbers of illegal foreigners will bring heavy judgment upon the United States of America if we the people fail to rise again!]

The United States Attorney General Eric Holder in a meeting with a group of Attorneys Generals from various states is saying that, “Any decision not to defend individual laws must be rare? Rare? And must be under ‘exceptional circumstances?’ There are? And furthermore he added , that challenges to ‘gay marriage bans’ would qualify as a circumstance?

Might I add, shall we educate an Attorney General that first there MUST be a change in law? A change in law that would allow homosexuals who want unions for tax and federal benefit reasons.

To create unions for the homosexual behavior would go along way toward retaining the definition of marriage as one man and one woman. To suggest that homosexual behavior can be included into the institution of marriage is to RE-DEFINE the meaning of MARRIAGE and thus make marriage constitutional. Constitutional? We all know that all MEN and all WOMEN including those who call themselves gay sexuals can marry without being denied. Everyone is able to marry if they choose the opposite sex. That is the definition of marriage! To open up the same sexes to unions, [who cannot have children and indulge in a sexual behavior that will never produce offspring], would take a creation that would allow a new class of behavior to unionize for tax and benefit reasons among the primary ones.

Therefore, marriage is for all humans who want to marry the opposite sex and those who want to indulge in behavior with the same sex must have their own rightful union that does not infringe the definition of marriage which is the foundation of society of which is now being attacked through godlessness.

This is the foundation to save marriage. If we can not save the definition of marriage as an institution with the inclusion of Homo Unions then this country is going to have a revolution. This kind of lawlessness by our leaders can not continue nor be tolerated. For lawlessness will lead to marshal law and that will lead to civil war with the destruction of all liberal forced institutions that run against our constitution that has been gainsaying many of Americans into believing the lies. Hopefully all Americans will wake up this year. For we have important elections in the fall of 2014.

Now with the acts of treason by President Obama and his NOT enforcing the laws and the borders of our nation, Eric Holder gives unconscionable excuses and the tearing down of definitions of words and terminologies that is leading to the deconstructing of society as we know it. We see how this is explained away. But for those of us who know what they are doing, all this will continue to be confronted. America was never meant to be degraded into perversion and lawlessness for the art of liberal Utopian control.

#NoAmnesty #GaysexCivilUnions #MarriageISforEVERY1


AG Holder Gives Nod To States to Break Laws {As leaders go,so go the people}

Gay Marriage Collides With Religious Liberty

Updt: Emergence of Hitler’s Gay-Pedo Brownshirts; Truth Must Be Worshipped and No Other!

The Spirit of Truth today is under attack as if God is being destroyed!  This is the emergence of the “age of Hitler”: First it’s today’s Progressive Homosexualism & now it’s Liberal Pedophilism raising their tyrannical heads; Brownshirts pushing, screaming, beating, & threatening normal people everywhere!

It’s not enough to be left alone in their own homes doing whatever non-behavior they do.  Now they want to advertise and proselytize their deviant sexual behavior out in public for all to see in grabbing our babies for recruits with great glee in their eyes. And yet if that were not enough it’s the ugly truth of changing the definition of the word marriage for the first time in world history. The only real reason to do this without resorting to “Homo Unions” is to PROVE to everyone that God accepts them by lying, “God made them that way.”  They know it’s behavior and not skin color, and they know, we know it’s a lie from the pit. And the jig will soon be up.  It’s so sad for them, because it’s all about obsessive lust for the wrong sex when it comes to sexual actions.  They allow their p-feelings be god instead of the truth.  Truth must be worshipped and never anything else, not even unbridled lust.

A simple reference here with many others out there:

The age of allowing Hitler to rule again is here, first Gay-sex and now Pedo-sex:

Edited: Illegal Foreigners Demanding Their Rights for American Benefits & Services, & Fast-Zuckerberger says they deserve it?

R.Oliver Luce | 11-24-2013  {Edited: 02-18-14}

[ Quick Mr. Zuckerberg those millions and millions of Chinese & South American illegals deserve your huge HOUSE, guy!  Lets demand they DESERVE IT, buddy! ]

Now on a serious tone lol:  “Immigration Reform” is the biggest CIVIL RIGHTS issue of our time??  Really?  The young Mr. Zuckerberg may be a rich man doing lots of Facebooking and searching for real cheap foreign-labor, but has he noticed the people who are here illegally are NOT exactly American citizens in this country of ours? These illegals are not immigrants and nor should be! Have they gone through our LEGAL Immigration System? Have they become immigrants in the true sense of the word? Illegal immigrants, incidentally, is a contradiction in terms Mr. Zuckerberg if you haven’t notice that yet.

As for “Immigration Reform” I’m all for it! As for deportation I support reasonable use of “profiling” with officers who do not “display racist behavioral attitudes” in their actions when profiling. If an officer may be a racist he should and must keep it to himself as if he’s a gay sexual in the American Military, i.e. “don’t tell, don’t ask” which WAS very intelligent and keeps the freedoms open without having “USSR thought police involved”. This is reasonable for we shall always have racism. The object here is to removed institutional racism without policing people’s thoughts. As for profiling, it’s nothing more than an intelligent tool for law enforcement, like using guns properly as well.

Some people who lead this country are telling us deportation is impossible like Senator John McCain would tell us. How can that be said in the face of always being able to transport millions of American soldiers during WW2? Soldiers during the two battle theaters of the current 100 years war with Islam? If we can go to the moon we can deport 15 million illegal foreigners and their children back to their countries.

After all, President Eisenhower was able to deport millions inside of 1 to 2 years in saving the nation’s market wages for Americans who were fruit pickers themselves at the time! As for the children of illegal parents they must learn how important it is to be law-abiding and stay law-abiding. We are ALL free moral agents given to habitual behavior. It’s true why you can’t fool God. He made us as agents who are given to behavior that transforms into habitual behavior that assist in doing common tasks. Understanding the human condition and not forgetting it nor purposely forgetting is the bedrock for any social system. With that said, it’s for this reason among many other reasons why our founding fathers embraced Jesus the Christ to ensure the success of this Republic. A Republic if we can keep it, if we do not walk away from our creator. So, if illegal foreigners is the next civil rights group to champion we have lost our sense of common sense and law! We can remake our country by throwing out the lawless President and all those in and throughout all levels of government and in private business with the help of all of us returning to Jesus the Christ who is our creator! Then we will have a great prosperous nation under God once again where our citizens will be good producers in an American market with wages that support families. President Eisenhower did it, so can we!

Now leave our Legal Immigration System alone to screen for foreigners who are willing to love this country and learn it’s culture. We do not wish to import a Mexican culture with their own language. I’ve seen them and they really don’t care! Let us help foreigners and their children be a great blessing to their own countries where America is able to assist from a position of strength; from a moral and financial strength!!


USARMY: Allowing GAYism to be Promoted & Forced on Others

by R Oliver Luce

US Army Forced Gayism:
Army Gayism:

Instead of attempting to help those who want healing & leaving the rest alone to their own devices in their own beds, they are actively promoting & advertising homosexual behavior.

It’s not skin color we have here. It’s all about behavior and pushing & soliciting for new recruits.

It’s also true many, many young people become traumatized by adults & others who force & influence the homosexual behavior upon them in their formative years!

The US Army must go back to wise advisors who are in the know!

Strange behavior, that even doctors will report the body is not designed for it, IS NOT SKIN COLOR.


Homosexuality; An Intrinsic Evil

Homosexuality, An Intrinsic Evil
By R OliverLuce | 07-08-2013

It’s all about evil attempting to PROVE God approves of their gaysex BEHAVIOR in re-defining the centuries old Marriage between 1 man and 1 woman, I repeat, 1 man & 1 woman.

The excuse that marriages are falling apart is an excuse to re-define marriage? The spread of soft/hard porn by liberal elements of our society has brought about the increase in divorces. Why not fix our problems instead of pushing perversion?

If these people who are obsessed with a god of lust for the same sex are so obsessed in wanting a UNION, then it’s a MUST to invent a new TERM identifying EXACTLY what it is, a UNION-NAME giving the same gaysex people a UNION so they too can have their tax credits and HAND OUTS from our HUGE evil American Government.

The Supreme Court MUST take notice (wakeup) before their time is up!! What goes around DOES come around in every AGE!


Explaining George W Bush’s Stance on Gaysex Marriage

By R Oliver Luce | 07-07-2013

While George Bush is cautioning Americans and Conservatives against criticizing gaysex couples.

It must be understood there is a huge difference between criticizing homosexual sin in a person’s life and contesting, with reason, their desire to prove their gaysex is normal by using **marriage, and standing for justice and the truth in the public square without being labeled a hateful person, in this context directed at homosexuals.

When George was asked, whether gaysex marriage conflicts with Christian values, Mr. Bush responded along with, ‘taking the speck in the eye out when he has the log in his own eye’.

Either the former President does not understand God’s view and creation as it’s mentioned in the Bible or George doesn’t know how to respond without looking like he’s a hateful man because of the unrelenting P.C. that’s shoved on Americans.
It couldn’t be, George is all for gaysex redefining the centuries old understanding of marriage, I’m sure.
After all, intelligent people know how to invent another term that identifies a new idea for a different kind of union how be a kind of perversion.
Incidentally, the former President does confess to be a Christian who says he is born again into HIS Covenant of Love.


**If homosexuals are not attempting to prove to everyone and God that their gaysex behavior is normal why then destroy the centuries old definition of marriage in the first place with such vigor?

Explaining George W Bush’s Stance on Gaysex Marriage