Action Items for the Defense of America Against Illegal Amnesty!

Action Items for the Defense of America Against Illegal Amnesty!
By R.OliverLuce | 06-05-2013 

[The Action Items to be ‘added’ to everyone else’s LIST, at bottom of article.]

Waves upon waves of illegal people are destroying our American Culture (The melting pot).  It’s the job of our Immigration Service Process to filter, educate, train, and ensure legal immigrants are able to assimilate into the American culture, when they are allowed into the country, eventually becoming ‘legal’ cultural (melting pot) citizens of The United States of America.

But if we allow illegals to simply be allowed to rush in wave after wave, are we not changing our objectives for our country?  We are doing JUST THAT by default; By just allowing just anyone in and not even caring to train and educate and bust the wages of our land! Wages were a high concern by wise leaders of  our nation in the 1950’s!! They SAVE the country’s farm market wages by deportation and NOT by mass illegal amnesty for all the world!

Our nation is becoming a case for anarchy to whomever gains the most people in their own cultures they bring with them. Worse than that, the country is at risk  of  breaking into these various cultures; The country will no longer be one nation!  We are dooming ourselves to this end.  And many of us will not tolerate it, can’t not, and nor will nature put up with it.  Nature hates a vacuum!!

Standing and defending a position of legalizing illegal activity (amnesty) will by it’s very nature bring in a much bigger wave of aliens.  When does it stop?  You can’t because the next wave will be so huge it’ll be the end of America as we know it.  We are headed into serious trouble.  This huge amnesty will only press nation-wide wages down further especially for America farm labor. NO WONDER AMERICANS DON’T PICK FRUIT.  After President Ike left office aliens were allow to run amuck depressing wages and pushing American families out with illegal slave labor.

Action List Against Illegal Amnesty 

01: No amnesty for illegal activity.

02: No more illegal slave labor through illegal activity.

03: Bring back the American Farm Market with normal wages American families can bear!

04: Pres Ike was able to deport several million with only 1072 border agents. So can on-going deportation of 95% of 11+ million illegals that would only take 5-18 years. Most would go back on their own most likely.

05: Seal the border which would keep 95% of all illegals out. President Ike did it with 1072 border agents!

06: Enforce high but reasonable fines for firms who secretly hire illegals undercutting American family wages.  President Ike was concern about it, so can Dems of the likes of LBJ. Oh but LBJ is dead now!

07: Illegals and their children need to assist their country, from a brain drain.

08: The United States of America then should assist the United States of Mexico from a position of strength rather from a financial drain from illegal activity in our land.

09: Never mind false-guilt feelings. America must do the right thing in deporting all 95% of illegal people who broke the law knowingly.

10: The 5% of illegal lawbreakers might have certain rare reasons for the U.S. Government to retain.  95% are more than able to be deported.  Senator John  McCain is simply attempting to GAINSAY by characterizing deportation as a  mass event and therefore impossible to conduct.

11: The American farm family can come back again through decent wages that supports a family.

12: High taxation can also tempt firms to secretly hire illegals. This must also be addressed!

Finally:  This is our case, to continue to push until we are able to save our Republic.
President Dwight Eisenhower also asks  for your cooperation in this critical matter of life and death of a nation, a Republic, if you can keep it!