HuffingtonPost is scared their Hillary-Alinsky-Islamic dictatorship has lost!

{Let us rejoice that we remain FREE without liberalism’s growing control over our lives!!}
~@ROliverLuce | 11-20-16

@HuffngtonPost, with their all-white publishing staff, tells us
president-elect Trump is a danger and a nightmare? Oh, brother!

Yes, it is! It’s a nightmare to their support for Hillary’s Alinsky-Islamic tyranny which has been crushed.
Americans have said NO MORE to their growing tyranny, even in the FACE of Liberals sneaking millions of illegal votes!

Huffers are telling us, Trump may have won the presidency by our archaic Electoral College, but he did not win the popular vote?

Oh but Trump HAS WON THE POPULAR VOTE “especially” when we will remove the 3 million illegal votes in the end!

The Electoral College is NOT archaic but it remains and refrains evil from outweighing a few states to control the American voting process.


that many will realize the dangers of liberal dictators rioting in the streets IS THEIR CONCERN to their safety and freedoms.]


@PewResearch & @YahooNews are Reporting Lies to Americans on Illegal Aliens

~@ROliverLuce | 08-25-16

Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Trump’s Border Wall???
Pew Research and Yahoo News tries to tell Americans they DO NOT WANT a border wall at all, while the truth is AMERICANS DO WANT to protect their nation & their culture!

It is well known what the American people want. We all know what we want. Nevermind the takeover of America by our beloved dictators of the LEFT and their Democrat Party.

Forget the scare that America want lawless illegals to fill the vacuum that millions of abortions have left us!
But We ARE USE TO having smaller populations in our past. NO PROBLEM!
We must remain lawful or WE WILL CONTINUE TO CORRUPT OURSELVES as is evident TODAY in our leaders and our land.

And we do LOVE our LEGAL immigrants, who are outraged at their own who are the illegals for illegal-instant citizenship for the Democrat Party dictatorship.


Nimrod, World’s First Tyrant & Avoiding Him in Every Nation & Generation

Nimrod, World’s First Tyrant & Avoiding Him in Every Nation & Generation
By R. Oliver Luce | 07-22-2013

In reading the following notes (below):
Read the various biblical scripture [listed at bottom]:

Nimrod of Babylon, the world’s initial (first) tyrant on earth.
A biblical lesson on how and what to see to avoid him in every generation.

Keep in mind “mighty man” means charismatic and/or man or leader.
He’s referred too as “A great hunter before the Lord” which really means in the Hebrew, a seducer of people.
After all, everyone in those days were hunters!

But more importantly he’s the world’s first tyrant (a biblical warning of such).
For Nimrod (whose  meaning is ‘get down’) had the first idea of subdueing the earth without God.

If you read the entire text (all the bible verses in context) you’ll find an interesting topic on making “bricks” as well.
But that’s another addition to the story later in an article I am thinking of writing (about this topic).

Partial scriptural reference:
Gen. 10:8,9; 1Chronicles 1:10; Micah 5:6.

There are four ways a person or people can develop into a Nimrod, into tyranny:
By design & purpose which is primary;
By inadvertent needs and a self centered society;
By harmful wants/vices in society;
By greed & coveting by society and/or the leader or leaders.


Myth of the Moderate Muslim & the Effect On Finances?

The Myth of the Moderate Muslim & the Effect On Finances?
By R.OliverLuce | April 23, 2013

It is said that Islam is a religion of peace.  And first off, it must be said, that there are those who will disagree with what I’m about to reveal in this article.  What I have written is contradicted by those who cheer for Islam and the moderate Muslim!  Mainly it’s those on the LEFT who believe and do openly support the leadership of Islam and the Moderate Muslim in America & in the West overall.  For Islam does keep on stating their desire to live in peace and never ever want to take over a country like the United States and deny the people their rights and freedoms!  Well, there you have it.  Will the Moderate Muslim really rule the day and recant the teachings of the Quran and Sharia? Will they truly show the way to true Muslim love and peace without following the Quran and Sharia?  Time will tell whether or not we might need to deport and defend our liberties in the future!

Find out how’s Intel doing financially:

Moderate Muslims are people who follow & obey the teachings from the Quran and Sharia Law.  If Sharia Law has not been instituted yet in the foreign country the Moderate Muslim might find himself in, they are expected to push, shove, & use the host country’s laws against it, in order to install Sharia.

This is the beginning of one of their prong attacks (so-called peace method of attack of their 3-prongs) in taking over the host country.  The United States will not be the financial leader in the world any longer when Islam begins their slow take-over using American freedoms to institute their sharia law and ultimately their culture.  Islamic culture will tear the constitution apart, and it will prevent people to NOT freely and morally to develop financially again as we know it.  Islam by it’s very nature is evil and destructive centering on dictates from their religion of hate.  Women for one will not be allowed to become entrepreneurs.  And Islam does not have any interest in American financial institutions as such.  Islam by it’s very nature is a political system supported by a religion that is against financial businesses as we know in the West.  Financial success in the West is based on Christian morals which Islam will never sustain.  For one, it’s a dictatorship by it’s, yes, very nature!

The free-financial capitalist dream America has enjoyed was a direct result of Christianity in America during the 1700’s and the 1800’s.  It was also the reason why South Korea surged so dramatically from the 1970’s until today. It was the overwhelming surge in people becoming Christians which allowed the fantastic financial development that has occurred in that country!  Look at all the high technology & car companies in South Korea!

Usually the Moderate Muslim will have no inclination for violence at all, and will not claim it’s (the violence) righteousness in public to non-Muslims.   But they are instructed to embrace the full-truth from the Quran and Sharia, especially in taking over the country they are residing in, and to lie to their non-Muslim hosts.  But of course, it’s a sin to lie to another Muslim.  At any rate, it is written, that once a single Muslim happens to step onto a foreign nations soil, it now and must belong to Allah in due time. Along with this teaching, all non-Muslims must be converted to Islam with no exceptions in the long run.

Find out how’s Intel doing financially:

This inadvertent Motley Fool contributor RobOliverLuce has no position in any stocks mentioned.  You can follow him on Twitter @ROliverLuce and by NO means is he associated or works for Motley Fool Financial.

Global Warming: Liberalism Keeps Using the Hitler Lie Technic

Like Communism and like Hitler, Liberal Control is no different in thinking, scheming, controlling, and lying! Liberalism keeps on subtly conveying and pushing the LIE of global warming and rising seas well after it’s been proven it’s a falsehood. They keep on conveying the lie very subtly in various articles like the one referenced below, and continue to do so until the lie is accepted, unless of course people wake up and educated themselves to the evil that is befalling them! The American people must keep on being vigilant in beating back this LIBERAL EVIL in our land!

Therefore, let us remember to vote out every living liberal out of all levels of STATE & FEDERAL government and replace liberal governmental bureaucratic employees who act as dictators (EPA for example) for the elected liberal officials who are in congress!

The Hitler lie technic is to keep on telling the lie until people accept it as the truth.