Rubio’s Town Hall Reply Reflects the Spirit of Lawlessness & Commitment in America

{America at Risk with NO Visionaries in Leadership}
In reply, Rubio didn’t hesitate to tell everyone in the town hall what can’t be done!

~ROliverLuce | 02-26-15

The Rubio town-hall reply and others like him believe in relenting to the lie America can NEVER deport nor locate illegal foreigners much less keep them from coming, keep telling us this! But as the former President Eisenhower has done, he had shown the country it can be done using under a thousand border agents. Several million illegals were deported and sent back to Mexico within the year in 1954.

Even common sense is able to see this as foolishness! Why? Because deportation does not mean illegal foreigners DO NOT HAVE to be deported within a year or two or three. It can be done through a period of years with a low profile of outlawing businesses of hiring illegals. And gradually raising the prices of fruits and veggies for example followed by pay raises for Americans who can then make a living. Stop using illegals as pay slaves!!

This whole issue is about “lawlessness begetting lawlessness” by allowing illegal foreigners and making them legal by dictate or doing nothing, and giving government services and candy (so to speak) that encourages the current flood of millions more into our country. All this by ignoring our LEGAL immigration screening system that also should be used to keep a check on our own labor market.

We are more than able to rebuild the process of fixing our illegal-foreigner program, constitutionally!
So in locating and deporting [illegals] is to first outlaw the hiring of illegals by any American companies with expensive fines with the use of everify! We must support the American labor and sales markets and not the global markets. Globalism always come LAST without America becoming an isolationist.

Then outlaw the government from giving out services and goods to foreigners which simply eggs foreigners to rush in like a flood and those who have been doing THIS knew very well what they were doing! Therefore it comes to a stop!

Then allow reasonable profiling by the police when there is reason to suspect a person may be an illegal and/or a foreigner without legal status to verify. Remember, if we the American people get stopped for being suspected of being an illegal we can proudly display our pride of country and patiently verify our status. And why NOT? We should be proud the police are doing their job in securing our county’s financial future if you will!!

Upon these findings they (illegal foreigners) must be arrested with American kindness but with boldness without false guilt in deporting them. Kindness? We are assisting the foreigners to do the right thing and we DO NOT NEED to be abrasive about it. Why should we in doing the right thing? I say this to shut the mouths of liberals who call good evil and evil good in gainsaying against what is right.

Again, enforcing the law and order has nothing to do with guilt. It’s not evil to assist others in helping their own countries instead of becoming lawless people in our own house here in America.

So on the global stage, America must help other countries and their populations from a position of strength and NOT FROM A POSITION of national guilt and instability through bad policies being pushed and supported by political groups that subvert and pervert American freedoms and responsibilities.

                                              = = = = =

As to Senator Rubio’s statement: Allow me to break down the issues Senator Rubio has touched on regarding retaining and supporting illegals and lawlessness from his statement!

Issues A through F relating to Senator Rubio’s recent town hall statement.
(A:) “I don’t think anyone can commit that to you,” Rubio said.
(B:) “You have 12 million human beings in America,
(C:) most of whom we don’t even know who they are
(D:) and some of them whom our country’s not going to tolerate rounding up
(E:) and sending back.
(F:) That’s not a realistic proposal.”

Let’s examine each part of Mr. Rubio’s statement here which many other light hearted leaders are telling us what can’t and should be done in their thinking. The following issues one at a time:

Issue (A:) I can understand why many leaders can’t commit to being visionaries as statesmen in supporting the law through deportations and outlawing hiring! They have lost their vision for this country with fuzzy ideas that sound easy based on false guilt and the easy button. NUTS! There seems to be a lack of statesmanship in American leadership today. Commitment means a lot. Commitment means a stable country.

Issue (B:) 12 million illegals is nothing compared to the 24 million or more that must be deported and encourage to leave to live legal and prosperous lives in their countries of origin. President Eisenhower was able to deport several million within a year or two using way under a thousand border agents alone!

Issue (C:) If most of these illegals can’t be found is not a problem! We do not NEED to deport everybody in a short time such as a single year, two years, three years! We deport as you find. We outlaw hiring of illegals as you increase the acceptance of the law. We need to gradually teach Americans to obey the LAW again and never again MODEL the behavior of lawlessness again so help us GOD!

Issue (D/E:) Some people may hate the idea of deporting good looking young people, babies, the poor, and people who are crippled for examples. It’s ok to deport when we work on the countries of origin to help out and getting the attention of their families to help instead of waiting to be PULLED into our country illegally as well. Some children can be adopted when many Americans come forward who demonstrate responsibility!

Issue (F:) It is a realistic proposal contrary to what Mr. Rubio and others tells us! As I’ve stated in the other issues above, it can be done over time. It’s foolish to attempt do operations that take time to rush it. It’s only those who don’t want to fix our problems rationally are the ones who speak that it can’t be done. Many told us going to the moon was crazy. But did we do it?

We never give up in stabilizing and retaining the rule of law and righteousness in our country. Do do so is to make provisions for lawlessness and to cut corners and we spiral downward into an evil culture that accepts anything that corrupts our consciences.



America’s Current Legal Immigration System. Use it, Kill the Illegal Immigration Bill

America’s Current Legal Immigration System. Use it, Kill the Illegal Immigration Bill:

Enforce the CURRENT Legal Immigration System with TEETH. The system Obama forgot about.
Use it and forget the Senate Immigration Bill. Just kill it please!
FORCE the Government to do it or be in contempt with congress with teeth to show!

The LAWS currently waiting to be enforced:

(1) Finish building border fence & defend it like President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike)did with 1075 agents alone. If Israel is able to build and stop 95% of illegals from running amuck. We can be sure of success for ourselves. We even went to the moon as the dishonorable Algore has referred to, as well. Yes indeed [digressing into another subject here] we went to the moon but Manmade Global Climate Change is a lie, end of story.

(2) Permanently STOP all FED & State handouts & services to illegals & enforce it with real impunity.

(3) Support a system for checks on who is (and) who is not legal to work. And enforce real fines, in dollars, for firms who does sneak-hiring of illegal slaves. This will assist in bringing back Americans to the farms. Why? Wages will return, if THIS IS ENFORCE consistently. Wages will not go up until there is consistency. A Liberal-Government will preempt this and shut it down stating wages are going up. This is an attack on America by liberal control.

(A commentary): Liberalism could be outlawed as was communism in days of old, if enough people could see that we have enough freedom of thought to debate on, without the evils of liberalism per say. But it may be wise not to outlaw liberalism as we know it today. But at the least we must educate and allow them to reveal themselves for who they are and what they do to the country. But of course it can only occur when good people keep on seeking righteousness in a godly manner and not as self centered individuals. American individualism is not what I’m talking about here! That is a different animal!

(4) After the above 3 items are in effect re-initiate on-going deportations [Not to be confused with the honorable John McCain’s characterization of ‘MASS DEPORTATIONS ARE IMPOSSIBLE’] for all illegals and foreign entrants who accidently let their temporary-tickets expire and decided to hide out. When deporting we do it with customer service at all times. Tough love never hurts a well meaning illegal. For he will love you when you deport him. In doing so, you assist them to stay a law abiding person. Political reasons for ‘sneaking in’ should be investigated for sure. Deportations will bring back the normal America family farm wages from which it fell more than 50% due to illegal slave wages in our country.

(5) Finally but not least of all. Let us give support to Mexico and other countries to the south that need assistance from a national position of strength. We can not survive as a lawless nation if we continue to break our own laws, move the boundaries of our laws around and not enforce our laws as well.

(A commentary): This also means sending troops to our southern nations in quelling the drug war without giving any of these drug enemies any weapons! Our current president should go to prison on this matter alone!  Of course we’ve already helped Columbia with their drug terrorists.


Lawlessness in WH: Time To Save The Republic & Enforce Our Laws

Lawlessness in the Whitehouse: Time is Now To Save The Republic & Enforce Our Laws

Something has to be done about illegal immigration! Liberal-Whitehouse lawlessness is NOT the answer. If President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike) with 1,075 border agents could deport a couple of million illegals in a couple of years and closing the border for all other illegals pouring in around 1956, so can we as well. What we have here is leadership obsessed and given to the politics of convenience and false GUILT!
In addition these leaders are also motivated from the real possibility of a strict agenda of pushing the nation into an unreasonable over-regulated utopian communist state for which I’ll treat in another article later.

Project “Wetback” saved American farm family wages (1950’s) when this happen. It was discovered illegals were being paid HALF of what Americans were getting in TEXAS alone! Those were SLAVE wages. Re-start DEPORTATION for ALL evil & nice illegals to assist them in staying that way; STAYING LEGAL. When a Government gives out candy to illegals MORE WILL COME; Yes Mr. Obama, if you build it they will come. But as you go to jail someday for not doing your job with an evil intent your actions will become a byword. You promised to defend our laws and our constitution, but you chose not. If our leadership will deport illegals consistently, even evil people will RESPECT our Republic, much less good people who will benefit obeying. For the wise [people] will love you when thy are corrected!

[A thought: However it is possible a nation can be so deprived that it may be impossible to find any wise in that country!]

Illegal aliens will appreciate American culture much more so if they have to wait in line, as anyone else including their own Latino peers. There are many Latinos who DO appreciate what lawlessness does to all of us. We are ALL creatures of habit; We’re either slowly ‘slippery-sliding’ into a seemingly innocent-evil, or we are working and encouraging & inspiring each other to climb higher to do what is good which is our destiny; A destiny to glorify God, not our egos! We cannot afford to relent to what is convenient. Convenience is only for the mundane experiences in life or for certain safety situations. Wisdom is the guide here!!

We can not survive as a nation when we believe we can let laws slide and simply wink so as to take advantage of situations for ourselves, as for mere votes or profit, much less against others. It will come back to BITE and bite HARD on the national level; An eventual-lawless nation looking much more evil than today’s Mexican Drug Republic!! Where the leaders go, so goes the people diving into lawlessness and a careless national attitude. Are we there NOW? It will get worse!

Any nation will always have ONE culture, ONE language, and ONE society. America is no different if it’s to survive long term. As for illegals appreciating our national culture, I’m seeing it now, almost all illegals do NOT appreciate our American ‘Melting-Pot’ culture. Instead they are telling each other how to beat the system and lie between themselves. I hear it!! Are these nice illegal law abiding people who might be citizens soon without proper vetting and without proper education? And oh yeah, they’ll tell you, “they do love American culture”. Right!! Actions speak louder than words!! They bring their own culture and their own language and their own perceived morals.
[An old proverb: When in Rome do as the Romans do, and remember all cultures are not equal]
Also our English language is fast becoming a nuisance to them! They sit around the TV and watch and listen to Spanish/Mexican languages and do not show any interest in speaking English with their other Latino friends who do.

America is NOT the United States of Mexico. 🙂 And we are NOT going to be, God help us! As for helping Mexico. We do it from a position of STRENGTH, financial and moral strength. We will NOT give weapons to any one drug gang for INTEL. If we need too, we send troops to end it all with Mexico’s troops. Period, we can not ignore Mexico when successfully dealing with illegals. It can be done. If not, then we are a miserable group with wicked leaders! God help us!

Action Items for the Defense of America Against Illegal Amnesty!

Action Items for the Defense of America Against Illegal Amnesty!
By R.OliverLuce | 06-05-2013 

[The Action Items to be ‘added’ to everyone else’s LIST, at bottom of article.]

Waves upon waves of illegal people are destroying our American Culture (The melting pot).  It’s the job of our Immigration Service Process to filter, educate, train, and ensure legal immigrants are able to assimilate into the American culture, when they are allowed into the country, eventually becoming ‘legal’ cultural (melting pot) citizens of The United States of America.

But if we allow illegals to simply be allowed to rush in wave after wave, are we not changing our objectives for our country?  We are doing JUST THAT by default; By just allowing just anyone in and not even caring to train and educate and bust the wages of our land! Wages were a high concern by wise leaders of  our nation in the 1950’s!! They SAVE the country’s farm market wages by deportation and NOT by mass illegal amnesty for all the world!

Our nation is becoming a case for anarchy to whomever gains the most people in their own cultures they bring with them. Worse than that, the country is at risk  of  breaking into these various cultures; The country will no longer be one nation!  We are dooming ourselves to this end.  And many of us will not tolerate it, can’t not, and nor will nature put up with it.  Nature hates a vacuum!!

Standing and defending a position of legalizing illegal activity (amnesty) will by it’s very nature bring in a much bigger wave of aliens.  When does it stop?  You can’t because the next wave will be so huge it’ll be the end of America as we know it.  We are headed into serious trouble.  This huge amnesty will only press nation-wide wages down further especially for America farm labor. NO WONDER AMERICANS DON’T PICK FRUIT.  After President Ike left office aliens were allow to run amuck depressing wages and pushing American families out with illegal slave labor.

Action List Against Illegal Amnesty 

01: No amnesty for illegal activity.

02: No more illegal slave labor through illegal activity.

03: Bring back the American Farm Market with normal wages American families can bear!

04: Pres Ike was able to deport several million with only 1072 border agents. So can on-going deportation of 95% of 11+ million illegals that would only take 5-18 years. Most would go back on their own most likely.

05: Seal the border which would keep 95% of all illegals out. President Ike did it with 1072 border agents!

06: Enforce high but reasonable fines for firms who secretly hire illegals undercutting American family wages.  President Ike was concern about it, so can Dems of the likes of LBJ. Oh but LBJ is dead now!

07: Illegals and their children need to assist their country, from a brain drain.

08: The United States of America then should assist the United States of Mexico from a position of strength rather from a financial drain from illegal activity in our land.

09: Never mind false-guilt feelings. America must do the right thing in deporting all 95% of illegal people who broke the law knowingly.

10: The 5% of illegal lawbreakers might have certain rare reasons for the U.S. Government to retain.  95% are more than able to be deported.  Senator John  McCain is simply attempting to GAINSAY by characterizing deportation as a  mass event and therefore impossible to conduct.

11: The American farm family can come back again through decent wages that supports a family.

12: High taxation can also tempt firms to secretly hire illegals. This must also be addressed!

Finally:  This is our case, to continue to push until we are able to save our Republic.
President Dwight Eisenhower also asks  for your cooperation in this critical matter of life and death of a nation, a Republic, if you can keep it!

Senator Cornyn’s Misplaced Compassion is Wrong! We Can Deport ‘Most’ Illegals In Compassion & Wisdom

Senator Cornyn’s Misplaced Compassion is ill-Advised and Wrong!  We Can and Must Deport ‘Most’ Illegals With Compassion and Wisdom.
By R.OliverLuce | 05-13-2013

Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, on the subject of illegal immigrants: “The basic challenge of immigration reform will be to reconcile our compassion as Americans to the fundamental importance of the rule of law, without yielding to either.”

But I say to you Senator John Cornyn with all due respect. You drew up stories of rape and abuse of a young girl [to support your position] who came to America with help of a human-smuggler who did those terrible acts to her. And you noted that she was a political escapee from persecution as well, and was forced to come to the United States. This young girl you speak of could have fled to Costa Rica which is much closer or even better to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua! I know LEGAL people from Costa Rica who would say, “flee to Costa Rica”, it’s free”, lol!

Ask yourself why did she choose America? Senator think, “handouts and free schooling for the entire world”. No other country gives free stuff, they’d be bankrupt as we are about too sir!

We can not buy your story of compassion that must ONLY come from a position of legalizing illegal activity (which always brings more) whether people are nice, upstanding, or evil criminals. It’s a matter of “positional focus” because of the law we must NOT wink at. We are more than able to enforce the law (deport/build fence) with compassion! Help Mexico help their people! And stop encouraging drug wars as well. YES, we’re doing it sir. Are we not helping Colombia? Hummm.

WE all know that even a Hitler-type or a well intentioned leader can gainsay (whether knowingly or by ignorance) by presenting any kind of compassion to advance evil or a well intentioned but flawed idea, in the name of ‘apparent’ but false righteousness! Again, it’s compassionate to enforce the law, to deport and with compassion. It use to be done. We do deportation with dignity, even in the face of their own opposition to it. As we have seen, many illegals are outright demonstrating they want their handouts and free education. Liberalism and the like have embolden these people who are also coming in without learning the basics of our CULTURE and LANGAGE.

No Senator, we must deal with illegal people who are not the real immigrants. Those immigrants are the ones who come in LEGALLY. Instead we must help those who are illegal to become LEGAL in their habits. They have been enticed by false American ideas through liberalism who throw handouts, goodies, free cellphones, and the like on both the Federal and State levels through willful political gain and ignorance I might add.

Senator, we fulfill compassion and we fulfill the law from the position of helping the illegal law-breaker stay true, if they be law-abiding people; Let’s help them do the right thing, for doing so in the long run will always prosper them!  Of course many are criminals who came, which is a hint as to why we have “LEGAL” immigration.  Let LEGAL immigration DO IT’S WORK and leave illegals for deportation, and care in their own countries where they originated.  It’s REALLY true! Deportation is viable when it’s done “as an ongoing operation” and not as a “one-time-mass-deportation of all or most illegals” as Senator John McCain has characterized it!

As for the deported illegals (except for the very few who might be ‘hardcore’ political escapees) we should be able to help these people by ‘encouraging’ the foreign country in question to help their own, which they [should] do in their “own ways”.  We would be very wise to help these illegals and people in their OWN countries from a position of strength, financial strength.  And why not?  If America bleeds for 12+ millions illegals why not bleed for 1 billion illegals??? Can we think about this?  Because our current way of life is unsustainable in helping illegals ruin a country financially and culturally, and that country would be our own!!  Illegals bring in and will overwhelm our own CULTURE.  Not if they be LEGAL.  Legal immigration is suppose to enforce the transformation of LEGAL immigrants into Americans. Yes, I know, it’s a concept liberalism can’t perceive nor want to understand!  WE are not the United States of Mexico.  As for myself and where I’m living, it’s the UNITED STATES I always through.  We also must educate latinos to understand and believe that enforcing our immigration laws are to their benefit as well.  Many legal and American latinos don’t know because of misunderstanding what it means to help their friends and families to do the right thing.  Nevertheless legal immigrants tend to always hate illegals and lawlessness because they did the right thing.

Incidentally, did we forget we have Americans out of work who are also a segment of humanity!  American citizens are citizens for a reason.  We take care of them far and above illegals and others who are not of this country!!  So, with our sense of humanity lets throw money at LEGAL immigration, and deport all or almost all law-abiding ILLEGALS and families back to where they can go to the back of the line.  And yes, I’m saying this with all due respect for crying outloud.  To say it again, LIFE was never meant to be fair. But justice shall be served both in the United States and Mexico and the other nations as well.  Shall we also help Mexico crush the drug wars too, as we did in Columbia?
Obama, tear down this kind of liberalism and get out of the way!  We are going to have LEADERSHIP!!


A disclaiming thought:
Facts tend to speak: 3 million illegals in 1986 begats 12+ million more illegals in 2013 exploding our laws & finances and soon Liberal anti-Americans will have their communist ruled North-American Union, after which first America is [financially]crashed and then the Constitution replaced. THIS SEEMS LIKE IT’S HAPPENING WITH EASE, but with people afraid to ask if this is really TRUE are actually afraid to be framed as FREAKS.  It might even be the case of accidental events with the ‘real’ Liberal Leaders (who are in the know -agenda-) saying, “Wow. Let’s not allow a good crisis go to waste!” Heard THAT before haven’t you?

National Corruption Creeps in Through Lawlessness &amp Illegal Immigration

Brief: Obama has corrupted America by refusing to enforce our laws. Are we going to do the same by rewarding lawless behavior by millions of illegals. For too long we have ignored illegal immigration and encourage slave wages at the expense of Americans.

A solution: Deportation and company fines for slave wages is the long range answer. And encouraging legal immigration with American hosts in preventing lawless and financially troubling immigrants from entering our land again.

Santorum says Obama rules like he’s above the law. Oh, let’s not be like him [Obama] by retaining those illegals in our country. If we’re not going to give them freebies and U.S. voting rights like Rubio SAYS he won’t do, but, hey, at the same time, Rubio also wants to refuse deporting illegals like Obama is doing already this year by forcing ICE from doing their lawful duty to do so; It’s ICE’s job for crying out loud! What gives? Is Rubio becoming another lawless-Obama? NO, but it sure looks that way, good grief.

Anybody who says WE CAN’T DEPORT 12+ million illegals are kidding themselves. It’s not like we have to do it inside of a single bound year or two! It’s going to be like an ongoing legal activity that also includes giving companies large fines for hiring them and giving them SLAVE WAGES. Sure, it might take up to 15 years to deport. This is America. Let us honor the Mexican and the Chinese when they visit America LEGALLY; I say LEGALLY!! What is wrong with assisting illegals to do the right thing. It’s not like we’re sending them back for a country they never live in before!!! Again, America is a nation of laws that shape behavior and character in the long run! Let’s not continue corrupting ourselves as Obama has done! A president has a sworn duty to defend and uphold existing laws of our land! Rubio must not forget that as well.

The time of change is here. WE HONOR our laws and our own self respect in the long run by enforcing our own laws. Yes, in the long run. Character and honor is built over time. Maybe we need God again to help us realize what happens to us over time when even our own leaders much less us little guys do not cultivate and honor our own laws.

When we allow one small little fox into the yard, the whole hen house is corrupted. The law of eventuality is real. Which is why the slippery slope exists for almost everything we should cultivate and honor.