@ACLU @TedWheeler The Very Nature of Islam is Why The Constitution Exists!

~@ROliverLuce | 05-30-17

ACLU says: Oregon’s Mayor Ted Wheeler is simply attempting to stop Pro-Trump and Anti-Sharia rallies because the Mayor and the ACLU say they are ‘Unconstitutional.’
The Constitution opposes the very nature of Islam which is why THE CONSTITUTION exists!

Both the ACLU & Mayor are wrong and they KNOW IT!

The Constitution opposes the very nature of Islam and every Muslim who is supposed to practice Mohammad’s life and traditions per the Hadith & the Sira.

For Muslim to BE MUSLIMS is to model Mohammad, and that includes getting rid of people who follow the American Constitution.


News Article:
ACLU Of Oregon: Mayor’s Attempt To Stop Pro-Trump, Anti-Sharia Rallies Is ‘Unconstitutional.’


Mexican woman with 4 US-born children is deported: Trump Should Always Deport the Entire Family with the Guardians & Vise-versa

@ROliverLuce | 04-20-17

The LAW implies children of illegals [not from immigrants] who are born in the U.S. for purposes of automatic citizenship should be voided. By this I mean by previous illegal actions of the foreign parents; We are talking about parents from a foreign country who have illegally entered the U.S. [as in aliens] with the express or later purpose of giving birth to a so-called ‘anchor’ baby.
Thus the children no matter the status in any regard shall always follow the law breaker, the illegal alien back to their country of origin.
Common sense (simple logic) should always rule with the law.

As for children of immigrants, there is always the possibility of becoming citizens of the U.S. Why? Immigrant means a foreigner who comes to the U.S. through a legal pathway and later gives birth to children whom can be considered for citizenship like their parents. The author of this article does not yet know if auto-citizenship for babies CAN ONLY OCCUR with new immigrants who have recently become citizens themselves.

The term ‘illegal alien’ never means immigrant. Immigrant means legally entered foreigner or a new citizen. ‘Undocumented’ is a term used to ‘cover up,’ as in gainsaying against American law for the express purposes of causing chaos.

News Article Reference:
Mexican woman with 4 US-born children is deported

Attorney Kathleen Kersh
of Advocates for Basic Legal Equality
@BasicLegal Equality

Muslim Police Officer Protects Her Son from an American Crazy Guy

Yahoo News reports from New York! ‘Hero’ Muslim cop, her son harassed by a bigot in Brooklyn!
The person, in question, who yelled & threatened the Muslim police officer and her child was wrong in taking the law and the Constitution into his own hands with an ugly attitude!
In WW2 we never called Germans nor Japanese hideous names!
If we did so in WW2 then we had failed in continuing to pray for Japanese & Germans when we had a war to fight.

When Muslims need to go to a Sharia Muslim country it will be through our government and it’s actions in forcing and protecting the Constitution and daily America culture. NOT by THIS so-called white man or any person.
It could have been an Asian or a Blackman but it wasn’t !!

We must leave the question of when Muslims go to a Sharia Muslim country of their choice to our government. But not with some foolish American white guy or any color guy. It’s nuts!

Yes, the Muslim police woman was a hero in protecting her son against over zealous crazy guy.

~@ROliverLuce | 12-05-16

Reference A:
‘Hero’ Muslim cop, her son harassed by bigot in Brooklyn

Reference B:
The danger of Islam is NOT the Muslims but the real danger comes from their Islamic trilogy of books. It’s the content in the books that breed the behavior in all Muslims because people can not be Muslim unless they believe and follow the Hadith, Quran, and the Sira. However, there are secret Muslims who are seeking the spirit of truth when hearing the truth and will leave Islam. Some won’t until they see America protecting them when they do leave Islam. To be practicing Muslims is to practice Sharia. If Sharia can not be practice then Muslims must practice cultural jihads as offenses in removing a host non-Muslim nation’s own objects of culture. IF not then they must wait until their numbers are great enough to launch jihad strikes. Otherwise, Muslims go about their lives being friendly to you and me without troubles looking at us like we are to become frogs in cold water on a stove. 🙂 Just saying, as everyone now can see. Liberals are useful in defending and protecting Muslims with various strategies that gainsay against the truth of what’s coming. But as I say, Muslims smile and go about their business being friendly and why not? They may not have the strength…… yet.

Rubio’s Town Hall Reply Reflects the Spirit of Lawlessness & Commitment in America

{America at Risk with NO Visionaries in Leadership}
In reply, Rubio didn’t hesitate to tell everyone in the town hall what can’t be done!

~ROliverLuce | 02-26-15

The Rubio town-hall reply and others like him believe in relenting to the lie America can NEVER deport nor locate illegal foreigners much less keep them from coming, keep telling us this! But as the former President Eisenhower has done, he had shown the country it can be done using under a thousand border agents. Several million illegals were deported and sent back to Mexico within the year in 1954.

Even common sense is able to see this as foolishness! Why? Because deportation does not mean illegal foreigners DO NOT HAVE to be deported within a year or two or three. It can be done through a period of years with a low profile of outlawing businesses of hiring illegals. And gradually raising the prices of fruits and veggies for example followed by pay raises for Americans who can then make a living. Stop using illegals as pay slaves!!

This whole issue is about “lawlessness begetting lawlessness” by allowing illegal foreigners and making them legal by dictate or doing nothing, and giving government services and candy (so to speak) that encourages the current flood of millions more into our country. All this by ignoring our LEGAL immigration screening system that also should be used to keep a check on our own labor market.

We are more than able to rebuild the process of fixing our illegal-foreigner program, constitutionally!
So in locating and deporting [illegals] is to first outlaw the hiring of illegals by any American companies with expensive fines with the use of everify! We must support the American labor and sales markets and not the global markets. Globalism always come LAST without America becoming an isolationist.

Then outlaw the government from giving out services and goods to foreigners which simply eggs foreigners to rush in like a flood and those who have been doing THIS knew very well what they were doing! Therefore it comes to a stop!

Then allow reasonable profiling by the police when there is reason to suspect a person may be an illegal and/or a foreigner without legal status to verify. Remember, if we the American people get stopped for being suspected of being an illegal we can proudly display our pride of country and patiently verify our status. And why NOT? We should be proud the police are doing their job in securing our county’s financial future if you will!!

Upon these findings they (illegal foreigners) must be arrested with American kindness but with boldness without false guilt in deporting them. Kindness? We are assisting the foreigners to do the right thing and we DO NOT NEED to be abrasive about it. Why should we in doing the right thing? I say this to shut the mouths of liberals who call good evil and evil good in gainsaying against what is right.

Again, enforcing the law and order has nothing to do with guilt. It’s not evil to assist others in helping their own countries instead of becoming lawless people in our own house here in America.

So on the global stage, America must help other countries and their populations from a position of strength and NOT FROM A POSITION of national guilt and instability through bad policies being pushed and supported by political groups that subvert and pervert American freedoms and responsibilities.

                                              = = = = =

As to Senator Rubio’s statement: Allow me to break down the issues Senator Rubio has touched on regarding retaining and supporting illegals and lawlessness from his statement!

Issues A through F relating to Senator Rubio’s recent town hall statement.
(A:) “I don’t think anyone can commit that to you,” Rubio said.
(B:) “You have 12 million human beings in America,
(C:) most of whom we don’t even know who they are
(D:) and some of them whom our country’s not going to tolerate rounding up
(E:) and sending back.
(F:) That’s not a realistic proposal.”

Let’s examine each part of Mr. Rubio’s statement here which many other light hearted leaders are telling us what can’t and should be done in their thinking. The following issues one at a time:

Issue (A:) I can understand why many leaders can’t commit to being visionaries as statesmen in supporting the law through deportations and outlawing hiring! They have lost their vision for this country with fuzzy ideas that sound easy based on false guilt and the easy button. NUTS! There seems to be a lack of statesmanship in American leadership today. Commitment means a lot. Commitment means a stable country.

Issue (B:) 12 million illegals is nothing compared to the 24 million or more that must be deported and encourage to leave to live legal and prosperous lives in their countries of origin. President Eisenhower was able to deport several million within a year or two using way under a thousand border agents alone!

Issue (C:) If most of these illegals can’t be found is not a problem! We do not NEED to deport everybody in a short time such as a single year, two years, three years! We deport as you find. We outlaw hiring of illegals as you increase the acceptance of the law. We need to gradually teach Americans to obey the LAW again and never again MODEL the behavior of lawlessness again so help us GOD!

Issue (D/E:) Some people may hate the idea of deporting good looking young people, babies, the poor, and people who are crippled for examples. It’s ok to deport when we work on the countries of origin to help out and getting the attention of their families to help instead of waiting to be PULLED into our country illegally as well. Some children can be adopted when many Americans come forward who demonstrate responsibility!

Issue (F:) It is a realistic proposal contrary to what Mr. Rubio and others tells us! As I’ve stated in the other issues above, it can be done over time. It’s foolish to attempt do operations that take time to rush it. It’s only those who don’t want to fix our problems rationally are the ones who speak that it can’t be done. Many told us going to the moon was crazy. But did we do it?

We never give up in stabilizing and retaining the rule of law and righteousness in our country. Do do so is to make provisions for lawlessness and to cut corners and we spiral downward into an evil culture that accepts anything that corrupts our consciences.


Edited: The Small Peaceful Muslims Do Bring with Them True Islam That Destroys

~R.OliverLuce | 12-30-14  [Edited edition]

This is imperative! Because of the small numbers of Muslims who come to us as peaceful ones without deceit are fooling most of us people! We think all Muslims are like them. But instead they are simply cherry-picking Muslims who only believe parts of the Quran leaving the obvious parts of the Quran and it’s Hadith. They are the deceived Muslims who are killed for not believing in the truth of Islam. This is why Muslims do kill other Muslims in the Middle East and everywhere.

These peaceful Muslims who are truly peaceful and are not just the ‘peaceful ones’ who support secretly and carry out quiet & legal Jihad against a host country like America, must also be deported, if they do not renounce the Quran, because they carry with them, everywhere, the ‘demon seed’ that describes what true Muslims believe and must do. It’s the only way to keep the real Muslims OUT of both Europe and America and the rest of the civilized world. And IF IF it must be necessary WE GO to war without having a double mind about it. False guilt has no room in fighting evil if and when it’s necessary.

America must guard against Shari and it’s push to browbeat judges into submission to allow it into our legal system which is based on the Constitution. Sharia is truly radically against the Constitution. Every Muslim must be deported for the all carry the seeds of death and evil, i. e. the Quran and it’s Hadith.


Former President Carter really does want to follow these true peaceful and those true deceptively peaceful Muslims into a wonderful Sharia that protects women and all peoples? BUT, it’s not the Sharia of the Quran and the Hadith. Their FAITH is trust in deceiving the non-believers into accepting the Allah god for their own sakes. After all, Mr. Carter must believe in Allah for his own good.

[It’s all in the Quran and the Hadith that goes into detail explaining everything in the Quran]:


Deportation is the Cost of Doing a Living Illegally in Any Nation no Matter the Length of Stay

~R.OliverLuce | 11-20-14

Human feelings do not set the course of the law.
If that happen, there would be no law enforcement.  Oops!


To say we can NOT deport illegal foreigners, who’ve been here or even longer than 10 years or more, is simply foolishness.

As it were President Eisenhower deported millions of aliens with only just hundreds of immigration officers, saving American jobs and wages that were plummeting. America today is more than able to do so and with enforced laws against employers that greatly assists in automatic deportation. We are Americans. We are not a one-world-tyranny. Our employers serve us and they do well to know that in the LONG RUN. Greed is not a supporter of the Constitution nor is Communism! Employers must not serve foreigners which leave Americans in the dust and cause an unwillingness to educate Americans for those jobs!

Ignorance nor a lawless president is not a ticket to break the law and feed off our government and our institutions while American citizens struggle.
Human feelings do not set the course of the law. If that happen, there would be no law enforcement!
Therefore illegal aliens must pay the cost of breaking the law. Breaking our laws in mass as such does effect the long term costs of all American citizens who pay for these foreigners who are supported by a lawless president and other lawless people who have no notion of right and wrong.

All illegals know they are foreigners! They know they have broken something no matter the gainsaying, even those who have been living lawlessly for 20 years in our country.

We can only assist them through helping their GOVERNMENTS to help their own. We do not assist foreigners as illegal aliens being called “undocumented.” They are not undocumented. They are foreign aliens.

Hopefully we shall have a replacement PRESIDENT who will assist these aliens through helping governments with their own citizens who have been pushed out upon our country by the egging on of our current lawless President Obama! Let us begin the assistance again of helping foreign governments with their own peoples in their own cultures. Legal immigration ensures they will accept our own culture to be sure.

Wilberforce: The Courage to Impeach a Growing Evil is Necessary even in the Face of Political Risk

~R.OliverLuce | 11-14-14

Some House representatives in the Republican party are forgetting their role in defending the American Constitution. Sure, lets go ahead and defund certain operations if and when down the line the president ordains lawlessness by dictate! It’s true the party must take care of it’s self! BUT should the party only do their own thing at the expense of the nation that even spells a national decline coming? Both the Republican and Democratic parties must ultimately tow the line to secure the Constitution and the country, letting only the best man or reps to win and rally around them all! So therefore we must encourage our Republican representatives to pull a WILBERFORCE and impeach this present danger in the White House even in the face of political risk and years of trials. Mr. Wilberforce eventually won because he was on the side of truth. Slavery is a danger and an evil that has occurred world over for centuries. Let us not cower but secure courage from our God and forge ahead without delay.
Let us not delay for we are more than able to take the country and see it’s salvation from this present wrong that grows larger everyday!

To regress. May I simply mention the reality that the lack of courage in any people leads to wrong and that wrong will produce what we call sin which in turn springs obsession and lost in the soul any people, any person, or even a nation’s soul if not checked!

So our courage to do what is right is needed for initiating impeachment and defunding the government in certain areas to stop this President from breaking the Constitution (he’s habitually doing, i.e. many examples) once again to ordain illegal foreigners as eventual citizens [without waiting in line] without Constitutional and legal grounds. BUT we have a immigration plan already at hand. It is simply for the MOST PART not being ENFORCED. Neither is the border being enforced. Ok and if RED-China [soon to be overpowered by Christianity] created a great wall, if Israel created a high wall, if Mexico enforces and imprisons illegals of it’s own, then WE are more than able as President Eisenhower has proven back in 1954, to secure a border and outlaw illegal employees and stabilize national wages in our own national market place as Eisenhower had done with a few thousand agents with several million illegals. Deporting lawlessness did deserve to be called “wetback.” Good Americanized citizens from Mexico who are law-abiding are not therefore “wetbacks.” As we can understand it’s ok to look down upon the lawless until they perk-up so to speak.

So, in the face of great political loss [election of 2014], even the current Democrat party has forgotten their obligation on the national scene in their push for lawless and anti-Constitutional actions which have led to the flooding of the country with illegal foreigners who have family and those who have not and those who have desires to live off the government and those who have desires for gain with evil intent. Lawlessness has undesirable side effects even for control freaks.

Once we break our own laws that effectively gives away “the farm” (lawlessness) to foreigners (illegal aliens) the “string” of illegal families are never ending: “I have a family LET ME IN NOW illegally, and so do I, and I do too, and so is my family here as well, and help me I have a family too, and I have nothing help me, and I have this or that…” until the “string of illegal extended families” gets longer and longer and longer… until the American culture is crushed by illegal-cultures of another time and place, who do not understand ‘what is America’, and comes under the thumb of THE tyranny of dependency! Legal immigration has always been a good thing for a great country who knows HOW to repel groups who call good evil, and evil good! Why allow America to become a mix-bag-of-tricks through “legal anarchy?”

This is what our current liberalized/progressiv’ized government is doing to America. Seducing everyone, including millions of illegals, on government dependency for the delight of control in their effort to make a new world free of misery as they SEE IT. All this with the desire to remove all unnecessary responsible freedoms and wealth creation and calling it “White Privilege” for control purposes in swaying ignorant masses in believing there is not enough to go around even in wealth creation. After all, they call it all a lie. But what liberal-progressives call good is nothing but a lie and a trick to save the world from their own FEAR. But their fear is from the adversary of lies. They fear because they believe they are better than God as in NIMROD of old!


President Obama and his threat of ordaining lawless foreigners into eventual voters:

Example of the lack of American courage in stopping this present wrong that has grown into an evil:

The American Indian speaks: The Illegal Child Ruse in CRUSHING the American Culture

~R.OliverLuce | 09-03-14

Take a lesson from the American Indian. STOP being self-righteous as in macho’ism and giving always what’s ours to illegals from all over the earth! Stop being weird as in supposed macho’ism. It’s what the Indians did as well when the White man came. The Indians had the same stinking liberal attitude of macho’ism in giving away THEIR culture.

Can anybody just rush across our borders without being deported or prevented? Where did this idea come from? That illegals born in any country has the right to invade USA illegally & get GOV benefits from America?

The American Indian SPEAKS!

[Deport the kids and the babies born in USA back with any possible parents to their loving countries who have the responibility to care for them. We can assist from a position of strength if and only if we save our own CULTURE.]

%% Commentary on Illegal’ism %%

In order for a more orderly and righteous nation to survive, we must and will uphold our laws from which this nation is based upon, to enforce even the spirit of our laws. To enforce and obey all those laws we have created if we are to remain a righteous country, beginning with a president who will:

STOP and RETURN the ILLEGAL children, the illegal adults, the criminals, & the drug doper-killers back to their loving and caring countries from whence they came! From those nations whom egged them to come since Obama sprung his message of hope & change in lose borders and a lose culture that can accept any and all, no matter who they might be whether good, bad, or evil(hint Muslims & dopers).

It IS the illegal children that our out-of-control-GOV is gainsaying, using these kids as a ruse to suck in millions of illegals and keeping the poor kids. AND keeping the DOORS OPEN to all, thus putting our culture and security at risk. This huge flood will continue for as long as we allow liberal-progressivism to gain-speak in our country. Do we need to continue to allow communism to speak as well?

WE must wake up and defend what is ours! It doe not have to be primitive to defend what’s ours. It is a responsibility to defend the country. It is NOT Christ-LOVE to give away our culture, our security, and our very existence.

Moreover, it’s this land grab by eventual illegalism that will destroy the American Culture which WAS protected by LEGAL immigration. All this in order to kill off [so to speak] a perceived evil that the present American culture is evil. So say liberal-progressivism! Ask any hardcore (Calvinist-like) liberal-progressive elite who claims to know how Jesus thinks and does.

Again, we must stop and deport ALL of these illegals and the children back to their loving countries from whence they came. We can only help other countries from a POSITION OF STRENGTH. Not by giving up our strength. Assisting other nations does not mean doing so without egging them to help themselves in helping their own people and stopping the drug wars. Our Liberal Government is supporting these drug wars even unwittingly and refusing to listen to wise counsel.

Deport the kids and the babies born in USA back with any possible parents to their loving countries who have the responibility to care for them. We can assist from a position of strength if and only if we save our own CULTURE.

Referencing again:
Take a lesson from the American Indian. STOP being self-righteous and giving always what’s ours to illegals from all over the earth! Stop being weird as in supposed macho’ism. It’s what the Indians did as well when the White man came. The Indians had the same stinking liberal attitude of macho’ism in giving away THEIR culture.

Can anybody just rush across our borders without being deported or prevented? Where did this idea come from? That illegals born in any country has the right to invade USA illegally & get GOV benefits from America?

The American Indian SPEAKS!

[Deport the kids and the babies born in USA back with any possible parents to their loving countries who have the responibility to care for them. We can assist from a position of strength if and only if we save our own CULTURE.]

Re-Establishing Law & Order in the Republic: Deport Flooding Illegal Foreigners

by R.OliverLuce | 03-04-14

Law & Order Series:

Starting with this liberal Administration in the Whitehouse along with RINO*/liberal elements of the Senate and the House, whom these leaders, the President, liberal judges, and certain members of congress MUST either resign or begin “consistently” (after elections) obeying, encouraging, and enforcing American Constitutional law

[without misinterpreting, courts creating law, and pushing the creation of law or new improved ‘precedence of law’ through the courts]

by taking the constitution at it’s word along with it’s associated “Federalist Papers” that give further explanations of what the constitution flatly means. The word “Flatly,” here, would convey the meaning NOT second guessing what the founding fathers of our nation meant. We can all see what’s in the record with their own written words!

Today that’s not the case as liberalism has taken to re-writing the constitution according to their own socialist agenda, or worse outright ignoring and breaking it! As this liberal agenda continues to push its way into every aspect of American life and our institutions we are seeing lawlessness and mayhem that is threatening our way of life and peace! We all see it today!

Case in point, the absurd phrase “undocumented immigrants,” a contradiction in terms! This phrase is used over and over again to gainsay on the American public that breaking and not enforcing immigration law is good for the country in helping poor immigrants who make a living in the U.S. But in fact the word “immigrant” is used only for those who have LEGALLY entered the U.S. legally as recent citizens. This is a nothing more than egging on a lawless situation for political gain by placing millions on the public dole who when naturally vote for those who give out the freebies! This is not only anti-Americanism as it is lawless and it makes the doers (those leaders of ours) lawless in egging on foreigners to break the law themselves, American law.

As human beings, they (we) are creatures of habit. They are either habitually lawful or unlawful, without even talking about mistakes. But mistakes can lead to willful habits. Lawlessness will beget more lawlessness in the human condition; Even as our leaders do, so goes the populous as a certain timeless concept in human affairs states. Therefore, to ensure the security and lawful activities of our country, illegal foreigners must be asked to leave or be deported in the name of law and order. All this to encourage lawful attitudes in leadership, the American people, and those foreigners who can be a blessing to their own countries with ill-gotten gains paid by the American taxpayer. America can not become a holy heaven to the entire world for every foreigner in every land. America must never become a tyrannical country like this, never!

Our leaders to willfully and conveniently break certain laws and refuse not to enforce others, will bring about instability to our country through the inspiration of outrage. Lawless leaders do inspire the populous to rage and to plain lawlessness as well.

Not only must we recapture the country, but we must avoid this coming lawlessness. Lawlessness is dangerous and CAN be used as a pretext for dictation and Marshal Law. This would mean instituting the final solution.

* RINO means Republican In Name Only as a liberal member of the Republican party.


America’s Current Legal Immigration System. Use it, Kill the Illegal Immigration Bill

America’s Current Legal Immigration System. Use it, Kill the Illegal Immigration Bill:

Enforce the CURRENT Legal Immigration System with TEETH. The system Obama forgot about.
Use it and forget the Senate Immigration Bill. Just kill it please!
FORCE the Government to do it or be in contempt with congress with teeth to show!

The LAWS currently waiting to be enforced:

(1) Finish building border fence & defend it like President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike)did with 1075 agents alone. If Israel is able to build and stop 95% of illegals from running amuck. We can be sure of success for ourselves. We even went to the moon as the dishonorable Algore has referred to, as well. Yes indeed [digressing into another subject here] we went to the moon but Manmade Global Climate Change is a lie, end of story.

(2) Permanently STOP all FED & State handouts & services to illegals & enforce it with real impunity.

(3) Support a system for checks on who is (and) who is not legal to work. And enforce real fines, in dollars, for firms who does sneak-hiring of illegal slaves. This will assist in bringing back Americans to the farms. Why? Wages will return, if THIS IS ENFORCE consistently. Wages will not go up until there is consistency. A Liberal-Government will preempt this and shut it down stating wages are going up. This is an attack on America by liberal control.

(A commentary): Liberalism could be outlawed as was communism in days of old, if enough people could see that we have enough freedom of thought to debate on, without the evils of liberalism per say. But it may be wise not to outlaw liberalism as we know it today. But at the least we must educate and allow them to reveal themselves for who they are and what they do to the country. But of course it can only occur when good people keep on seeking righteousness in a godly manner and not as self centered individuals. American individualism is not what I’m talking about here! That is a different animal!

(4) After the above 3 items are in effect re-initiate on-going deportations [Not to be confused with the honorable John McCain’s characterization of ‘MASS DEPORTATIONS ARE IMPOSSIBLE’] for all illegals and foreign entrants who accidently let their temporary-tickets expire and decided to hide out. When deporting we do it with customer service at all times. Tough love never hurts a well meaning illegal. For he will love you when you deport him. In doing so, you assist them to stay a law abiding person. Political reasons for ‘sneaking in’ should be investigated for sure. Deportations will bring back the normal America family farm wages from which it fell more than 50% due to illegal slave wages in our country.

(5) Finally but not least of all. Let us give support to Mexico and other countries to the south that need assistance from a national position of strength. We can not survive as a lawless nation if we continue to break our own laws, move the boundaries of our laws around and not enforce our laws as well.

(A commentary): This also means sending troops to our southern nations in quelling the drug war without giving any of these drug enemies any weapons! Our current president should go to prison on this matter alone!  Of course we’ve already helped Columbia with their drug terrorists.