Really? The Birth of a New Civil Rights Movement?

~R.OliverLuce | 01-08-15

I ask. Based on what? Based on race baiting? Based on thugs pushing the law around after robbing & killing Black on Black? Based on young Black gang members shoving to the ground and kicking a Black elderly gentleman?
What has happen to these once civilized Black people who have given their allegiance to a liberal worldview that believes in dependency with no honor and respect? And refusing to listen to their wise Black brothers and sisters who believe in work, honor, and respect no matter the excuse! God is who we serve and not we ourselves.

Why do these so-called liberal Black people of ours NOT TAKE a queue from those very successful Asians, Chinese, and Black people from Africa who WERE mistreated themselves in days gone by? These people are climbing the ladder of success through honor and respect! Where is the honor and respect from these liberal Black people who have been deceitfully conned by a former president into buying into an American governmental “Great Society” of dependency that leads to a devilish kind of behavior that now the world can not believe their eyes?

Let us quell this evil today or forever more allow this great Republic to go into ruin by good men who did nothing to stand for Godly honor and respect no matter the excuse. This is a time of testing for those who are honorable and respectful!



Edited: The Small Peaceful Muslims Do Bring with Them True Islam That Destroys

~R.OliverLuce | 12-30-14  [Edited edition]

This is imperative! Because of the small numbers of Muslims who come to us as peaceful ones without deceit are fooling most of us people! We think all Muslims are like them. But instead they are simply cherry-picking Muslims who only believe parts of the Quran leaving the obvious parts of the Quran and it’s Hadith. They are the deceived Muslims who are killed for not believing in the truth of Islam. This is why Muslims do kill other Muslims in the Middle East and everywhere.

These peaceful Muslims who are truly peaceful and are not just the ‘peaceful ones’ who support secretly and carry out quiet & legal Jihad against a host country like America, must also be deported, if they do not renounce the Quran, because they carry with them, everywhere, the ‘demon seed’ that describes what true Muslims believe and must do. It’s the only way to keep the real Muslims OUT of both Europe and America and the rest of the civilized world. And IF IF it must be necessary WE GO to war without having a double mind about it. False guilt has no room in fighting evil if and when it’s necessary.

America must guard against Shari and it’s push to browbeat judges into submission to allow it into our legal system which is based on the Constitution. Sharia is truly radically against the Constitution. Every Muslim must be deported for the all carry the seeds of death and evil, i. e. the Quran and it’s Hadith.


Former President Carter really does want to follow these true peaceful and those true deceptively peaceful Muslims into a wonderful Sharia that protects women and all peoples? BUT, it’s not the Sharia of the Quran and the Hadith. Their FAITH is trust in deceiving the non-believers into accepting the Allah god for their own sakes. After all, Mr. Carter must believe in Allah for his own good.

[It’s all in the Quran and the Hadith that goes into detail explaining everything in the Quran]: