God is Only a God of Righteousness & Justice; He Is Not The Author of Evil

~@ROliverLuce | 06-22-15

(^1) There are those who question whether God who is the God of creation creates darkness and woe! Isaiah 45:7 and 8 {CJB version}

Isa.45:7 “I form light, I create darkness; I make well-being, I create woe; I, ADONAI, do all these things. (NT) (Kindle Locations 19679-19686).”

(^2) True, but read on further…
Isa.45:8 “Heavens above, rain down justice; let the clouds pour it down. Let the earth open, so that salvation springs up, and justice sprouts with it. I, ADONAI, have created it.” (NT) (Kindle Locations 19679-19686).

And …

(^3) What’s more! Our God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob is …
Deuteronomy 32:4 The Rock! His work is perfect, for all his ways are just. A trustworthy God who does no wrong, he is righteous and straight. (Kindle Locations 9779-9781).

(^4) And here is HOW God created darkness which is not EVIL nor is it SIN that God was creating! HE is a wonderful God who CHANGES NOT!
Genesis 1:3 Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.
Genesis 1:4 God saw that the light was good, and God divided the light from the darkness.
Genesis 1:5 God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. So there was evening, and there was morning, one day.
(Kindle Locations 1410-1413).

(^5) As for the Woe:
Finally as for God creating “Woe” He is after all a God of justice who repays those who refuses the Law of Sin and Death. For God will not allow sin to go unpunished.

(^6) Now let’s deal with the question why did God create Satan (other names) knowing Satan would fall since God is “omniscient” knowing all things: Job 37:16; Psalm 139:2–4, 147:5; Proverbs 5:21; Isaiah 46:9-10; and even in the B’rit Hadashah> 1John 3:19–20.
Now for a great quote: “First, we should understand that knowing Satan would rebel is not the same thing as making[/creating] Satan [to] rebel.”

God did not create Lucifer [as an evil being] (the devil); God created him good as noted in Genesis 1:31 as to “everything.”
As we all know, when God says “everything” He does means “everything” when He is creating! 🙂

And as we all know from Isaiah 14:13,14 Satan chose to be evil that did become a tool for God to raise a harvest of inheritors of the Kingdom of God to those whosoever will choose to accept His COVENANT of love and salvation from their sinful corruptible flesh egged on by Satan to tabernacle with God for eternity!

He is our creator, our Father, and He deserves our respect as like unto a loving Father who LOVES US! And our loving Father spoke a WORD that He will never rescind!!


A Revelation of Inheritance

~@ROliverLuce | 05-12-15

An apparent communist’s attempt at contributing to tearing apart America for the purpose of creating chaos has just occurred in our schools, but, in particular, one high school in North Carolina. A White Woman who is a school principal got up in front of hundreds of white and black students graduating from high school and made some very serious race baiting remarks about hating all white people in the United States!

Spread the word!! NOW it’s very apparent we know what they are interested in. Spread the ‘WORD’ for we are in a period of the ‘last days’ because the signs are everywhere where heads are rolling & evil leaders are shaking their fists at the CREATOR! Spread the WORD that liberates and enlightens everyone who is seeking the TRUTH to accept the living Word of WISDOM and HEALING! Time is short and evil believes they will rule and replace GOD.

It is the CLASH of opposing COVENANTS as it’s revealed in the book of Revelation!! The counter-Covenant, of God’s Covenant of Salvation, believes, Satan believes, he can and try to take everyone hostage who is the inheritors of salvation all those who have been CHOSEN by the CREATOR those who have been BORN!!
Satan isn’t his true name, but that is what we know him by, and Satan has a very serious pride issue. He does desire to ‘spite’ God to His face if possible and take as many inheritors, those of us, with him to his own destruction as possible.

Therefore we all have a choice whether to choose LIFE or choose spiritual DEATH for all eternity. Fear not the ONE who can take your life, but fear(respect & repent & receive) God and HIS living Word of Promise (Yeshua the Christ) of an inheritance for all eternity!!

Please Disregard: This Article Does Not Say What I Had in Mind To Say!

~R.OliverLuce | 11-21-14

Just in Time in Preparation of The Bride of Christ for HIS Return

Just in time for full maturity and wisdom for the bride to be accepted by God’s Son, who is God’s living Word of Promise from HIS mouth! This bride is the Church of CHRIST in full maturity; That is to say it knows how to get back up from it’s sin with grace knowing who they (the church) are in Christ.

It’s ALL COMING TOGETHER** with the church waking up to the revelation of it’s full maturity (ready for marriage to the LAMB) in realizing & obeying it’s JEWISH COVENANT steps that displays the path to intimately knowing our Lord & our GOD. We shall be a BRIDE ready to receive HIM as the Word returning for HIS bride to be sure!!

All this hidden since the Greek influence on the Church AFTER the era of the book of ACTS and the Hebraic Pauline epistles which were written both in Hebrew and Greek had long passed!

For a thousand years the Church followed their savior and Lord with a blindness to an intimate knowledge of the COVENANT NATURE of the walk in Christ that could have been and now is!!

This Covenant nature of the whole gospel of the Word of God, hidden for a century, details the process of how we know our God with works from the ‘Spirit of Restoration’ with the express purpose of being involved intimately with God as in the beginning of all time in the garden when Adam and Eve were innocents without knowledge but with complete trust in HIM.

This understanding comes from knowing the Tanakh and the B’rit Hadashah, an Hebraic approach instead of the traditional Greek hermeneutics approach which is unable to bring out the more certain details of our salvation!
All this just in time for the maturity and the development of a bride ready for the return of the LIVING WORD of GOD in the flesh!!

** The final but developing mass sneak attack on Israel, recent demands for building the 3rd temple by the Jews, and the fulfilling of Matthew 24:14!

Picture by http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/187723#.VG_GtJstC00

The Clash of Races in American Culture & Who is Grateful to Trust God Who Unites

~R.OliverLuce | 10-17-14

The clash of human races in America began when America gave up her right to be a true nation with one culture, one language, with laws, and secure borders, by some (not all) Americans who bought the black man from another black man from a foreign continent whom England had taught us well to do.

Well, cultural bad habits DO blind us all then and cultural bad habits DO blind us still, today! It does blind us! Look at what we are doing NOW!! We will be judged for murdering millions of our babies someday in the future much more harshly than Islamic, Arabic, and European slavery ever was. Wait and we shall all see it.

Now concerning slavery and it’s removal from our sociey: There are two status’ by which Black Americans were rejected by their skin color, but are now accepted as American citizens today!

First it’s the conservative black (yep he’s usually conservative here) who is grateful which means HE is thankful that he has been accepted institutionally and by most people to live free and have a job with an attitude of forgiveness and desires to lead by example as an adult.

Now it’s the Liberal Black man (yes, usually a liberal) who has allowed bitterness into HIS life after being accepted as a free American citizen, which means he can not and believes he was BORN THAT WAY (as homos think as well) to be thankless and to hate those OTHERS for their past sins and against those who worked hard all their lives for a prosperous America they could part take as well.  But because of bitterness, it will not allow this man to take part in this prosperity by choosing to remain unforgiving and hateful.

After all, it’s a liberal black woman who said once, “We must keep on hating because these people are evil and will never change.” The judgment that woman has given is the judgment she pronounced on herself! And when the jig is up for all time (God coming for final judgment) it will be final!! This kind of attitude is usually egged on by such things as BIG government dependency which seems to only prove to themselves (liberal blacks) that they can’t make it because of the evils of another race who started the American experiment that will always make terrible mistakes but has proven to be redeemable! When BOTH races return to their God who gave His Word (Jesus is that Word) to save us from ourselves, then we will BOTH live in harmony even as a double-cultured country too!
Oops, did I leave out the Hispanic culture? The truth of the matter is enforce our single American culture to survive as a nation of states.

As for both camps (both races) LIFE was never meant to be fair, but to be thankful to God we are still alive to grow our SPIRTS unto the Lord our Creator for final judgment in due season.
It’s the SPIRIT that gives life to our flesh.  The flesh was never meant to be in control. Never.


The Time for Presidential Overreach is Over; Stop the Overreach Now!

By R.OliverLuce | 03-15-14

“The Constitution is clear: it is the role of Congress to make ‘all laws’, the Judiciary to interpret (straight forwardly) the laws [as stated in the Constitution], and the President to “take care that the laws be [ALWAYS BE] faithfully executed [until ‘Congress’ changes the laws].”(01)

“The Constitution grants Congress, NOT the president, the power to make legislative decisions!”(01)  And those who give into a liberal mindset in setting up themselves above the law, do so to suit their own interests in ways that  are anti-constitutional through the blocking of congressional bills from reaching congress for a vote and forcing only their bills that are not legal in nature.  These liberal congressmen and senators (both democrats and GOP) have even egged on the President to circumvent congress as a whole, knowing the actions are anti-constitutional and do not have the support of the American people.  They only support a corrupt agenda which does not support the constitution and the American people.

The President is not suppose to refuse the enforcement of the laws he is suppose to execute and he promised through his oath of office to faithfully execute the office of the Presidency, when accepting the office!  For that President must be impeached when he does NOT faithfully execute his role as the President of the United States per the Constitution.  This president has failed willfully on a massive scale and has deceived the American people with his illegal executive actions (E.A.s).

May 16th is coming up very quickly when millions of people are hoping to assemble and demonstrate their displeasure of the evil that is in Washington D.C.  Their plan is to stay until righteousness is restored and selfish controlling interests are removed, impeached, and jailed for high crimes by all parties involved not just the President and not just democrats.  It’s a liberal like mindset that has infected our national consciousness.  There is a time of reckoning and pushback perhaps all the way back to the Manifest Destiny days without the slavery. Our nation will not go forward with a negative fearful vision of false-guilt(02) and limitations of the human spirit!

God has given us a destiny of projecting freedom and protection against any evil that is grounded in false-guilt(02) and fear, with a special projection of protect towards Israel a Jewish state who mission is to lead and teach the world how to have a relationship with our Creator God!  Atheists don’t need to fear for their Creator is a gentleman!

(01) Reference:

(02) False-guilt, is an attitude of over-reacting to a condition that is promoted with falsehood with half-truths. Examples: Indians were completely innocent. And a focus on the sins of America instead of focusing on it’s redeeming features such as removing slavery, but not accepting other cultures of world domination such as Islam.

A Broken Constitutional Covenant & Coming Judgment

by R.OliverLuce | 02-27-2014

The nation’s Covenant {constitution} has been broken & judgment is coming, BUT it has begun already!  You who have cast off the restraints of the American Covenant do you think your own ways will bring a better agenda?  It shall be worse for you than had you simply sinned before your forefathers.  No redemption for you because of your attitude!

The difference between those who have had enough of American redemption, and those who know they sin but believe in personal & national redemption is great.  For those who focus on the sins of their country cannot and will not ever see a future of being a blessing to others and themselves.

The individual who despises the sins of the American nation without regard to national grace and redemption has grown cold in their attitude towards righteousness and their trust in the creator.  And other Americans have chosen to believe in their country and does so in focusing on national graciousness and redemption while knowing we have our sins both personally and nationally!

This American life of redemption is based on a spiritual “Manifest Destiny” that was initiated by our first President, George Washington.  A Destiny in educating people groups such as the Indians in developing a righteous society full of hope, perseverance, and civility. This destiny was to be a future based on grace and care in self-restraint and self-responsibility.  Not a Manifest Destiny full of greedy Americans stealing land and killing Indians as liberals would distort it with false guilt and half truths!  But, for a society to avoid certain ills such as homosexuality and porn can only be accomplished through a people willing to hold each other responsible with care and real love in wisdom.  Yes, in this regard it does take a community but not as a communist tyranny but through willing sacrifice and giving of each other, inspired from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in God our creator.

Man can not afford to have an inflated ego in believing he’s done it all himself.  A successful society is bigger than himself!!  But he can do it through empowerment from the Holy Spirit who is God; Our God is 3 in 1, a God of relationships, The Father, the Son(Word), the Holy Spirit, a model of relationship for us all.

Edited: Illegal Foreigners Demanding Their Rights for American Benefits & Services, & Fast-Zuckerberger says they deserve it?

R.Oliver Luce | 11-24-2013  {Edited: 02-18-14}

[ Quick Mr. Zuckerberg those millions and millions of Chinese & South American illegals deserve your huge HOUSE, guy!  Lets demand they DESERVE IT, buddy! ]

Now on a serious tone lol:  “Immigration Reform” is the biggest CIVIL RIGHTS issue of our time??  Really?  The young Mr. Zuckerberg may be a rich man doing lots of Facebooking and searching for real cheap foreign-labor, but has he noticed the people who are here illegally are NOT exactly American citizens in this country of ours? These illegals are not immigrants and nor should be! Have they gone through our LEGAL Immigration System? Have they become immigrants in the true sense of the word? Illegal immigrants, incidentally, is a contradiction in terms Mr. Zuckerberg if you haven’t notice that yet.

As for “Immigration Reform” I’m all for it! As for deportation I support reasonable use of “profiling” with officers who do not “display racist behavioral attitudes” in their actions when profiling. If an officer may be a racist he should and must keep it to himself as if he’s a gay sexual in the American Military, i.e. “don’t tell, don’t ask” which WAS very intelligent and keeps the freedoms open without having “USSR thought police involved”. This is reasonable for we shall always have racism. The object here is to removed institutional racism without policing people’s thoughts. As for profiling, it’s nothing more than an intelligent tool for law enforcement, like using guns properly as well.

Some people who lead this country are telling us deportation is impossible like Senator John McCain would tell us. How can that be said in the face of always being able to transport millions of American soldiers during WW2? Soldiers during the two battle theaters of the current 100 years war with Islam? If we can go to the moon we can deport 15 million illegal foreigners and their children back to their countries.

After all, President Eisenhower was able to deport millions inside of 1 to 2 years in saving the nation’s market wages for Americans who were fruit pickers themselves at the time! As for the children of illegal parents they must learn how important it is to be law-abiding and stay law-abiding. We are ALL free moral agents given to habitual behavior. It’s true why you can’t fool God. He made us as agents who are given to behavior that transforms into habitual behavior that assist in doing common tasks. Understanding the human condition and not forgetting it nor purposely forgetting is the bedrock for any social system. With that said, it’s for this reason among many other reasons why our founding fathers embraced Jesus the Christ to ensure the success of this Republic. A Republic if we can keep it, if we do not walk away from our creator. So, if illegal foreigners is the next civil rights group to champion we have lost our sense of common sense and law! We can remake our country by throwing out the lawless President and all those in and throughout all levels of government and in private business with the help of all of us returning to Jesus the Christ who is our creator! Then we will have a great prosperous nation under God once again where our citizens will be good producers in an American market with wages that support families. President Eisenhower did it, so can we!

Now leave our Legal Immigration System alone to screen for foreigners who are willing to love this country and learn it’s culture. We do not wish to import a Mexican culture with their own language. I’ve seen them and they really don’t care! Let us help foreigners and their children be a great blessing to their own countries where America is able to assist from a position of strength; from a moral and financial strength!!


In God’s Covenant: We are persuaded to run to HIM & all others be thieves

Our Father creator is a God of strict justice with swift judgment.

And God’s “arm of love through HIS eternal WORD (Jesus the Christ)” condones HIS love, patience, & grace with justice!

But HIS grace empowers us to live it; but does not condone our sin.

And our God, the only creator, intelligently knows how to apply HIS love & swift justice.

Just as a loving father or mother or spouse can persuade us to love and trust back.  So much more does our Father God in heaven persuades us to come to Him that we might earnestly desire HIS love!

It is through HIS empowering grace which is through His love, persuades us to choose HIM for there can’t be none other who provides such real love, true promises, and healing trust!
But nevertheless we continually live in these bodies of flesh which WAR against the spirit that tests our wills whom we shall serve the rest of eternity: A god of lies & temptations & lies with false promises of which are many, OR a God who loves us and knows how to build patience and character through the test of time!

Let God be praised and all others be liars and thieves.

… … …

The Father’s Covenant of love whom HIS living WORD sealed the deal on the cross for us all:
Gen. 15:17;  John 3:16.

Ver2.0: Israel Will Soon Wakeup & Learn of Their Messiah & Lead the World

Israel Will Soon Wakeup & Learn of Their Messiah & Lead the World [Version 2.0]

In these last days of our natual rebellion against our Creator, we have a Messiah, Jesus, who came to “seal a deal” on the Father’s “covenant of love” for anyone of us who would accept HIS law of love.

This covenant is made to never break. Our Father-creator will never break it, but if we willfully & knowingly break it, there are terrible repercussions due to our will knowingly. HE created His covenant so that free moral agents would be free to accept His covenant of love through choice. Not as beings without knowing choice. LOOK at nature! It is the reflection of HIS character for all time!

You and I are loved by the Father!!

(Psalms 14:1-7)
“A Psalm of David. The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good. The LORD has looked down from heaven upon the sons of men To see if there are any who understand, Who seek after God. They have all turned aside, together they have become corrupt; There is no one who does good, not even one. Do all the workers of wickedness not know, Who eat up my people as they eat bread, And do not call upon the Lord? There they are in great dread, For God is with the righteous generation. You would put to shame the counsel of the afflicted, But the LORD is his refuge. Oh, that the salvation of Israel would come out of Zion! When the LORD restores His captive people, Jacob will rejoice, Israel will be glad.”

The Destruction of 9/11 an American Harbinger

The destruction of 9/11 a warning to America to return to her first love; To return to our Creator and Jesus His living Word.  A warning of further but worsening judgment to follow! And that increasing judgment has increased since 2001!!  Sudden terrible breaks will occur in due time!!!

The bricks have fallen (9/11); it’s not about destruction. It’s about our nation’s response to the 9/11 destruction, our vow of defiance to righteousness and moving on with our dirty attitudes toward godliness. Our nation has vowed to be self willed and self contained and self directed! For we thought our American ‘Liberal Utopian Socialism’ would save us from relying on God!!! Let us swear to prove it!! After all, we don’t need to rely on a God, the one who created us. HEY, after all we use to be monkeys!!! How surreal. At least this coming November 2012 we might get the chance to start our return back to righteousness and a dependence on our Creator once again…. maybe.

As Israel was defiant against God so are we. As Israel rebuilt, we also rebuilt. As Israel did, we replaced the fallen Sycamores trees with Cedar trees. We are like Israel in both actual happenings and actual defiance against God. 9/11 was our warning after all as some shouted in the days after the towers fell. But it was a bad time of raising the issue when we had lost do many people. But the real reason why we refused to listen to calling 9/11 a warning was our PRIDE.


Isaiah 9:10 “The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with smooth stones; The sycamores have been cut down, But we will replace them with cedars.”