National Emergency for Voiding/Deporting Anchor Babies Based on Lawlessness

~@ROliverLuce | 09-11-15

There is a necessary need for a National Emergency for voiding all lawless anchor baby making based on illegal actions of foreigners since the Reagan Amnesty Law with whom Democrats illegally broke. The resisting of all lawless Federal & State Courts attempts at preventing this emergency must also be a high priority.

To ignore American immigration laws and to illegally cross our borders and to OVERSTAY the permitted time is breaking American law. American law does permit anchor babies when it’s based on legal immigration in accordance with law and should never be allowed when such anchor babies are used as tickets by illegal foreigners breaking law in entering illegally into America.

Again, having an illegal baby on top of breaking into our country illegally, crossing our borders to secure so-called rights to stay illegally in America should and must be made void and be deported back with the parents. Lawlessness is NOT the basis for perpetrating anchor babies for the express purpose of getting a ticket to stay in America for all kinds of freebies and jobs after breaking the law in illegally entering the country.


Danger: @CAIRnational Increasing Their Attacks Against the Constitution & Our Institutions

by R.OliverLuce | 03-08-14

(1) First it was the state of MI where Islamists are assembling a community, a city if you will in establishing Sharia Law for cases to go forward to other places in the United States using our own laws against us!  This is very similar to what has happened in the E.U. and is succeeding there with the Europeans fast asleep denying there is any danger.  All Islamists (Muslims) who truly embrace the Quran and Sharia should and must be deported to those countries who are already under the tyranny of Islam!  [Documented and an ongoing danger as we speak]

(2) Then the moot-like but fake court cases in the state of Florida where a couple of Muslim Imams came forward claiming ownership of a temple [was not true] which was simply a cause in getting a Muslim precedence into the courts and the law. [Documented]

(3) Then there is the court battles shutting down the bills what the public had voted to outlaw Sharia in Oklahoma. A Federal judge elected in favor of the Islamists to shut up the public in defending Islam as it is suppose to be unconstitutional! Unconstitutional, the Judge knows better than this!  It’s time to raise the alarm and ignore any counter claims such as ignorance of evil and errant judges who know better. The Muslims who do embrace the Quran and Sharia [again] must be deported to a country that supports their evil tyranny that runs against the American constitution.

And all judges should and must be dealt with harshly when knowingly supporting actions against the Constitution and the American people who abhor  this kind of evil.  We can also say Federal judges have also force perverse sexual behavior [against the constitution and the American people] as a ‘protected’ behavior and forced this sexual behavior into marriage, against the law of nature and against the will of  the people instead of  upholding the constitution which would help those who WANT HELP.  Enough said on gayism as I digress.  [Documented]

(4) And now the breaking story!  We have further, but obvious, proof of the evil that’s living in our country despite liberalism’s (Dems/R.I.N.O.s) rush in legitimizing Islam in America!  Islamist Imams’ have been ‘discovered’ to be subverting and replacing teachers in order to reach Birmingham, Alabama. school children in bringing the Quran and Sharia Law for brain washing to counter act what the constitution teaches!  The attack on our schools is ‘hideous’ in how they are subverting the teachers in replacing them for ‘this purpose’.  [Documented reference below]

This following facts are to list why both worldviews must be outlawed or deporting those who hold these views:

Islam: Referring to the above commentary I’ve provided Muslims must be deported if for no other chief reason they will out vote us in the future with babies 8 to 1 of ours.

Communism: Joe McCarthy trying to identify and outlaw communists in the 1950’s was a man who had his facts straight. He wasn’t the best man for leadership but he could have had better asociates to help clean up communism and outlaw it. But he failed here as well. Russia, after the fall of the USSR, has verified McCarthy was right!


The Colorado Court is in Contempt with the People & the Constitution!

[Prayer is involved with ‘ALL’ Christian Religions. Not just ‘a’ Christian Religion. Jesus the name is representive of ‘ALL’ Christian Religions, not just ‘a’ Christian Religion. {This is what’s in the Constitution, please get it right!!!} ]

Prayer is CONSTITUTIONAL: The Colorado Court must BUTT OUT. If the court can’t stand free speech & having a conversation with our Creator then the Colorado Court system MUST BUTT OUT!

It is only UN-Constitutional when the U.S. favors ‘1’ Christian religion over ‘ALL’ the others. ‘All’ Christian Religions pray and believe in healing in the name of Jesus as George Washington and others practiced. The Colorado Court system MUST abide by this immediately as they are in CONTEMPT with the American people and the great Constitution. You bet it’s the GREAT CONSTITUTION!!!

Prayer is CONSTITUTIONAL: George Washington did it!! HOW DARE THE COURT TELL US WHAT TO DO IN THE NAME OF GOD, when they are tearing apart the constitution! In the Name of Jesus the Christ we the people will TELL the Courts to BUTT OUT and stop creating LAW and perverting the Constitution!

Again, prayer is involved with ‘ALL’ Christian Religions. Not just ‘a’ Christian Religion. And Jesus the name is representive of ‘ALL’ Christian Religions, not just ‘a’ Christian Religion. America was destine and built to be a Christian based society with true lasting values. Today our society is being torn apart and soon there will be bloodshed in our future. Not now, but it will come if we keep up this reckless downward spiral we’re on! It will not hurt anyone if they HEAR someone pray. What is it with prayer? Is it really a power trip some people? GET OVER IT. God likes you whether you have a bad attitude or not : – ), whether you like it or not!! Simply ‘praise the Lord’ and go about your business with your atheism, lol!! We accept you and pray for you. Now we’re all happy as before, right?


FoxNews & Shep Smith Dictating to GOP in Accepting Gaysex into Marriage!

[These people who want to be known by their sexual activity, who are addicted to this kind of sexual behavior need help. And I might add giving help with compassion. To promote and give sexual behavior a special class of protection is only enabling foolishness. ]

Very personal behavior remains at home. We come to work to work, not to advertise our very personal behaviors and even to recruit.

Shep Smith of Fox News is browbeating the GOP into submission, to go along with Obama’s subversion of the definition of Marriage! Gaysexuals have their partners. They have their benefit-money from BIG Government. Leave marriage alone UNLESS you want to marry your true opposite sexual partner who you will listen too & love whether you feel like it or not lol. MARRIAGE is COVENANT!


Mr. Shep Smith please back off and be quiet! You have no idea what you are speaking of. To subvert marriage with gaysexual behavior will bring even further judgment on you, me, and America! Society will suffer, it will. It’s a can of worms.

Of course everyone has the right to marry. But to change the definition of marriage is nothing more than an evil way to subvert our country in accepting weird sexual behavior (see a doctor) and its desire to recruit children in schools, and to subvert our other American institutions! Very personal behavior of any kind, whether we consider it ‘weird’ or ‘normal’ has to be kept private. To flaunt our personal behavior sexual or not is unbecoming. It’s not redeeming. So this has to be stopped; STOP continuing this push for a special protected class of behavior. Again, this kind of behavior should stay at home and not be flaunted all over creation for craziness to rule! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD let’s use some common sense here.

People without any common sense are taking over the country it would seem. Or is it Liberalism has an obsession with sexual behavior? Where are the wise? Where are the people who have some kind of wisdom? Why do they refuse to stand against this evil? Or why is it when men and women DO stand up against this, our courts ‘create law’ to crush the will of the people? These people who want to be known by their sexual activity, who are addicted to this kind of sexual behavior need help. And I might add giving help with compassion!! To promote and give sexual behavior a special class of protection is only enabling foolishness. Has America really thrown its common sense into the toilet, or maybe the wild winds of change and lost its HEAD!!