Muzzling of Christian Religions & Political Election Fraud

by R.Oliver Luce | Completely rewritten 09-11-2013
@Copywrite 2013

[ The founding fathers were dealing with many Christian religions (various religious perspectives) and stopping any one from becoming THE STATE SUPPORTED religious perspective dictating to others in the nation. ]

Under the federal tax code (501c3) churches and pastors have been muzzled ever since 1954. That was the year progressives (liberals) with LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson) leading the charge muzzled the church religion(s) plural. And since then, this action has become one of the major initiations of the cause for the separation of church and state led by, of course, progressives & atheists known as liberals. Some atheists would deny they be liberals but none the less their cause is anti-American and anti-constitution. The founding fathers were dealing with many Christian religions (religious perspectives) and stopping any one from becoming THE STATE SUPPORTED religious perspective dictating to the nation.

Now there was a good reason why Mr. LBJ wanted to throw wonderful tax exemptions at the American Christian churches [of which they should already had!]. Of which all of them ultimately, without THINKING THROUGH, thought the exemptions were of the LORD :-(. As it did turn out, Senator Lyndon Johnson was delighted to see ignorant American churches accepting his IRS code 501c3 senate bill as it were hook, line, and sinker in shutting down the churches 120-year-old political involvement in American politics and government actions. It was all about shutting up the conscience of America and never to speak up again in political activities and government actions again. After all, Mr. LBJ was being bothered and badgered by leading pastors and Christian groups in Texas for his own corrupt senate election campaign; He was involved in the stuffing of ballet boxes and, yes, other high crimes and corruption. Apparently, in his time he ‘pulled’ an Obama and distracted the American people with a bill in congress and he had liberal dominated media at the time! Mr. LBJ is a liberal, and what would you expect from a control freak obsessed with power and a view for utopia. Americans cannot afford this control freaks or others who also would spend us into oblivion in their attempts to reach communist like utopia!!

[ I firmly believe this limiting action of the Christian religions is one of several events in American history that has sprung up an illegal movement to completely separate church and state in American government and in all public arenas. ]

Now for some history and comparisons ! Israel had judges and prophets, in ancient days, that would keep the nation of Israel on track morally and focused on God for wise counsel and guidance. America can relate to Israel through our early American history during the years of the 1700’s and the 1800’s. Early America has gone through two major Christian reformations in all, that has effected what we call the seven mountains of a nation; A nation has seven divisions or seven environments that form a complete country.  A tribe is not large enough for providing all the needs of a people group, therefore nations were invented by nature, the nature of God! Three mountain examples would be an education mountain, a Media mountain, and a Government mountain. When America was born in, and around the 1770’s there was previously a huge spiritual reformation that affected all seven mountains of the Untied States setting the stage for a CHRISTIAN AMERICA. Subsequently another Christian reformation occurred around the middle part of the 1800’s re-capturing almost all the seven mountains of America paving the way in the early part of the twentieth century American experience!  Right after World War Two but probably during the 1930’s as well and during the War, America began to change in a certain direction by a political group collectively known as progressives or liberals. In 1954 a bill was introduced in Congress by LBJ, of which I have spoken earlier about [above] that had changed all this, in limiting Christianity and it’s various religion’s involvement in the American political process and the process of government! I firmly believe this limiting action against the Christian religions is one of several events in American history that has sprung up in an illegal movement to completely separate church and state in American government and all public arenas. The goal would be to erase Christ Jesus from the face of America, all because of these groups who cannot just leave others alone and retain respect for those they might hate or their beliefs.

Because of the events and dictates of those who are acting foolishly and ignoring those of us who want to retain a nation of religious freedom and letting bygones be bygones, it’s time to PUSH BACK and even threaten because of these liberal control freaks who will not live and let live! We are now living in a dangerous era with these unreasonable progressive dictates, i.e. do not ever say gayism is sin!  This example is unacceptable!! We all are free to speak our minds as long as we do not initiate violence!
In addition, the time has come for the American churches and religions to forget their TAX EXEMPT status, and simply pay TAXES so the church again will resume as America’s CONSCIENCE and to lead the way in paying off our dangerous debt-bomb!! The Real Christian Churches must lead by example in assisting America out of it’s HUGE CLIFF-DEBT!! Oh sure, if Christian churches and religions can turn America around and save our nation from financially CRASHING and exercising their freedom of speech AND STILL retain their tax exemption that’s probably great.
BUT with a dire need to save the REPUBLIC from a developing DEBT BOMB that’s being built by liberalism and elements of faithless-republicans, we must start digging now by EXAMPLE, or it will [soon] destroy our country and the constitution forever! It’s true, a STATE CRASH will be grounds for the great Obama and progressivism to install eventual communism, their hope for great change by convincing the rest of Americans who are only sheep to follow suit because of the terrible consequences of a CRASH. It is coming with the current unchecked SPENDING people, it’s coming!!

A digression in explaining Senator LBJ’s 501c3 bill before Congress in 1954. To digress and explain a few things, the American Christian churches and religions were ‘duped’ by Senator LBJ (1954) in stopping the church from prosecuting him, by accepting a bribe, the church didn’t even know was a bribe; It’s true, the church at that time thought it was a wonderful idea without thinking the whole issue through! Since then our nation has gone the way of following after other gods; the gods of materialism, money, sexual immorality**, personal agenda at any cost, and power, and even tax exemptions from God when it was NOT! LBJ laughed and was sure the churches would accept this bribe of sorts, as if it was from GOD! How ignorant were we back in those days of 1954-lore if I can say it. Yes, even my Father (as pastor) accepted this exemption hook, line, and sinker! How sad that we did not seek the counsel of the Lord, who gives wisdom to see things in the spirit!
The American churches did not have to accept tax exemptions at all from our evil progressive senators. It’s in the constitution, the churches already have exemption. But today we are facing a terrible consequence of our electing liberal elements of society. We are facing a giant DEBT BOMB soon!

Again, money should never SHUT UP the church, NEVER! Therefore WE the people in order to restore our country back to her roots, must repent of our sins and the sins of our nation and elect responsible wise people to office! {2Chronicles 7:14} We the church must lead by EXAMPLE as well! Our nation is on top of a DEBT BOMB able to destroy the constitution and bring in an eventual liberal-type of communism that will destroy our wills and our American way of life. Christianity has no place in this hope and change. If America crashes Christians everywhere will be unjustly vilified.

~Rob Oliver Luce

(**)Sexual perversion was sprouted from our national decay! Sexual perversion is simply lust through familiarity and obsession. And sexual perversion has no place in changing what is sacred, and marriage is sacred in every culture through the centuries! A free society must also have boundaries or it will self-destruct.


As Obama Fails to Enforce Law; So Do Excuses for Everyone NOT Too Obey from Convenience

Corruption in America: As Obama Fails to Enforce Law; So Do Excuses for Everyone NOT Too Obey from Convenience
by R.OliverLuce | 05-10-2013

One of many reasons why we are Corrupting Ourselves, in allowing illegals to roam and become citizens without due process as oppose to LEGAL immigration, it corrupts us all!  NOT just the President and law enforcers.  As leadership goes so goes the people of any group of nation!!  America must also educate American-Latinos that lawlessness is not to their benefit if they do support illegals being allowed in our nation without due process. The cost for all is too high!

Now, what follows is a quotation from a senator who should know better ‘TODAY’:
“If you grant amnesty, the message that you’re sending is that if you come in this country and stay here long enough, we will let you stay. And no one will ever come through the legal process if you do that.” ~Marco Rubio
Well then, the spirit of corruption is furthered by our leaders by NOT leading the charge to enforce our laws! Ongoing deportation is a reasonable thing for law-abiding illegals to get back into line with their grown children as well. They might even be the world changers for their original home country who needs them! And then America can assist these illegals in their own country by providing help in fighting the drug war that seems to be ‘designed’ to push illegals into our country! Investigations are needed HERE!! Legal is what we need to FOCUS on.

Now for a surprise!! State House speaker Mr. @MarcoRubio said the (above) statement back in the year 2009! Now he’s backtracking from his common sense into the gawking-salivating-Liberal-Democrat-senators who believe in the lie that illegal makes sense for the country (But lets call it what it is, breaking the law and not enforcing it.) And for what reasons? It’s all about who might win the culture war (yep, everyone is talking) and primarily convenience. But of course, you can’t fool God (conscience) even if you might be an atheist. REMEMBER CONSCIENCE? We are a land ruled by law and morals. This is one reason why America is exceptional. And all countries can become exceptional too, when they pursue righteousness and law. A country is able to be exceptional and it does not have anything to do with certain false pride and certain ‘liberal’ guilt. We are a good country with a Christian heritage with terrible sins that could be dealt with without turning against our country. We all hate racism for example! God is glorified when we deal with it in a great way. Today we are turning against our own selves and even allowing enemies like Islam to come in! All cultures are NOT equal; Sharia Law has no place in the Constitution!

Question is, are we Americans or NOT, if we do not obey our own laws including our traffic laws? Ah yes, do we speed without impunity? Oh no, lets not go there, huh!! Yes, illegals are law-abiding people when they go to the back of the line. And let us start a new chapter in our country! Where are the decent wages for farming, that will support American families? Oh yeah, that’s another subject we got to get ahold of. Nothing wrong with rising prices on fruit for competition!

The Spirit of Corruption does rage in our Land. Not just through our misled Liberal leader’s who are pushing for evil-infested agendas, but many of our Conservative leaders as well with their certain false pride. God Help us all!! We are still waiting for the leaders who will listen to the SPIRIT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS which is NOT religious but life giving!


National Corruption Creeps in Through Lawlessness &amp Illegal Immigration

Brief: Obama has corrupted America by refusing to enforce our laws. Are we going to do the same by rewarding lawless behavior by millions of illegals. For too long we have ignored illegal immigration and encourage slave wages at the expense of Americans.

A solution: Deportation and company fines for slave wages is the long range answer. And encouraging legal immigration with American hosts in preventing lawless and financially troubling immigrants from entering our land again.

Santorum says Obama rules like he’s above the law. Oh, let’s not be like him [Obama] by retaining those illegals in our country. If we’re not going to give them freebies and U.S. voting rights like Rubio SAYS he won’t do, but, hey, at the same time, Rubio also wants to refuse deporting illegals like Obama is doing already this year by forcing ICE from doing their lawful duty to do so; It’s ICE’s job for crying out loud! What gives? Is Rubio becoming another lawless-Obama? NO, but it sure looks that way, good grief.

Anybody who says WE CAN’T DEPORT 12+ million illegals are kidding themselves. It’s not like we have to do it inside of a single bound year or two! It’s going to be like an ongoing legal activity that also includes giving companies large fines for hiring them and giving them SLAVE WAGES. Sure, it might take up to 15 years to deport. This is America. Let us honor the Mexican and the Chinese when they visit America LEGALLY; I say LEGALLY!! What is wrong with assisting illegals to do the right thing. It’s not like we’re sending them back for a country they never live in before!!! Again, America is a nation of laws that shape behavior and character in the long run! Let’s not continue corrupting ourselves as Obama has done! A president has a sworn duty to defend and uphold existing laws of our land! Rubio must not forget that as well.

The time of change is here. WE HONOR our laws and our own self respect in the long run by enforcing our own laws. Yes, in the long run. Character and honor is built over time. Maybe we need God again to help us realize what happens to us over time when even our own leaders much less us little guys do not cultivate and honor our own laws.

When we allow one small little fox into the yard, the whole hen house is corrupted. The law of eventuality is real. Which is why the slippery slope exists for almost everything we should cultivate and honor.