Government TALKS UP Gun Violence as It Releases Thousands of Gangs with Muslims Pouring in [IS this the change?]

[IS this the change?]
~@ROliverLuce | 06-15-16

“So many Americans are slaughtered by gun violence that even the most sensitive of us has [been numbed]?”
{Rather Americans are numbed by a lawless President.}
“An Islamic extremist [all Muslims are normal extremists] turns a gay (homosexual) nightclub into a grisly abattoir and we all know what comes next: nothing, no gun control at all.”
{Gun control is NOT the problem!}

Government inspired mass killings are the problem with an administration TALKING UP the focus on mass gun murders and releasing tens of thousands of murders and gang members.
The Government continues to TALK UP the focus and also allows Muslims to live illegally in this country. THE NATION HAS A 1952 LAW OUTLAWING ISLAM.
The allowance of Muslims “began with earlier” presidents without considering the consequences of Muslims in America and OUR LAWS! It REALLY seems that the few (comparing to the Middle East) American black Muslims are NOT exactly true Muslims, for they might NOT have any idea what the Hadith and the Sira demands of them! Most became Muslims in 1950’s and 1960’s to get out of national responsibilities.}

The Obama Lies

Lie number 1, “so many Americans have been slaughtered by guns?”
Rebuffing lie #1: There are NOT thousands of Americans being slaughtered.

Lie number 2, “that even the most sensitive are numbed?”
Translation of #2: Most Americans are beginning to realize guns might be the problem. Really, putting ideas into our heads?

Obama cover: There have been more guns sold since I’ve been president than just about any time in U.S. history.
Rebuff coverup: More Americans are realizing Obama is the enemy even in his own words and his ignoring of law & order. Thus the purchase of weapons for possible rebuffing of tyranny.

Obama lie: There are enough guns for every man, woman, and child in this country and at no point have I ever proposed confiscating guns from responsible gun owners.”
Rebuff of lie: Obama is after confiscation of all citizen weapons in due season!



The DARK Side of America is Progressive Hyperventaling of Created Issues

{The Overblowing of created issues for Federal control, i.e. guns.}
~@ROliverLuce | 06-13-16

As reported by gun controllers (reference below):
“Obama is right?? Inaction in the face of mass shootings is also a political act?” [Say the gun tyrann-ists!]

What is needed is action to steal the people’s guns by force??

To simply shut down Muslim shootings, to shut down “incited” crazies shooting people, to shut down thousands of (released) criminals & gangs, to shut down illegals from killing Americans?

Wisdom knows what the real agenda is all about, here!

And so do those of us who see the problem through the wisdom of common sense!

To simplify what’s going on:

America’s lax gun policies?
We have too much tyranny that is ignoring our constitution!

Murders & suicides plummets after Australia confiscates guns?
It’s not exactly true but a lie from our own beloved DARK progressive controllers here in America!

So are we to understand and believe liberal-progressives that we must live under their rule only?  Oh really??

Current mass shootings ARE  (?caused simply by citizens owning guns?) NOT a national problem in this country!!  But yes, we do have a NATIONAL PROBLEM which is fast becoming an emergency;  There is an evil outcome that is coming from some place else.

That someplace else is the hyperventilating-government and administration of the now Muslim President of the United States.

For the current mass shootings are caused by government hyperventilating and TALKING-UP the problem (not down) with an ill-obsession and focus on taking away guns for stealth reasons against the constitution!


Two Paths in Life for Every Culture & Society to Comprehend

{Assisting the Poor and the Needy Builds Attitude & Will Always Be. GOV Inflames & Builds Dangerous Ungratefulness of Attitude.}

~R.OliverLuce | 02-20-15

(Intro) There are two paths in life, in this fallen world of ours, for every culture and society to comprehend.
One path that leads to more life with plenty of room for reaching out for those who are hurting AND one other path that leads to control and the squeezing OUT of life and liberty that leads to the sourness of attitudes and unbelievable twisted perversion that does not even help the needy and the sick. Free money will only inflate the passions of ingratitude of the attitudes. Those two paths are:

(1.) In a righteous standing republic you will ALWAYS have the poor and the sick along with prosperity. And from prosperity many will find their passions to reach out with visions to the needy and the sick! And, when a republic, when that republic opens up to more of the truth of living with a vision of their Creator the better the poor and the sick will recover and even be taken care, however even THEN you shall ALWAYS have the poor and the sick for we all live in a fallen world, not a stinking yellow submarine, lol.

(2.) When THE enemy (the Father of lies) sees the righteous (above paragraph) doing great exploits he gets jealous and goes out to inflame men and women who are walking in dark shadows of rejecting the truth in their lives for false notions of the truth where their spirits refuse to control and balance their fleshly appetites.

Here, the enemy whispers stealth secrets in their ears of precious needs and wants that are going to waste. Look at how they (those evil white Americans for example) are not being taken care by those American righteous people who are also white. White must be evil, just look at their sins, never mind their strengths! They are not taking care of EVERYBODY! Government must take the offence and rule, that everybody is being taken care. Never mind the great control aspect, for that is a great thing in ruling everybody for the good of everyone!

So, it is incumbent upon you (the control worshipper) to destroy their good works as evil works and build a large governing structure that will take care of everyone’s needs including those who act like righteous but evil people who ignore the needs of the poor and the sick. A free society must be evil. The acceptance of all vices is the righteous thing to do in their hearts.

(Finally) Therefore with the two above paths that I’ve depicted we have a choice whether to chose life or chose spiritual death for our existence without any equivocation! Let it be known whatever we choose, we choose knowing we are choosing a lie to sweeten the loose-control of our flesh (or) whether we choose to live to increase our spiritual man to self-control and self-balance the fleshly man with the help of the inspiration of the Word of Truth, the Word of God! Truth is a person!

Let us look down range to visualize what all this means which ever choice we make, America!


Awake! Islam is Only a Political Force with A Religious Arm for Control

~R.OliverLuce | 10-08-14

Some Muslims enlist in violent Jihad because they have the dream and the steel strength to fight for Allah in spreading Sharia Law! All the rest support all forms of growing types of Jihads. One of which is the Islamic political victimhood & false legal battles in our courts. Another is taking over the streets in to PRAY. After all, it’s their peaceful religion to do so. It’s not so! It’s their sign they are taking over the community!

A source for information you can go to, to verify what is being said HERE, is Dr. Bill Warner for one! Another is simply reading & watching Muslims do their many various political types of Jihads in Europe. A third example is listening to the Muslims and their own Imam’s words in their own temples of doom in the U.K. Yes, blunt words and the British leaders still believe these peaceful Muslims are only lovely and peaceful DESPITE what these Muslims BOLDLY say in public with their ever-increasing Jihads in forcing Sharia Law EVERYWHERE in the U.K.

There are always going to be a small remnant who are ‘Muslims in NAME’ only! BUT I have to the a story of a meeting I’ve had with a so-called ‘peaceful Muslim’ about three weeks ago.

I am going to explain here that even those Muslims who say they are not practicing their Muslim religion will stand with the teachings of the Quran with their Imams telling them when it’s time to go various activities such as ‘peaceful political Jihads’ to advance the cause of Sharia Law on all Americans (This is done in every host country when their numbers reach a certain level, mostly through births). This gentleman tells me, “hey, come with me and visit my Temple with me.” The not-practicing-Muslim said this AFTER I had invited him to my church where God heals people! Then I told this particular Muslim, “what if they want my head, I ask him?” He slipped up by briefly telling me, “if you support BUSH and Iraq then maybe…,” oops. Seems like he slipped up with his mouth!!

Yeah, I’m now interceding for this particular Muslim whom I had a discussion with, who doesn’t even practice His so-call religion. But nevertheless Islam is a political force with a religious ARM in the spirit of persuading for control. It is true that every Muslim whether they appear to be friends or not will always turn and follow their Imams to obeying the current STAGE status of what Allah is telling them to do in the Quran. We see Muslims killing Muslims and arabs and each other. It’s about obeying what Allah is saying currently in the Quran!!


Dr. Warner: A Taste of Islam {Islamic Research}

William Federer: What The West Needs To Know About Islam

Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration

Islam: What You Need to Know

Nice to receive a handwritten letter from Obama telling it’s the right thing to do; Fudging our freedoms away!

It’s very nice to receive a contrite handwritten letter from Mr. Obama & a helping check or two for hapless Americans. And yet taking actions with Mr. Harry Reid how to limit and control Americans in the name of “it’s the right thing to do”.

Yes!! Liberals, Progressives, Communists (what ever they want to be called) they all believe they know better and there lies the trouble.

These people have a “worldview of perfect peace and balance” to push a controlling agenda through lies and deception and telling us “we can have our freedoms and keep them”, but conveniently planning to come back again to gainsay over our freedoms in wearing us the American people down!

They do believe you and I are weak and stupid and willing to be worn down. Well, they are recorded as saying so in liberal-media teleconferences! Ok, do we want a controlling nanny state where our freewill visions are limited if not dammed by elite people who believe they are the righteous above their creator? Gosh people!! Communism has killed more people in history than any other worldview!

Eventually the slow boiling of the frog will kill and then the hell begins. Let real men and women forget about their lives and take a stand with courage!


Yahoo News Pushes Soft/Hard Porn in Advancing the Liberal Agendas

By R OliverLuce | 07-10-2013

Has anyone notice, hummm. YahooNews, Inc. is obsessed with softy and hardy porn so much so, you get the feeling they ARE pushing hard to hook you. I mean after all, sex sells huh? Actually it’s a time tested way to corrupt and destroy a nice nation. Check it out. One could say 5 out of 10 stories or pictures or more on are all about sex, porn, & sneak previews of you know what. On second thought don’t. Porn does affect us all. Stop listening to the creeps who goat you on, and by teasing you. They are the fools of nature! It is a well known notion that if you push sex/porn you can capture a nation. It is also well known that YahooNews is obsessed with liberal thoughts,i.e. their own stories tell the sweet truth.

As for myself, I refrain from these “Yahoo News’s” porn pushing stories with pictures included to drive people further into marriage breaking PORN whether it be SOFT or HARD. Porn effects us ALL. That is WHY & HOW God created SEX to be beautiful between a MAN & a WOMAN in their bedroom in a covenant contract for life. WHEN WILL WE RETURN TO WISDOM & CONTRAINTS? We are ruined, we have un-done ourselves!!

I still have HOPE we will FORSAKE OUR miss-placed PRIDE and return to our CREATOR Jesus who sealed THE DEAL on the Father’s COVENANT of LOVE w/ tough GRACE. In HIS covenant there is wonderful benefits and terrible consequences as well….. as we can see in a NATION drowning in it’s own national sins of obsession.

WE are all called to “salvation from ourselves” but not ALL accept our Creator’s LOVE & acceptance to grow in wisdom and knowledge and self control. Love? What’s that? Some say love is sex-lust or they think they love when they don’t know love, and how sad that is.

Taking Shock of Investment Opportunities {cpywrt 5-16-13}

Shocking ‘excerpts’ for possible future investment ideas!

Article Title:  China Air Traffic Congestion Worsened by Military Control
By Jasmine Wang | May 16, 2013

Segment excerpts for foolishly-wise investment thoughts;  A few thoughts:

{Checkout Motley Fool’s latest investment ideas: }

What’s happening to Chinese air travel:

Air China Ltd. (601111), China Eastern Airlines Corp. and China Southern Airlines Co. (1055) have expanded their fleet as economic growth spurs air travel demand in the world’s most populous nation. The country is expected to have 4,200 commercial aircraft in 2020, compared with the current fleet size of 2,001 with 46 airlines, CAAC’s Li said.

Increase in Chinese air travel hopes are dependent on a breakthrough:

“People are hoping that the country’s new leadership can have a breakthrough in getting more airspace released to accommodate the rapid growth,” said Kelvin Lau, a Hong Kong-based analyst at Daiwa Securities Group Inc. “Otherwise, delays will persist and hurt the airlines’ long term growth prospects.”

Chinese air travel growth is running into serious delays caused by the Military:

Still, the pace isn’t quick enough to catch up with the airlines’ growth as the number of annual passengers has more than doubled in the past seven years, said David Wei, an aerospace analyst with Shanghai Securities Co.

{Checkout Motley Fool’s latest investment ideas: }


Taking Shock of Investment Opportunities
{cpywrte 5-16-13}

ObamaCare Gives Feds their Greatest Increase of Control Ever Over Us

Romney hails Mandate as a TAX only because Supreme Court has spoken! This tax is also a fine and the Supremes are wrong. LOOK at the Constitution. We have the right to resist a court who screws with our rights from the Constitution silly Romney! But I get it Mr. Romney you want to assist congress in the process of invalidating this ObamaCare tax funding as not originating from the House. SO BE IT, if we go through in invalidating the whole dirt-load, as it is full of foul smelling laws giving the Federal Government it’s GREATEST expansion of control EVER over people in American history!! No matter what, we will never give in to this threat to our freedoms no matter how the Liberals spin this dog-doo. Sorry for the foul word here, but you get the drift I think, lol.


[Published July 04, 2012 – 05:30pm PDT ]

OUTRAGE! Liberal Anti-American Judges interfering with State Legislatures

A Florida judge outlaws the Florida State Legislature’s own laws by blocking a voting LAW in particular.

“[Liberal-Democratic] Critics have said the law’s effect would be to suppress registration of voters who would be likely to vote Democratic.” ~Source.
THEREFORE LET US INSTEAD SUPPRESS LIBERAL JUDGES FROM CREATING LAW SOON. And another thing, in this computer age 48 hours is NOTHING, nothing!! These critics are all for creepy illegal voting patterns for the [yes] Democratic party. Yes, look at their (above) statement in this paragraph. Accountably is racist they think.

We are overdue in impeaching liberal law-creating judges. Last time America impeached liberalism in our courts were either in the early 1800’s or 1880’s. I am unsure which era is correct at the time of this writing.

Again, it’s time for liberal judges [control lords] to back off. Judges do not create law. If the people don’t like this particular law and it’s outcome then THEY take it out on the legislature and/or petition the state to DESTROY the law :- ).
Russia is where liberal anti-Americans need to go with your anti-American regulations/laws! If these liberals wish for Russian style laws, regulations, and blocking the legislatures then they can do it in Soviet style communist countries. This liberal judge’s behavior IS NOT AMERICAN!!!

Liberalism Pushing Utopia Through Forcing Your Life into Poverty

America’s Liberalism uses the cause of the poor for control and regulation in pushing for an elusive Utopian dream. But this dream always ends up enriching Liberalism’s own leaders and bankrupting America. After all, someone has to enjoy the wealth and lead the useful people who gladly follow. These glad-followers are blind because of the evil agenda that must be promoted with the ends always justifying the means. Therefore evil is in its nature!

Now when Government or communism tells us about needing to feed the poor and help the children! You know it’s all about control & regulation and telling you NOT to vote for the other guys who aren’t really for freedom. When they tell you this they are attempting to grab control or keeping it!!

If the Liberal eventual communists really are concerned about the poor and the needy, then they must do their part NOW on a personal level, if they really mean business. Why wait to join a cause that takes away other’s freedoms in the name of freedom to push a stupid Utopian dream with a lie that the poor will no longer exist. It’s all a lie! Read the Bible IF the spirit of high-minded pride will let you.
Even Jesus has said, “You will always have the poor.” Otherwise, yes, it’s always been a ploy by evil peeps to control people and promote the wealth of control freaks; the control freaks who are the leaders of these communist and fascist movements. The American Liberal regulation & control movement can be included here. By its very nature is eventual-communism as well.