Ben Carson Gaining on Mr Trump and Donald Explains Why!

~@ROliverLuce | 10-14-15

But first it must be said that we all must realize that these anti-constitutional(1) liberal Democrats ARE afraid of the Muslim’s dual evil-cover [See Dr. Bill Warner on this subject] as to why they NOW hate BOTH Mr. Trump & Dr. Carson.

The Muslim evil is only controversial because American Liberal-Progressives are afraid of the Muslims, therefore, refuse to read the 3 Muslim holy books

“Republican front-runner the Real Donald Trump says the Real Ben Carson has been gaining on him in recent polls because the retired neurosurgeon has taken a page from the Trump playbook: making controversial statements that draw media coverage.(2)”

Of course Carson’s and Trump’s statements re: Muslims are controversial because Americans are realizing the danger of normal Islam and it’s mobile worldwide style citizens moving into the country, our country, who all must support all types of Jihads whether violent or the cultural types such as school issues and street-commandeering for prayers! These Jihads are dictated through all 3 holy books at various stages when it’s advantageous to outwit the host nation. [Read the all 3 books and save yourselves!]

Americans want the push for Muslims to stop and reversed. Muslim refugees belong overseas where they can play with Sharia tyranny there!

The source of the trouble with all Muslims come from the trilogy of all 3 holy books, the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira from which the demon seed ideas come!

(2) Reference:

(1) Anti-constitutional in breaking the law, not enforcing the law, and breaking the constitution especially regarding allowing millions worldwide to flood our borders without understanding the consequences and actually using illegals to prop up certain agendas.


Covenant! God’s proof of His Love. Why do Some give up Their Heritage for Soup?

~R.OliverLuce | 11-15-14

Pic by R.Luce

Our Creator Father God first loved us!! Why would we give up our heritage to live in His love for a bowl of soup?  It’s our old nature (our body) that has to be controlled/balanced by our spirits. Everyday is a walk of trust as we GROW in His knowledge & wisdom, & love to over come our old nature. Everyday we must continue to trust God in this world which is ruled by an Adversary (The Devil) who hates God’s inheritors of salvation and is jealous of us in receiving God’s love.

So I contend! As it says in Deut. 4:31 God’s merciful covenant is proof He will be there for us always! His covenant is PROOF we have a Father we can always TRUST!
Even if we walk away willfully and strongly because of other gods we may be running after, we can still come back to Him through repentance! We are accepted again into His love for our deliverance (salvation) again from our sinful selves! WE may break (willfully& strongly) His covenant, His heart, but HE never will. To walk away from His love for another god does have terrible consequences.

But of course, GOD’s door will always be open when we come back to HIM and HE will again throw a HUGE FEAST for our return no matter!!! For our deliverance (salvation) from our old man is through His Covenant of love (His proof to us) which His WORD of PROMISE (Jesus) sealed the deal on that contract! We need to grow our SPIRITS in love towards our Father in Heaven that our SPIRITS will RULE over our natural appetites, bodies that we can glorify God during our time on Earth which is a certain time of decision for all eternity.

Scripture references:
Deut. 4:31; Gen.15:17; John 3:16

This My Friends is Salvation

This, my friends, is salvation

(Q): An atheist asked, “why is it about the blood in [true]Christianity?”

(A): A well known evanglist responded by, “It’s like soap, can’t be clean unless you apply the soap!  So likewise you must apply the blood!!”

To sum up salvation:

To apply the blood to your life means you must choose between life and death for your life; Apply the blood daily to your life with “your” faith(in His Word) and that means it is done positionally and daily. If you fail to apply the blood everyday then eventually the Holy Spirit will not continue to strive with you! Therefore, in like manner you are willfully walking away from His Covenant protection, breaking it with eventual terrible consequences for your eternal life.

A wise son will obey his father and grow in wisdom and makes his father proud of him. This, my friends, is salvation!