@NBC @YahooNews A Legendary Civil Rights Leader Attacks an American President-Elect

@ROliverLuce | 01-14-17

@NBC reports: Rep. John Lewis says President-elect Trump is not a legitimate President??

Ah, ok, then the ‘Legendary Civil Rights Leader’ has no right to be acting like an anti-American Black man.

So it’s NO WONDER President Trump said what he has said!

We all can’t have our way ALL THE TIME, can we, John Lewis?
Obama’s Islamization of America to replace freedoms with Sharia in time is going to stop.
Why cry over it? John Lewis’s freedoms are at stake as well!!!

John Lewis’s behavior in time past have been legendary. Today he stands in the way of the American Constitution and our freedoms!

Furthermore, there will be further revelations forthcoming (SOON) on who is Representative John Lewis, Democrat, the legendary American for freedoms for everyone, The Blackman, the Whiteman, and everyone else. But Mr. Lewis must continue to prove his character as a legendary leader; checking his attitude before God. Because no one is “once saved always saved” from a one-time era or event. Mr. Lewis must do more than TALK. He must influence and go to work to improve his own people!

America is all about win-win for all sides. BUT, we have elements in our society who hate America, and it’s Constitution!!
But, Alinsky Communism with its Islamic support will not prevail in this country, ever.



Really? The Birth of a New Civil Rights Movement?

~R.OliverLuce | 01-08-15

I ask. Based on what? Based on race baiting? Based on thugs pushing the law around after robbing & killing Black on Black? Based on young Black gang members shoving to the ground and kicking a Black elderly gentleman?
What has happen to these once civilized Black people who have given their allegiance to a liberal worldview that believes in dependency with no honor and respect? And refusing to listen to their wise Black brothers and sisters who believe in work, honor, and respect no matter the excuse! God is who we serve and not we ourselves.

Why do these so-called liberal Black people of ours NOT TAKE a queue from those very successful Asians, Chinese, and Black people from Africa who WERE mistreated themselves in days gone by? These people are climbing the ladder of success through honor and respect! Where is the honor and respect from these liberal Black people who have been deceitfully conned by a former president into buying into an American governmental “Great Society” of dependency that leads to a devilish kind of behavior that now the world can not believe their eyes?

Let us quell this evil today or forever more allow this great Republic to go into ruin by good men who did nothing to stand for Godly honor and respect no matter the excuse. This is a time of testing for those who are honorable and respectful!


Edited: Illegal Foreigners Demanding Their Rights for American Benefits & Services, & Fast-Zuckerberger says they deserve it?

R.Oliver Luce | 11-24-2013  {Edited: 02-18-14}

[ Quick Mr. Zuckerberg those millions and millions of Chinese & South American illegals deserve your huge HOUSE, guy!  Lets demand they DESERVE IT, buddy! ]

Now on a serious tone lol:  “Immigration Reform” is the biggest CIVIL RIGHTS issue of our time??  Really?  The young Mr. Zuckerberg may be a rich man doing lots of Facebooking and searching for real cheap foreign-labor, but has he noticed the people who are here illegally are NOT exactly American citizens in this country of ours? These illegals are not immigrants and nor should be! Have they gone through our LEGAL Immigration System? Have they become immigrants in the true sense of the word? Illegal immigrants, incidentally, is a contradiction in terms Mr. Zuckerberg if you haven’t notice that yet.

As for “Immigration Reform” I’m all for it! As for deportation I support reasonable use of “profiling” with officers who do not “display racist behavioral attitudes” in their actions when profiling. If an officer may be a racist he should and must keep it to himself as if he’s a gay sexual in the American Military, i.e. “don’t tell, don’t ask” which WAS very intelligent and keeps the freedoms open without having “USSR thought police involved”. This is reasonable for we shall always have racism. The object here is to removed institutional racism without policing people’s thoughts. As for profiling, it’s nothing more than an intelligent tool for law enforcement, like using guns properly as well.

Some people who lead this country are telling us deportation is impossible like Senator John McCain would tell us. How can that be said in the face of always being able to transport millions of American soldiers during WW2? Soldiers during the two battle theaters of the current 100 years war with Islam? If we can go to the moon we can deport 15 million illegal foreigners and their children back to their countries.

After all, President Eisenhower was able to deport millions inside of 1 to 2 years in saving the nation’s market wages for Americans who were fruit pickers themselves at the time! As for the children of illegal parents they must learn how important it is to be law-abiding and stay law-abiding. We are ALL free moral agents given to habitual behavior. It’s true why you can’t fool God. He made us as agents who are given to behavior that transforms into habitual behavior that assist in doing common tasks. Understanding the human condition and not forgetting it nor purposely forgetting is the bedrock for any social system. With that said, it’s for this reason among many other reasons why our founding fathers embraced Jesus the Christ to ensure the success of this Republic. A Republic if we can keep it, if we do not walk away from our creator. So, if illegal foreigners is the next civil rights group to champion we have lost our sense of common sense and law! We can remake our country by throwing out the lawless President and all those in and throughout all levels of government and in private business with the help of all of us returning to Jesus the Christ who is our creator! Then we will have a great prosperous nation under God once again where our citizens will be good producers in an American market with wages that support families. President Eisenhower did it, so can we!

Now leave our Legal Immigration System alone to screen for foreigners who are willing to love this country and learn it’s culture. We do not wish to import a Mexican culture with their own language. I’ve seen them and they really don’t care! Let us help foreigners and their children be a great blessing to their own countries where America is able to assist from a position of strength; from a moral and financial strength!!