The DARK Side of America is Progressive Hyperventaling of Created Issues

{The Overblowing of created issues for Federal control, i.e. guns.}
~@ROliverLuce | 06-13-16

As reported by gun controllers (reference below):
“Obama is right?? Inaction in the face of mass shootings is also a political act?” [Say the gun tyrann-ists!]

What is needed is action to steal the people’s guns by force??

To simply shut down Muslim shootings, to shut down “incited” crazies shooting people, to shut down thousands of (released) criminals & gangs, to shut down illegals from killing Americans?

Wisdom knows what the real agenda is all about, here!

And so do those of us who see the problem through the wisdom of common sense!

To simplify what’s going on:

America’s lax gun policies?
We have too much tyranny that is ignoring our constitution!

Murders & suicides plummets after Australia confiscates guns?
It’s not exactly true but a lie from our own beloved DARK progressive controllers here in America!

So are we to understand and believe liberal-progressives that we must live under their rule only?  Oh really??

Current mass shootings ARE  (?caused simply by citizens owning guns?) NOT a national problem in this country!!  But yes, we do have a NATIONAL PROBLEM which is fast becoming an emergency;  There is an evil outcome that is coming from some place else.

That someplace else is the hyperventilating-government and administration of the now Muslim President of the United States.

For the current mass shootings are caused by government hyperventilating and TALKING-UP the problem (not down) with an ill-obsession and focus on taking away guns for stealth reasons against the constitution!



Interview with an American Indian re: Aliens

~R.OliverLuce | 11-10-14

An interview with an American Indian regarding illegal aliens!
[A link is listed below at bottom of this article].

Even the Indians know full well it’s wrong to give away free jobs, free housing, free land, free goodies, & free services to foreigners from other countries because of great misplaced PRIDE and false guilt in the FACE of our own people who are hurting and without jobs.

It’s wrong to allow illegal aliens into America without FIRST screening for bugs, diseases, legal troubles, and behavior. Then after that comes earning trust and learning well the American culture and it’s language PRIOR to entering and becoming a GREEN CARD CARRIER. America speaks English. Other languages are NOT the national language. When in ROME do as the Romans do. Come with assistance (American friends perhaps) of any kind when in Rome (America).

Finally. In time, say, 7 years these foreigners might and can become LEGAL citizens of the United States. It’s a concept that even a troubled Obama has yet to figure out.

I am willing to bet HE WILL NEVER figure this out nor has the ability to WANT to do LEGAL immigration without including illegals :-). I KNOW HE DOESN’T lol. He can’t do it, lol. And with that in mind he wants to be arrested and be treated as a criminal. Let him prove otherwise, lol.

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Re-Establishing Law & Order in the Republic: Deport Flooding Illegal Foreigners

by R.OliverLuce | 03-04-14

Law & Order Series:

Starting with this liberal Administration in the Whitehouse along with RINO*/liberal elements of the Senate and the House, whom these leaders, the President, liberal judges, and certain members of congress MUST either resign or begin “consistently” (after elections) obeying, encouraging, and enforcing American Constitutional law

[without misinterpreting, courts creating law, and pushing the creation of law or new improved ‘precedence of law’ through the courts]

by taking the constitution at it’s word along with it’s associated “Federalist Papers” that give further explanations of what the constitution flatly means. The word “Flatly,” here, would convey the meaning NOT second guessing what the founding fathers of our nation meant. We can all see what’s in the record with their own written words!

Today that’s not the case as liberalism has taken to re-writing the constitution according to their own socialist agenda, or worse outright ignoring and breaking it! As this liberal agenda continues to push its way into every aspect of American life and our institutions we are seeing lawlessness and mayhem that is threatening our way of life and peace! We all see it today!

Case in point, the absurd phrase “undocumented immigrants,” a contradiction in terms! This phrase is used over and over again to gainsay on the American public that breaking and not enforcing immigration law is good for the country in helping poor immigrants who make a living in the U.S. But in fact the word “immigrant” is used only for those who have LEGALLY entered the U.S. legally as recent citizens. This is a nothing more than egging on a lawless situation for political gain by placing millions on the public dole who when naturally vote for those who give out the freebies! This is not only anti-Americanism as it is lawless and it makes the doers (those leaders of ours) lawless in egging on foreigners to break the law themselves, American law.

As human beings, they (we) are creatures of habit. They are either habitually lawful or unlawful, without even talking about mistakes. But mistakes can lead to willful habits. Lawlessness will beget more lawlessness in the human condition; Even as our leaders do, so goes the populous as a certain timeless concept in human affairs states. Therefore, to ensure the security and lawful activities of our country, illegal foreigners must be asked to leave or be deported in the name of law and order. All this to encourage lawful attitudes in leadership, the American people, and those foreigners who can be a blessing to their own countries with ill-gotten gains paid by the American taxpayer. America can not become a holy heaven to the entire world for every foreigner in every land. America must never become a tyrannical country like this, never!

Our leaders to willfully and conveniently break certain laws and refuse not to enforce others, will bring about instability to our country through the inspiration of outrage. Lawless leaders do inspire the populous to rage and to plain lawlessness as well.

Not only must we recapture the country, but we must avoid this coming lawlessness. Lawlessness is dangerous and CAN be used as a pretext for dictation and Marshal Law. This would mean instituting the final solution.

* RINO means Republican In Name Only as a liberal member of the Republican party.

Edited: Illegal Foreigners Demanding Their Rights for American Benefits & Services, & Fast-Zuckerberger says they deserve it?

R.Oliver Luce | 11-24-2013  {Edited: 02-18-14}

[ Quick Mr. Zuckerberg those millions and millions of Chinese & South American illegals deserve your huge HOUSE, guy!  Lets demand they DESERVE IT, buddy! ]

Now on a serious tone lol:  “Immigration Reform” is the biggest CIVIL RIGHTS issue of our time??  Really?  The young Mr. Zuckerberg may be a rich man doing lots of Facebooking and searching for real cheap foreign-labor, but has he noticed the people who are here illegally are NOT exactly American citizens in this country of ours? These illegals are not immigrants and nor should be! Have they gone through our LEGAL Immigration System? Have they become immigrants in the true sense of the word? Illegal immigrants, incidentally, is a contradiction in terms Mr. Zuckerberg if you haven’t notice that yet.

As for “Immigration Reform” I’m all for it! As for deportation I support reasonable use of “profiling” with officers who do not “display racist behavioral attitudes” in their actions when profiling. If an officer may be a racist he should and must keep it to himself as if he’s a gay sexual in the American Military, i.e. “don’t tell, don’t ask” which WAS very intelligent and keeps the freedoms open without having “USSR thought police involved”. This is reasonable for we shall always have racism. The object here is to removed institutional racism without policing people’s thoughts. As for profiling, it’s nothing more than an intelligent tool for law enforcement, like using guns properly as well.

Some people who lead this country are telling us deportation is impossible like Senator John McCain would tell us. How can that be said in the face of always being able to transport millions of American soldiers during WW2? Soldiers during the two battle theaters of the current 100 years war with Islam? If we can go to the moon we can deport 15 million illegal foreigners and their children back to their countries.

After all, President Eisenhower was able to deport millions inside of 1 to 2 years in saving the nation’s market wages for Americans who were fruit pickers themselves at the time! As for the children of illegal parents they must learn how important it is to be law-abiding and stay law-abiding. We are ALL free moral agents given to habitual behavior. It’s true why you can’t fool God. He made us as agents who are given to behavior that transforms into habitual behavior that assist in doing common tasks. Understanding the human condition and not forgetting it nor purposely forgetting is the bedrock for any social system. With that said, it’s for this reason among many other reasons why our founding fathers embraced Jesus the Christ to ensure the success of this Republic. A Republic if we can keep it, if we do not walk away from our creator. So, if illegal foreigners is the next civil rights group to champion we have lost our sense of common sense and law! We can remake our country by throwing out the lawless President and all those in and throughout all levels of government and in private business with the help of all of us returning to Jesus the Christ who is our creator! Then we will have a great prosperous nation under God once again where our citizens will be good producers in an American market with wages that support families. President Eisenhower did it, so can we!

Now leave our Legal Immigration System alone to screen for foreigners who are willing to love this country and learn it’s culture. We do not wish to import a Mexican culture with their own language. I’ve seen them and they really don’t care! Let us help foreigners and their children be a great blessing to their own countries where America is able to assist from a position of strength; from a moral and financial strength!!