Salvation Through The Torah & The Living Word & For Those Who Are Still Seeking the Truth!

~@ROliverLuce | 03-23-17


I am responding to certain Facebook questions & entries regarding “exposing missionaries,” how we (both Jews & Gentiles who love Adonai) are ALL missionaries, and how Jews are saved from their daily sins through requirements that is possible only from Adonai’s power of His love. And I will go into detail what I am talking about! Questions and responses are welcome.

Salvation Through The Torah & The Living Word & For Those Who Are Still Seeking the Truth!

Why “expose missionaries?” I will first say many Christian groups do NOT know God as their complete wisdom (not the wisdom without Torah). Thus many do not depend on and go to Adonai for ‘wisdom’ that leads to reaching people wisely (with a pure heart) FOR the TRUTH without pushing nor lording it over people! Instead, many Christian or Messianic Jewish missionaries offend the Jews without listening to Adonai’s voice.

But it’s also true that the ‘heavenly Torah’ [the living Word, from the mouth of Adonai] may be convicting Jews as well. So let us be honest and be content that we know Adonai intimately through the Word and earnest prayer. We’re all sinners. There is a God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob that does judge and discern for which cause there will be a judgment in the end.

We can be confident of what is says in Romans chapter 2 [please bear with me here!] AND in the “Tanakh” that if we are genuine seekers of the Truth (in word and deed) of which Adonai is the AUTHOR we will find Him who is the Author! BUT, I say this only to PROVE that those who are blind (do not know) to what Adonai has made known (Torah) and who the author of the TRUTH is, will NOT have this confidence in seeking the truth for their life. The Jews have Adonai’s written Torah for their salvation. If they rely on Adonai’s love and grace for empowerment in keeping the Torah, they do well! Because with Adonai’s forgiveness their consciences are cleared even as they are still waiting for THE MESSIAH. However, when a Jew realizes the Messiah, HE must compel himself to accept Adonai’s Word into his own heart as an act of circumcision of his heart! As for many Gentiles, many do give up and embrace their sins and fail to do what is right!

For this cause we are missionaries to the NATIONS; all of us, the Jews first and the Gentiles who embrace the author of the TRUTH, the Messiah who covers our sins through the Covenant of Adonai as we can visualize from Genesis 15.17. In this passage is where Adonai and His Spirit of Love pass through the two pieces of flesh that represent Adonai’s WORD of promise (the Truth)!

To reiterate about those who are seeking the truth without the realization of the Messiah, allow me to explain in closing. The Jews are saved from their sin condition through the Torah and what it means to follow the Torah. It would mean to know that the Torah can only be kept through continually accepting Adonai’s unconditional graciousness and forgiveness of sins daily. Thus repentance of sin is crucial to Adonai’s forgiveness when their conscience comes to a realization of [a] sin, not false guilt.


A Proposal: The Crusades Were The Result of the Constant Conquest of The Islamic Barbarians

~@ROliverLuce | 10-08-15

Yes, early Christianity kept everything out of the assembling and the creation of the Bible Cannon that was of “Jewish flavor” due to the idea that the Jews murdered Jesus in and around the year 325 AD in the early years of the so-called innocence of the Catholic church then.

A Proposal that the Muslims are the actual barbarians that attempted to overrun Europe with over 250 plus “major” battles and the Crusades were an answer to those battles which only number around 20 at most!
Islam’s conquest that covers all the lands from Spain and North-west Africa spans all the way through North India took only a mere 60 years to conquer!  I guess this fact alone scared European leaders and history writers for the next 200 or more years down to this day!!

In the discovery that from 1972 thru 2000 there have been about 225 books written about the evils of the Christian Crusades with only 1 single book written in the same period about the Muslim conquests of all of the Middle East, North Africa, much less than Europe. But what Jay Smith does not know is the Muslim hordes in that era were the TRUE barbarians.

With all that said, there must be an agenda to NOT talk about the truth of the crusades and the invasion of Islam in the lands of Spain, North Africa, and the Middle East all the way to India. Why was there apparent BAN on documenting and writing about these bloody (and they were bloody) Muslim conquests? The West is SCARED of Islam. To find out more on why the WEST, why Europe is scared you can be directed to another researcher who knows much more than Mr. Jay Smith, and his name is Dr. Bill Warner.  And there are others as well!

Now I must say, Mr. Jay Smith has a problem with Christ-believers functioning in the armed services and in other functions of their various countries that may be (could be) Christian or righteously based for the most part. And yet there have been nations that have used Christianity is various evil ways, such as Rome! However, that does not mean all Christians in Rome were wayward evil believers in Christ either!! I will then propose that this man has gone too far [similarly] like, for example, the Calvinists, in missing the WHOLE of the Gospel of the Lord Yeshua (Jesus)!

Reference and video of Mr. Jay Smith speaking:

Now here is the location (in the above video) of the number of books documenting the crusades as oppose to any at all documenting Muslims as the barbarians who actually murdered MOST of the Jews in Jerusalem prior to the Crusades that were to stem the tide of the barbarians:
The location: 9:00 in the video.

The Works of Salvation & our desires for temporal and false blessings

~@ROliverLuce | 06-11-15

The fruit of our inspired [1] self-disciplined labors is in glorifying God. Without them, without our works, our faith is dead [2], even our trust is dead [3].
So how are we to be judged rightly by God if we were to still be under the blood of Christ when we have withdrawn our trust habitually? For when we willfully sin we put Christ back on the cross; especially when we habitually do so without regard to The Holy Spirit. We can do this by searing (cutting off) our own consciences in mistreating one’s wife for an example. But even so Christ is always still there if the soul finally has enough and does desire to return to Christ’s Covenant of Salvation! There is nothing wrong with returning before it’s too late! Our God is always there for all whosoever will. God woos us with His love like an earthly father or mother and we then desire HIS love like we would desire our parents love in wooing us back! God is love!

So to explain further! To withdraw our faith from our trust in God as LORD is usually for a cheap pot of soup [4] [so to speak] in throwing away our heritage which is locked in His Covenant of promises! Usually, we do fall backwards because of a desire to circumvent God’s ways for a faster/quicker way to a blessing or those blessings we idolize over God.
For these reasons, we would chase after a number of temporal and false blessings that our spiritual man does not need at all and will corrupt us. Again, God is still there with His outstretched arms [5] for you and I.

[1] From the Holy Spirit.
[2] James 2:17, 26
[3] This occurs with those who have gone down the path of habitual faithlessness developing into a familiar spirit that isn’t conducive to a life of trust in Yeshua!
[4] Esau in the Old Testament (Covenant or Tanakh Book).
[5] God’s outstretched arms on the cross with love just for you and I.

Those who hate the truth will be given a delusion. Truth is a Person

~ROliverLuce | 04-01-15

The God who spoke the worlds into existence allows delusion into the hearts of men & women who hate truth, but instead embrace their own likeness of the truth

Various people who instead of seeking the truth become foolish & were allowed to be given a delusion instead for judgment for their wilfull disobedience against the truth!
For Truth is a Person who is the living Word of God, Yeshua the Son of the LIVING GOD who spoke the WORLDS into exsistence by the HIS living WORD the Messiah Yeshua the Christ (the charsmatic one)!

Romans 1:21-25 {NASB}

(21) For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
(22) Professing to be wise, they became fools,
(23) and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures.
(24) Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them.
(25) For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

A Metaphor to Understanding God’s Purpose for Mankind that is Primarily Detailed in Revelation

~ROliverLuce | 03-29-15

There are two God given metaphors that give meaning and describe the structure of God’s view and plans from the Torah, the various books in the Tanakh (O.T.) and the book of Revelation.  Two metaphors that opens up the understanding of the book of Revelation! **

(I.) The first metaphor.
The betrothal/marriage covenant which depicts God’s concept of how HE thinks about us within HIS all encompassing Covenant of Salvation found in Genesis 15:17 for example.

[A.] “The first five books of the Bible mirror the ancient Hebrew Ketubah, or the marriage contract.”

[B.] Study the Hebrew roots of the scripture to understand the symbolism.

[C.] “Through the betrothal covenant, HE intends to remarry HIS people, who divorced HIM in the Garden of Eden.” (He has put the marriage contract in force at the beginning. However, HE had to provide a way to fulfill the covenant, which is where HIS living Word (Yeshua) played a crucial part.)

[D.] As events build to the coming of Jesus:
1. God speaks and communicates again and again of the pure relationship between the bride and the groom.
2. Speaking and communicating of harmonious interactions between husband and wife.
3. Speaking of the details of a ritual of marriage and of bearing children and to bequeathing a good and honorable inheritance which does include rewards building up naturally as a result from relationship.

(II.) The second metaphor is God’s sacred Menorah.
The symbol God designed that actually comes into it’s own because it organizes the framework of chapters and verses in Revelation. And this symbol depicts the structure of the Apostle John’s vision where these chapters and verses hang on for understanding! This God given metaphor is about structure that shows HIS plan for restoring HIS bride to Himself!

The Menorah does show us how God organizes the book of Revelation and much of the prophetic and historical scripture contained in the Tanakh (the Old Testament) supports John’s vision in Revelation it’s self.

**Lost in Translation Rediscovering The Hebrew Roots of Our Faith, vol.1,” by John Klein & Adam Spears, chapter 5, pgs. 100-101.

Book on Covenant/Betrothal entitled, “Lost in Translation Rediscovering The Hebrew Roots of Our Faith, vol.1,” by John Klein & Adam Spears.

Book on Covenant/Betrothal entitled, “Lost in Translation The Book of Revelation Through Hebrew Eyes, Vol. 2,” by John Klein & Adam Spears.

Book on Covenant/Betrothal entitled, “Lost in Translation Volume 3, The Book of Revelation: 2 Brides, 2 Destinies, Vol.3” by John Klein & Adam Spears.

Earnestly Teaching the Chosen Ones in Christ

~R.OliverLuce | 02-06-15

The teacher of the Word of Salvation must endure all trouble with faithfulness for the sake of the ‘chosen’, those who “love the truth.”

It must be understood that those who do NOT love nor SEEK the truth will be sent a delusion as like in the case of pharaoh in Moses era. The apostasy, attitude of unrighteousness, sin, and foolishness begins in the heart and manifests outwardly afterwards, with the acceptance of any level of obsession and evil. The delusion that God allows is the judgement of unrepentant sin, i.e. Homosexuality for example is the judgment upon them.

Verse Reference:
2Timothy 2:10
“For this reason I [Apostle Paul] endure all things for the sake of those who are chosen [those who love/seek the truth], so that they also may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus [through continual obedience] and with it eternal glory.”

Please Disregard: This Article Does Not Say What I Had in Mind To Say!

~R.OliverLuce | 11-21-14

Just in Time in Preparation of The Bride of Christ for HIS Return

Just in time for full maturity and wisdom for the bride to be accepted by God’s Son, who is God’s living Word of Promise from HIS mouth! This bride is the Church of CHRIST in full maturity; That is to say it knows how to get back up from it’s sin with grace knowing who they (the church) are in Christ.

It’s ALL COMING TOGETHER** with the church waking up to the revelation of it’s full maturity (ready for marriage to the LAMB) in realizing & obeying it’s JEWISH COVENANT steps that displays the path to intimately knowing our Lord & our GOD. We shall be a BRIDE ready to receive HIM as the Word returning for HIS bride to be sure!!

All this hidden since the Greek influence on the Church AFTER the era of the book of ACTS and the Hebraic Pauline epistles which were written both in Hebrew and Greek had long passed!

For a thousand years the Church followed their savior and Lord with a blindness to an intimate knowledge of the COVENANT NATURE of the walk in Christ that could have been and now is!!

This Covenant nature of the whole gospel of the Word of God, hidden for a century, details the process of how we know our God with works from the ‘Spirit of Restoration’ with the express purpose of being involved intimately with God as in the beginning of all time in the garden when Adam and Eve were innocents without knowledge but with complete trust in HIM.

This understanding comes from knowing the Tanakh and the B’rit Hadashah, an Hebraic approach instead of the traditional Greek hermeneutics approach which is unable to bring out the more certain details of our salvation!
All this just in time for the maturity and the development of a bride ready for the return of the LIVING WORD of GOD in the flesh!!

** The final but developing mass sneak attack on Israel, recent demands for building the 3rd temple by the Jews, and the fulfilling of Matthew 24:14!

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Calvinism Can Simply be Milk to Believers in Christ. Older Christians are Stunted in the Wisdom of the WORD

~R.OliverLuce | 10-27-14

Stunted in my Growth?  No! Can’t be!
I simply ignore God’s confirmation of His Word in Creation, that’s all.
Yep, you’re stunted.

By R.OliverLuce

Calvinism can and should only be associated with new Christians who need the milk of the WORD yet in order to understand the truth and how it relates to real life in Christ Jesus.

The milk of the Word means those Christians who have not grown enough to experience Christ in their lives to gain the wisdom to handle the Word of truth in tough everyday situations.

Well, some Christians have been stunted in the belief that Calvinism is the truth for all time not understanding wisdom to go on building precept upon precept in order to see more clearly in their everyday lives. It is true as it says in the Word of God, that we once were seeing through a glass darkly! But now we see much more clearly with the help of the Living Word of God!

Those Christians who are stunted are simply doomed to high ivory towers of intellectualism with wonderful sounding proverbs that may not have the experience of the Father’s Covenant of salvation in action! That action must come in real world situations where God can act and deliver and interact personally with YOU as an “inheritor of salvation” that only Calvinistic angels can only dream. God surely is not in the business of creating more angels.

God is creating more “inheritors of salvation” whosoever will choose His love over any other distraction and god (toys or agendas) of this world! If you and I were born into this world, the Earth, then we have BEEN CHOSEN from God the Father to become “inheritors of Covenant” if we choose HIS Word of Life to LIVE inside of us. Then HE is able to give us LIFE and STRENGTH to live with Him and overcome THIS WORLD ruled temporarily by Satan.

Praise His majesty the Lord!

Password to the Kingdom of God

~R.OliverLuce | 09-30-14

There is a password you must KNOW. When God’s hears it HE will make it possible for you to enter His REST. And His REST is righteousness and wisdom in His Kingdom and sin can not have place. For God will only make it possible for you and I to enter His REST, His Kingdom through a Word of promise He has made! For God will never renege on His Word of promise, and that Word is JESUS the anointed one above all anointings in the world! Jesus the Christ is the one who sealed the DEAL, on a stake, for His Father’s Covenant of covering, of salvation from sin that makes it POSSIBLE for GOD to allow any one of us to enter His Kingdom! If we look on HIS word of promise we are saved from ourselves! Remember the stake with the snake on it, whom Moses told the Jews to simply look upon it and be saved from their plight! And many refused to look.

What is that password you ask?

That password is your WORD of trust (faith) in accepting God’s Word. It’s much more than just a password. It is an attitude, a behavior of TRUST & ACCEPTANCE of His love; A love from GOD to be LORD over our heart every day. Let me call it THE LAW OF CHRIST. And there is “The Spirit of Truth” that will empower you and I to obey God’s law of justice through God’s living Word. For God is a god of justice and by His very nature sin can not enter His REST except through His promise.

Certainly, no other can claim they are God. For The Spirit of Truth spells doom for all of them in the END.

Watching & Seeing Wisdom (God Working) in The Air!

~R.OliverLuce | 09-07-14

So you shall do the works that you SEE your Father-God doing as Jesus the Christ did.
He only did what His Father-God did. As the Father worked then so did the Son; So the Word of God did:

Proverbs 1:20-22 {CJB}
20 Wisdom calls aloud in the open air and raises her voice in the public places;
21 she calls out at street corners and speaks out at entrances to city gates:
22 “How long, you whose lives have no purpose, will you love thoughtless living? How long will scorners find pleasure in mocking? How long will fools hate knowledge [of God]?

Proverbs 1:23
23 Repent when I reprove [you] — I will pour out my spirit to you, I will make my words known to you.

[THEN you shall see what I (God) do in the atmosphere in every situation that comes before you in life!]

{You shall see God at work in the Spirit everywhere you walk according as it is written in the foolishness of the Word of God (Bible). That foolishness comes from those who are mired in the world of godlessness}