Premature “China experts” reacting to Tillerson should back off!

~@ROliverLuce | 01-13-17

Rex Tillerson is speaking in ‘off-the-cuff terms’ in answering the REAL question; Should America be tough on reigning in Chinese aggression in “The South China Islands?”

And besides, lets hear what China has to say about this un-issue today:
Quoting, “China’s foreign ministry has, however, played down the tough talks by Rex Tillerson over territorial disputes.” Nevertheless, we know what China wants! They are apparently getting away with stealing at the expense of a global economy! Ok, there you have it. Even China gets it to some degree. China knows Rex Tillerson wants a fair but tough deal in the South China Islands with everyone winning. Not just China!

As for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being rather pro-Russia? What’s wrong with reaching out to them? So quoting Rex Tillerson; “Trump’s transition team has said it is “premature” to say whether Russia will be a defense priority for the new administration and Trump has indicated he will attempt to befriend Putin.” Again, what is wrong with reaching out along with a sense of strength? Strength is something Mr. Obama does not believe America should have, which is revealing to some.

There are a few indications Putin may be a future democratic friend. Consider the following: Putin has proved he has stood against our former lawless President most of the way!! Putin has shown to be a real man in leadership with his actions regarding Syria, howbeit America does clash with him on many occasions without Obama in the mix.

Thus, is Russia the problem? The Democrats are using ‘Fake News’ for the most part in saying they are hacking! But the whole world is digitally hacking America! No! Rather it’s the Communistic Liberals (Democrats) who are the problem here? Lying, over and over again using many false issues, fake news, and abusive regulations, is the serious matter ripping the country apart for an Alinsky Communist agenda! For the Democrats are involved in pushing communism on America for the long run. Democrats are the problem we are facing today in America. The problem is NOT coming from OUTSIDE, but from within our country!

NOW, in dealing with the issue of the Russians. And what Mr. Tillerson and President-elect Trump thinks about doing business with Russia is summarized here: In the words of Rex Tillerson, “…we need an open and frank dialogue with Russia regarding its ambitions, so that we know how to chart our course.” ”
Enough now! We need to get the CIA, yes the CIA out of governing the people from behind the curtains with the elite Democrats and Republicans cheering the CIA’s stealth push in taking down President-elect Donald J Trump!

Article: China may strike back if US blocks Beijing’s access to disputed South China Sea islands, experts say?


Wilberforce: The Courage to Impeach a Growing Evil is Necessary even in the Face of Political Risk

~R.OliverLuce | 11-14-14

Some House representatives in the Republican party are forgetting their role in defending the American Constitution. Sure, lets go ahead and defund certain operations if and when down the line the president ordains lawlessness by dictate! It’s true the party must take care of it’s self! BUT should the party only do their own thing at the expense of the nation that even spells a national decline coming? Both the Republican and Democratic parties must ultimately tow the line to secure the Constitution and the country, letting only the best man or reps to win and rally around them all! So therefore we must encourage our Republican representatives to pull a WILBERFORCE and impeach this present danger in the White House even in the face of political risk and years of trials. Mr. Wilberforce eventually won because he was on the side of truth. Slavery is a danger and an evil that has occurred world over for centuries. Let us not cower but secure courage from our God and forge ahead without delay.
Let us not delay for we are more than able to take the country and see it’s salvation from this present wrong that grows larger everyday!

To regress. May I simply mention the reality that the lack of courage in any people leads to wrong and that wrong will produce what we call sin which in turn springs obsession and lost in the soul any people, any person, or even a nation’s soul if not checked!

So our courage to do what is right is needed for initiating impeachment and defunding the government in certain areas to stop this President from breaking the Constitution (he’s habitually doing, i.e. many examples) once again to ordain illegal foreigners as eventual citizens [without waiting in line] without Constitutional and legal grounds. BUT we have a immigration plan already at hand. It is simply for the MOST PART not being ENFORCED. Neither is the border being enforced. Ok and if RED-China [soon to be overpowered by Christianity] created a great wall, if Israel created a high wall, if Mexico enforces and imprisons illegals of it’s own, then WE are more than able as President Eisenhower has proven back in 1954, to secure a border and outlaw illegal employees and stabilize national wages in our own national market place as Eisenhower had done with a few thousand agents with several million illegals. Deporting lawlessness did deserve to be called “wetback.” Good Americanized citizens from Mexico who are law-abiding are not therefore “wetbacks.” As we can understand it’s ok to look down upon the lawless until they perk-up so to speak.

So, in the face of great political loss [election of 2014], even the current Democrat party has forgotten their obligation on the national scene in their push for lawless and anti-Constitutional actions which have led to the flooding of the country with illegal foreigners who have family and those who have not and those who have desires to live off the government and those who have desires for gain with evil intent. Lawlessness has undesirable side effects even for control freaks.

Once we break our own laws that effectively gives away “the farm” (lawlessness) to foreigners (illegal aliens) the “string” of illegal families are never ending: “I have a family LET ME IN NOW illegally, and so do I, and I do too, and so is my family here as well, and help me I have a family too, and I have nothing help me, and I have this or that…” until the “string of illegal extended families” gets longer and longer and longer… until the American culture is crushed by illegal-cultures of another time and place, who do not understand ‘what is America’, and comes under the thumb of THE tyranny of dependency! Legal immigration has always been a good thing for a great country who knows HOW to repel groups who call good evil, and evil good! Why allow America to become a mix-bag-of-tricks through “legal anarchy?”

This is what our current liberalized/progressiv’ized government is doing to America. Seducing everyone, including millions of illegals, on government dependency for the delight of control in their effort to make a new world free of misery as they SEE IT. All this with the desire to remove all unnecessary responsible freedoms and wealth creation and calling it “White Privilege” for control purposes in swaying ignorant masses in believing there is not enough to go around even in wealth creation. After all, they call it all a lie. But what liberal-progressives call good is nothing but a lie and a trick to save the world from their own FEAR. But their fear is from the adversary of lies. They fear because they believe they are better than God as in NIMROD of old!


President Obama and his threat of ordaining lawless foreigners into eventual voters:

Example of the lack of American courage in stopping this present wrong that has grown into an evil:

Taking Shock of Investment Opportunities {cpywrt 5-16-13}

Shocking ‘excerpts’ for possible future investment ideas!

Article Title:  China Air Traffic Congestion Worsened by Military Control
By Jasmine Wang | May 16, 2013

Segment excerpts for foolishly-wise investment thoughts;  A few thoughts:

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What’s happening to Chinese air travel:

Air China Ltd. (601111), China Eastern Airlines Corp. and China Southern Airlines Co. (1055) have expanded their fleet as economic growth spurs air travel demand in the world’s most populous nation. The country is expected to have 4,200 commercial aircraft in 2020, compared with the current fleet size of 2,001 with 46 airlines, CAAC’s Li said.

Increase in Chinese air travel hopes are dependent on a breakthrough:

“People are hoping that the country’s new leadership can have a breakthrough in getting more airspace released to accommodate the rapid growth,” said Kelvin Lau, a Hong Kong-based analyst at Daiwa Securities Group Inc. “Otherwise, delays will persist and hurt the airlines’ long term growth prospects.”

Chinese air travel growth is running into serious delays caused by the Military:

Still, the pace isn’t quick enough to catch up with the airlines’ growth as the number of annual passengers has more than doubled in the past seven years, said David Wei, an aerospace analyst with Shanghai Securities Co.

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Taking Shock of Investment Opportunities
{cpywrte 5-16-13}


Dems Teaching Illegals How To Circumvent The Law To Vote

[ LET IT BE KNOWN FROM NOW ON: No more slave labor prices from Liberal-inspired farmers. They should start paying living wages to living Americans & the rest of us should be willing to pay American-market prices for long range prosperity for all of us ]

It’s true we can’t prove Dems are outright showing illegals how to vote, but everyone knows their actions & agenda does aid in helping illegals to vote!
Nevertheless, the Democrats are teaching illegals to VOTE under guise of helping those who can’t afford a picture-ID to vote with.
The GOP and the Tea Party do want voter-ID so there is NO fraud, and forcing illegals to go to the back of the line behind their fellow Mexican ‘legals’!! Let it be known from now on Liberal-inspired American farmers must pay ‘living wages’ to Americans in picking fruit & etc., and the rest of us will be willing to pay American market driven prices for fruit & etc. as we should without justifying the current slave labor wages!! Slave labor wages ARE CRIMINAL!!

Yes it’s true; Liberals / Democrats do NOT want voter-ID so there is fraud in a round-about-way. And these same Liberals wish to continue slave labor wages which again are CRIMINAL!

For crying out loud, the [Liberal] Government gives goodies away every day! So why not give FREE picture-IDs to the so-called poor too, liberals? Why not, you justifying giving the STORE away to everyone else who are stuck on these handouts without any reasons for it! Come on, FREE picture-IDs for those who can PROVE they are Americans who can VOTE.

Now THINK people, THINK!! Those of you who love your BIG Evil Government god who you believe will save you from a coming judgment. Oh yeah, the jig is coming! And we are NOT talking global warming either.

In perspective: We have gone from preventing Black people from voting to the other extreme of allowing illegal people to vote under the guise of “Let everyone who is poor vote.” This is a cover-up lie to allow Demo-voters who are illegals from China & Mexico and beyond! It’s called a win-fall vote for Democrats who keep yelling in the media LOOK what we are doing for you illegals. The Media has become the STATE MEDIA. It’s time will come soon enough to be outlawed  (legally) for sure in due season.