Government TALKS UP Gun Violence as It Releases Thousands of Gangs with Muslims Pouring in [IS this the change?]

[IS this the change?]
~@ROliverLuce | 06-15-16

“So many Americans are slaughtered by gun violence that even the most sensitive of us has [been numbed]?”
{Rather Americans are numbed by a lawless President.}
“An Islamic extremist [all Muslims are normal extremists] turns a gay (homosexual) nightclub into a grisly abattoir and we all know what comes next: nothing, no gun control at all.”
{Gun control is NOT the problem!}

Government inspired mass killings are the problem with an administration TALKING UP the focus on mass gun murders and releasing tens of thousands of murders and gang members.
The Government continues to TALK UP the focus and also allows Muslims to live illegally in this country. THE NATION HAS A 1952 LAW OUTLAWING ISLAM.
The allowance of Muslims “began with earlier” presidents without considering the consequences of Muslims in America and OUR LAWS! It REALLY seems that the few (comparing to the Middle East) American black Muslims are NOT exactly true Muslims, for they might NOT have any idea what the Hadith and the Sira demands of them! Most became Muslims in 1950’s and 1960’s to get out of national responsibilities.}

The Obama Lies

Lie number 1, “so many Americans have been slaughtered by guns?”
Rebuffing lie #1: There are NOT thousands of Americans being slaughtered.

Lie number 2, “that even the most sensitive are numbed?”
Translation of #2: Most Americans are beginning to realize guns might be the problem. Really, putting ideas into our heads?

Obama cover: There have been more guns sold since I’ve been president than just about any time in U.S. history.
Rebuff coverup: More Americans are realizing Obama is the enemy even in his own words and his ignoring of law & order. Thus the purchase of weapons for possible rebuffing of tyranny.

Obama lie: There are enough guns for every man, woman, and child in this country and at no point have I ever proposed confiscating guns from responsible gun owners.”
Rebuff of lie: Obama is after confiscation of all citizen weapons in due season!



Gangsters in the Whitehouse: A Very Clear and Present Danger

Gangsters in the Whitehouse: A Very Clear and Present Danger
By R.OliverLuce | 05-30-2013

Breaking News:
Defending Chicago W.H. Gangsterism: 
Louisiana Demo Party chief says ObamaCare critics motivated by racism; 
Meaning we riot if you expose us and Obama!

The Time is now to arrest and jail everyone in the Whitehouse, the State, and Justice Departments who are part of the present Chicago-gangster system in our government; The time is now to open the books and show the public what’s going on.  It’s time to walk them to jail for trial without fear from gangster black gangs!  This is tyranny plain and simple.  If trouble brews in the streets SO BE IT.  We are worth more than what might be destroyed.  It’s the honor and freedoms of Americans everywhere WHO HATE THIS EVIL (Liberals, Conseratives, Blacks, Whites and Latinos).

It’s been too long for all of America to be afraid to deal with this Chicago gang in the Whitehouse because of possible reprisals from gangster liberal black gangs.  It’s wrong to allow ourselves to do NOTHING because of fear!  Fear is what we need to fear instead; The fear of God must lead us to do what’s right!

The following quote should make it clear: 
“A major reason Obama has skated for so long – and particularly with Republican leaders – is that no one wishes his or her legacy to include having brought down America’s first black president. There is the very real concern that such action might ignite civil unrest.” 

Therefore, there comes a time to NOT CARE about liberal-black gangster tyranny! If it comes to that, then the real question is what is more important to us?  Is it our honor to defend the truth and freedoms and the honor of liberal-blacks who, many do, see the truth? Of course many Conservative black people see through this!  No group nor gangs should ever blackmail the rest of the country whether they be CONSERVATIVE or LIBERAL or CHICAGO gangsters.

Even if these gangs had forefathers who were slaves! It is evil to rule by blackmail just because of their hatred for what happen to their grandparents. They have become more evil than what slavery ever was.  We are a nation of laws based on God. Not a nation of bitterness and blackmail. Time is now for forgiveness and to work together in helping each other WORK for a living and never to work at grabbing handouts.  Giving and assisting is one thing, but after awhile it becomes handouts that degrade us all into corruption!

Therefore, I say bring on the WAR to save the Republic for the sakes of all our children and our Black brothers who see this present state of evil.  If evil groups want to defend this gangster in the Whitehouse, then they all need to learn what power they are up against.  God is in control and no evil shall prevail.  And this includes our cowardice if we don’t act.

It is also time to call the President’s bluff and open up the books on all 3 crisis and arrest him.