Marco Rubio’s Compromise is a Real Solution to Immigration Reform Re: Illegal Children!

For the first time I believe Marco Rubio is communicating a sane compromise for our overall immigration problem particularly dealing with the illegals in this country. For minor children only (who were minors when they came with their illegal parents), who to no fault of their own, will be given a certain legal break in a certain fashion after graduating from a high school so they can continue their studies.

The legal break for only these children will enable them to later go through the system for a green card as everyone else!! This is great. But it’s obvious in the article the Democrats want these illegals as voters and will OPPOSE Rubio’s compromising solution.

Rubio’s solution is a sane solution to an insane problem. We do not want illegals being used as voters for the Democratic Party to retain BIG-GOVERNMENT power nor continue our downward spiral towards lawlessness in our country!! Lawlessness and not enforcing our laws is a serious issue in our country today!!



Schakowsky Says its Alright to Break Any LAW in America!

Schakowsky says GOP thinks illegals are NOT people. Squire asks Schakowsky, are LEGAL immigrants people? What about Mexico? Why not make Mexico the 51st STATE and bring in all Mexicans and feed them? Oh but WAIT, that would be a too LEGAL to do in making Mexico the 51st STATE to bring in all those millions and millions of Mexican immigrants as Demo-voters. Yep, that would be a terrible thing; it would be LEGAL 🙂

Illegal is still illegal Schakowsky 🙂 stick it in your ear and fly right, LEGALLY!

Ref: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/04/27/Dem%20Rep-GOP-Doesn-Think-Undocumented-Are-Human-They-Chase-Them-Down

DEMs Pushing for Lawlessness; What’s Happening to America??

America is a nation of laws; NOT a nation of liberal Law Breakers pushing the constitution aside!

In regards to the @Whitehouse lawsuit against the AZ immigration law:
@ChuckSchumer ‘s fallback option on the Arizona immigration case holds a similar message. If the high court upholds the law, the congressional proposal would be a direct rebuke to that decision.

It’s time the White House & the FEDERAL Government do their job instead of suing the states who will do the job!
It’s time to remove Liberal control out of the Senate so we can get back to enforcing our laws in saving the Republic!!