A Citizens Constitutional Order Against All Illegal Presidential Orders

~ROliverLuce | 04-10-15

[To be executed against the will of this clear and present dangerous president, without any interference from any party colleagues of either political party.]

All previous/current presidential executive orders regarding (or) allowing illegal-foreigners to enter and stay in the nation and receive free government goods & services are null and void per the Constitution of the United States. It is wrong and unconstitutional to order/allow in any way illegals into the United States except in a time of DECLARED WAR as was for World War II. That war, WWII, is LONG GONE Mr. President and distinguish senate and House colleagues! That WAR is long gone! No, there is no need for an Obama battle in any country that does not need to be DECLARED either!

This is a citizens Constitutional Order against all illegal presidential orders allowing all illegal foreigners free government goods and services, and expressly bribing originating countries to flood the borders of the United States by the hundreds of thousands and millions as well. These poor-unaware people are the wards and the benefits of their own originating nations and extended families. America is NOT a nation that transcends the entire world.

Lawless precedence against the Constitution does not stand. Deport all illegal foreigners as if they were still living in their original country of benefit.

A Fort Hood wounded soldier gets Purple Heart without benefits! Benefits going to illegal foreign children/adults instead.


Eternal Perdition vs. Eternal Life in Rejecting God’s Love

~R.OliverLuce | 09-26-14

Eternal Perdition is according to the man or woman’s heart who has been chosen by God as being an inheritor to God’s Kingdom; All have been chosen, those who have been born and have entered into this world. All have been chosen by God to inherit His Kingdom through His Covenant of relationship with Himself. A Covenant with terrible consequences and wonderful benefits that lead to His eternal purpose for us whosoever will. His benefits also lead into eternal life with Him forever even after the end of this present age. This age ends with Matthew 24:14.

There are actions and behaviors in life that men and women make that sets them on the road to perdition. It can be due to their job position, a government position, a position in society, certain behaviors such as lust or perversion that will through habit takes a hold on them and their will, a movement they have initiated whom they own, or anything they might have started where their choices have bound them from listening to the Spirit of Truth towards repentance and accepting God’s Word of Love into their hearts as Lordship in their lives. [Reference: John 17:12.]

But the wonders of God’s Covenant benefits are many and will give each one of us a hope and a future in this life but more importantly in eternity with a destiny with His Word of Life who Jesus is our example.

Attorney General Eric Holder Explains Excuses for Spread of Lawlessness

by R.OliverLuce | 02-25-2014

[The special treatment & the proselytizing of homosexualism on America with the allowance of massive numbers of illegal foreigners will bring heavy judgment upon the United States of America if we the people fail to rise again!]

The United States Attorney General Eric Holder in a meeting with a group of Attorneys Generals from various states is saying that, “Any decision not to defend individual laws must be rare? Rare? And must be under ‘exceptional circumstances?’ There are? And furthermore he added , that challenges to ‘gay marriage bans’ would qualify as a circumstance?

Might I add, shall we educate an Attorney General that first there MUST be a change in law? A change in law that would allow homosexuals who want unions for tax and federal benefit reasons.

To create unions for the homosexual behavior would go along way toward retaining the definition of marriage as one man and one woman. To suggest that homosexual behavior can be included into the institution of marriage is to RE-DEFINE the meaning of MARRIAGE and thus make marriage constitutional. Constitutional? We all know that all MEN and all WOMEN including those who call themselves gay sexuals can marry without being denied. Everyone is able to marry if they choose the opposite sex. That is the definition of marriage! To open up the same sexes to unions, [who cannot have children and indulge in a sexual behavior that will never produce offspring], would take a creation that would allow a new class of behavior to unionize for tax and benefit reasons among the primary ones.

Therefore, marriage is for all humans who want to marry the opposite sex and those who want to indulge in behavior with the same sex must have their own rightful union that does not infringe the definition of marriage which is the foundation of society of which is now being attacked through godlessness.

This is the foundation to save marriage. If we can not save the definition of marriage as an institution with the inclusion of Homo Unions then this country is going to have a revolution. This kind of lawlessness by our leaders can not continue nor be tolerated. For lawlessness will lead to marshal law and that will lead to civil war with the destruction of all liberal forced institutions that run against our constitution that has been gainsaying many of Americans into believing the lies. Hopefully all Americans will wake up this year. For we have important elections in the fall of 2014.

Now with the acts of treason by President Obama and his NOT enforcing the laws and the borders of our nation, Eric Holder gives unconscionable excuses and the tearing down of definitions of words and terminologies that is leading to the deconstructing of society as we know it. We see how this is explained away. But for those of us who know what they are doing, all this will continue to be confronted. America was never meant to be degraded into perversion and lawlessness for the art of liberal Utopian control.

#NoAmnesty #GaysexCivilUnions #MarriageISforEVERY1


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