Does the Deceptive Arabic Quran/Hadith Own FoxNews or Not?

~R.OliverLuce | 01-04-15

Can it be true certain Muslim elements, such as Dubai for example, have bought shares of FoxNews STOCK that may be putting a muzzle on Fox for conveying the truth of Islam and the Arabic Quran and the Hadith?

Muslim ownership of Fox could possibly put a muzzle on FoxNews in reporting factual details about Islam in general.
And it also could prevent reporting of the truth in particular about the peaceful Muslims as such.

Because here it is! The peaceful Muslims are peaceful for only as long as Allah says it peaceful in the beginning when Allah see the numbers of Muslims are few and ineffectual.
Let us be clear! Today’s peaceful Muslims do support the defense and the promotion of SHARIA that is defined in the Quran (and further explained in the Hadith). They do this through claiming victimization over so-called religious and trivial matters on the host schools and on the host businesses. Of course they do become offended at all the Christian and Jewish symbols that may be in and around the host nation’s government buildings as well. In addition to the above peaceful jihad measures they will use political and religious legal means on the host’s legal statutes; Islam does use the host country’s own legal system and laws against them in breaking down the will of the host that could or might begin to pushback.

What follows is a more violent aspect of their increasing level of all kinds of jihads in showing the host nation who might be in charge. But it’s them who are becoming in charge! This is only after their numbers increase and they begin to get the upper hand in convincing the host leaders of their deception, using a form of false guilt that plays on the host nation.

Of course there is a third stage of jihad that is waged by all Muslims whether they be the peaceful Muslims or the Islamic terror military force many Muslims start and join, what we in the host nation call radical terrorists. Violence attacks are now started and continued because now Muslims believe they are in control of the host nation. They are now the ones who direct what direction the country will go! Never mind the previous government, Allah now rules. Muslims are now truly peaceful because they OWN the host nation and those who are NOT Muslims will be forced to leave, die, and/or pay a heavy tax to stay. But everyone must and will obey Sharia.  Everyone!


Danger: @CAIRnational Increasing Their Attacks Against the Constitution & Our Institutions

by R.OliverLuce | 03-08-14

(1) First it was the state of MI where Islamists are assembling a community, a city if you will in establishing Sharia Law for cases to go forward to other places in the United States using our own laws against us!  This is very similar to what has happened in the E.U. and is succeeding there with the Europeans fast asleep denying there is any danger.  All Islamists (Muslims) who truly embrace the Quran and Sharia should and must be deported to those countries who are already under the tyranny of Islam!  [Documented and an ongoing danger as we speak]

(2) Then the moot-like but fake court cases in the state of Florida where a couple of Muslim Imams came forward claiming ownership of a temple [was not true] which was simply a cause in getting a Muslim precedence into the courts and the law. [Documented]

(3) Then there is the court battles shutting down the bills what the public had voted to outlaw Sharia in Oklahoma. A Federal judge elected in favor of the Islamists to shut up the public in defending Islam as it is suppose to be unconstitutional! Unconstitutional, the Judge knows better than this!  It’s time to raise the alarm and ignore any counter claims such as ignorance of evil and errant judges who know better. The Muslims who do embrace the Quran and Sharia [again] must be deported to a country that supports their evil tyranny that runs against the American constitution.

And all judges should and must be dealt with harshly when knowingly supporting actions against the Constitution and the American people who abhor  this kind of evil.  We can also say Federal judges have also force perverse sexual behavior [against the constitution and the American people] as a ‘protected’ behavior and forced this sexual behavior into marriage, against the law of nature and against the will of  the people instead of  upholding the constitution which would help those who WANT HELP.  Enough said on gayism as I digress.  [Documented]

(4) And now the breaking story!  We have further, but obvious, proof of the evil that’s living in our country despite liberalism’s (Dems/R.I.N.O.s) rush in legitimizing Islam in America!  Islamist Imams’ have been ‘discovered’ to be subverting and replacing teachers in order to reach Birmingham, Alabama. school children in bringing the Quran and Sharia Law for brain washing to counter act what the constitution teaches!  The attack on our schools is ‘hideous’ in how they are subverting the teachers in replacing them for ‘this purpose’.  [Documented reference below]

This following facts are to list why both worldviews must be outlawed or deporting those who hold these views:

Islam: Referring to the above commentary I’ve provided Muslims must be deported if for no other chief reason they will out vote us in the future with babies 8 to 1 of ours.

Communism: Joe McCarthy trying to identify and outlaw communists in the 1950’s was a man who had his facts straight. He wasn’t the best man for leadership but he could have had better asociates to help clean up communism and outlaw it. But he failed here as well. Russia, after the fall of the USSR, has verified McCarthy was right!


Moderate Muslims have Their Role in Crushing A Free Country

A FoxNation article, dated March 26, 2012, entitled, “Muslims’ Guide to ‘Belting the Wife’” had created an outrage recently! However, “[A] ‘moderate’ Muslim academic, Tarek Fatah, said, ‘that anyone selling it should be prosecuted.'” All is well intended at a time like this when all Muslims have the need to show peace to their unbeliever hosts. For they are not in large numbers… yet.

But according to sources [that can be searched] moderate Muslims are those who are afraid and/or controlled by their holy leaders to conform and assist in their Islamic cause. This would mean waiting on the ‘Allah god’ for other avenues of eventually taking over and crushing a country (with a peaceful & gradual force) from within, remembering they are still out numbered by their hosts (Americans in this case).

Again I’m going to state: there are 3 prongs to crushing a dirty free country like America; Those prongs are (1.) through terrorism and violence, (2.) through a secret but a quiet revolution of making babies (8 to 1 of what we produce) and pushing Sharia law on the country, with the express purpose of gainsaying on legal grounds, and (3.) thirdly continue to lie to unbelievers with the belief they do not wish to take over, but move towards gradually taking over institutions and eventually tearing those institutions down in favor of their own Muslim institutions of course in a gradual manner.

This of course works well with their gradual integration of forcing Sharia Law on everyone in the long run with the lies using useful idiots who want peace at any cost. Also moderate Muslims are always useful in the art of peaceably moving Muslim culture in a way that will cut down the present culture. This is for the righteous cause of Islam. In the final outcome, moderate Muslims will always follow the leaders who must keep the strict law according to the Quran.

The dark ages is where Allah comes from and will return. Allah is a god in the image of man’s quest to rely on himself instead of relying on the God of righteousness and freedom.

Islam has always been a political movement with a religious arm to it.

Brazen Tyranny, Attacks the Supreme Court Today!

White House BACK off ! It’s the Constitution Mr. Obama. These judges are NOT ‘Liberal Judges’ creating LAW right now.
Obama and everyone else knows this. And this FATCAT is getting a big laugh out of this! But of course the FATCAT means business.

040212: Today’s News: “Obama warns ‘unelected’ Supreme Court against striking down health law!” {See how this guy works it!}

GOSH, it’s the constitutionality we’re dealing with here. The judges here are NOT making LAW as Liberals usually do, according to THEIR agenda. But, it’s the CONSTITUTION STUPID! Yes, he knows it. The Secretive Food Stamp President knows it!

With all his actions since Jan, 2009, he’s doing tyranny. This guy has got to be impeached! Not only that, let’s bring in the Marines & walk him out of the Whitehouse for crying out loud. He’s brazenly anti-American with a strutting walk too boot! Pride comes before a FALL. And that’s a GOD THING.

It’s the Chicago way and it’s going to STOP!