After Train Wreck? Trump defends his ban on Muslims amid fierce liberal backlash

@ROliverLuce | 01-29-17

A fierce backlash, from the liberals of the Democrat party who lost the 2016 election. The America people want to be safe!

The only train wreck is those hundreds of protesters and liberal lawyers making a scene in the middle of busy airports over a few Muslims caught coming into the country! We are in another kind of COLD WAR with Islam pushing for Sharia dominance worldwide.

Banning Muslims is Constitutional according to the Muslim Hadith, the Quran, & the Sira in light of The Constitution!
No Matter what slight versions of these three holy books.
All Muslims must serve Allah as the only god. And his servant Mohammad is his prophet whereby all Muslims must emulate in various ways in their lives.

It’s only the liberal elements and other misguided people in our society who are fierce against the new American President who has been elected to stop this present Muslim invasion of North America. Mrs. Hillary’s liberal forces are attempting to STOP the ‘will’ of the people and their States!

President Trump is making good on a plan to SAVE the Republic from lawlessness and the invasion of Sharia. It is good that Muslims are stopped in their tracks and sent back from various airports to their own countries where Sharia is the LAW of the LAND THERE. Not here in America!

It’s all about our laws [Anti-Muslim laws of 1952, the Constitution.],
it’s all about our Constitution [No room for Sharia],
it’s all about WHY the Founding Fathers
initiated the founding of the U.S. Marines to fight the Muslims and quell their dangerous quest for world domination and world commerce.

The problem why Muslims look and sound innocent is due to their simple humanity.  They have feelings as well as other Americans.  But those feelings side with a sinister of a system of belief that is both political and religious.  This system comes from Islam’s holy (in their view) trilogy.  And they do have Imams that preach and teach them how and when to carry out Allah’s will accordingly.  Thus all Muslims must perform those dictates (in various personal ways) from those books that form the basis of Sharia (law).  This they do in pleasing their God, Allah.  When they enter another host country they must adhere to the ‘holy’ scheme of overpowering that host nation but in various stages according to how the will of Allah is best suited.

An example of a cultural jihad is taking over the streets and praying.  Another example would be groups of Muslims attending an American school and telling the school they are offended at a Christian cross or an American flag.  Every sane person should understand this kind of behavior is rude, no matter the religion.  It’s common sense to leave the country they are offended at.  When in Rome do as the Romans do!!

These jihadi stages depend on the Muslim’s growth in numbers.  The Muslim’s jihad activity also depends on how weak and useful the host nation’s population appears to them.  Muslims in each stage will grow progressively bolder with each type of cultural jihads.  Violent jihad is taken up by Muslims who are willing to be the soldiers of Islam for the glory of Allah.  The rest (the citizens of Islam if you will)  are the quiet but willing supporters.  Violent jihad can be used as a distraction from the cultural jihads that are being conducted.  Conducted by the peaceful Muslims who support the terrorist warriors.

Actually the advancement of Sharia depends on how quickly the other Muslim nations can push their numbers into the host country in question as well as how quickly Muslim families can produce babies.  Muslims are known for having 8 or more children per family.  And it also can be referred to as a jihad for the cause of Allah.

It’s all about  Sharia (law) in a creeping fashion in America!


Radical Muslims or Normal Muslims? Which is it?

~@ROliverLuce | 04-22-15

{ NOTICE a jihad list and a video link at the bottom of this article.}

The Muslims! are but nice, peaceful, & loving Muslims who are not radical terrorists! No any one of them are radical at ALL!!

They are all nice Muslims who support everyday Jihads no matter what type or kind of Jihad… the peaceful Muslims are supposed to do…….. in a non-Muslim country. Sooo, if the host country is not Islamic…. the rule is to conduct jihads!!

ALL Muslims participate or support Jihad whether a Muslim has a thought as an individual to do one or is ordered by Imans for a jihad to be executed.

Here is a short list of Jihads ALL normal Muslims must do or select from or TOLD to do by their Imans->

Types are as follows:
Stealth, quiet, & sneak Jihads.
Street prayer Jihads.
BottleRock throwing Jihads.
MassBirths-for-votes Jihads.
Traditional violent Jihads of all kinds.
Welfare flooding Jihads.
Lies fooling guilt-ridden people Jihads.
~~One could go on & on & on. Shall we? No?

// NOW, the video!
This video is from a bold community of Muslims who gather to shout “Allah is Great” and bow before their [demon] Allah in the halls of their particular temple in the U.K. This is but one temple of hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, throughout England!!

The early days of Muslims amassing in the U.K., the lies worked well on liberal guilt-ridden UK citizens and even throughout all of Europe.
NOW it’s take over TIME! These peaceful Muslims now SAY who dares to deport them NOW [yeah right lol ]!!

Nice Muslims NOW coming out of the closet! Your culture & freedoms are at risk unless you ar willing to spill blood now & deport them all.

***In the meantime WE show them friendship & love of Yeshua that they might never forget when they arrive in Arabia after deportation (Matt.24:14)!!!

Remember it’s a good thing for people to obey a country’s laws and its order
as Muslims DO SAY beheadings and cutting off of the hands
are good for mankind [see the video].

The Coming Revelation & Judgment of America

~ROliverLuce | 04-06-15

Who are those who worship and enjoy YOU, oh Lord-God who will not fear [anything] and glorify your name?

Because you alone, oh Lord, are whole, righteous, and complete with wisdom and common sense in the truth for all time!

All the nations, of the Earth, will come and worship (admire & dance like football worshippers) before you, for your righteous, wise, and common sense deeds have been revealed [and continue to be revealed]! Therefore, there are NO excuses for those of us who call ourselves the Americans, continue to walk away, from HIS righteous and humble deeds, with a FADING righteous innocence for a time. A time that made us look still righteous without the Lord-God. Then without warning we began to wake up to see ourselves as callous, cold, and sarcastic looking upon your past as if we’ve always been this way: callous, cold, and sarcastic saying to ourselves our national culture has always been evil thereby condemning ourselves with foolish thoughts that we might continue to sin without impunity!

Judgment is crouching at the door since walking away from Yeshua-Jesus as a national culture with bewitching exuberance for demons now, named Allah and Lawlessness, that have come in the name of smooth lies and tricks with quick sound-bites because of “YOUR” national complacency. We have let, we have allowed our national leaders run, do, and promote evil because of our complacency because of own selfish and self-centered desires birthed from our own lawlessness that comes from sliding away from our national conscience in Yeshua-Jesus who kept our Republic until today, until TODAY. It was a decade’s long slide to this moment in TIME! We have lost our identity if we continue down this path allowing lawlessness and Allah to invade our American cultural conscience. You and I do not have to believe in Yeshua-Jesus but we do need to hold firm to Yeshua-Jesus for the sake of our heritage or be lost forever in time.

I speak of “YOUR” as in you, myself, and everyone who calls themselves the Americans! We are Americans throwing away our nation for a quick bowl of soup as Esau of old in the Jewish book of Tanakh.

Peaceful-Muslim Stealth-Sharia Expansion Hidden by Muslim Tactical Attacks ~We call Radicals

~R.OliverLuce | 01-10-15


Muslim History Supported by the Quran, the Hadith, the Sira:

For 1,400 years Muslims have been attacking Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia attempting to install SHARIA on the world and in many areas of the world they have been successful. In ancient Europe they almost prevailed until the Crusades were launched putting an end to the barbaric Muslims (they were the barbarians of old) invading Rome and Europe! Even at the dawn of the United States, America had to launch an invention called the marines who wore leathernecks to guard the heads from being cut off in ship to ship battles with sword wielding Muslims defending their “rights” to collect taxes any countries’ ships who were sailing the Mediterranean Sea. Their right to collect from any non-Muslim ship was based on, THEY CAN due to their Allah.

Tactical Terror Attacks Hiding Modern Stealth Advances Against European Freedoms:

Fast forward to the modern world of today where Muslims by the millions are flooding Europe and soon the United States. There mission now is to stealthy install Sharia over every living person in Europe whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim! Why use their own Muslim tactical military (what we call radical terrorists), when they are able to peacefully overthrow democracy with the power of their Sharia in a stealthy way?

The Peaceful Ways Muslims are Gradually Overthrowing European Freedoms**:

But something is happening! There are two reasons for the civilian peaceful Muslims to join the violent tactical cells to attack European countries and others. (1) To draw away [these are ruses] the attention of peaceful Muslims doing daily stealth jihads, i.e. victimhood jihads, legal jihads, womb-vote jihads**, insult-setup jihads, and commanding-streets for prayer jihads all in the name of political gains for pushing Sharia into schools, government, & public places in the host nations they find themselves**. (2) Actually this reason is to blame those who are doing the violence in taking away any heat off the peaceful and loving Muslim’s operations in pushing Sharia slowly but surely. Now… yet another peaceful Muslim, Dr. Qanta Ahmed, who calls herself an anti-Islamic Muslim[?], says it’s time for western democracies to admit that “we are under siege from an ideology called Islamism[?]*** This particular Muslim and other peaceful and loving Muslims only support the reality of Muslims using BLAME to stealthily hide the gradual push to enforce Sharia and their Islamic political agenda over the host nation. For those Muslims who are willing to join and conduct such tactical terror operations is actually for the good of Islam. To hide the expansion of Sharia is good. Why use violence by the Muslims masses when they have been LET IN PEACEFULLY? This is good of Allah and his messenger Mohammad the perfect prophet who they must emulate. And of course, to emulate Mohammad the Muslim must read what Mohammad does, says, and believes in the Hadith and the Sira**. The Hadith explains the Quran and further elaborates on whats in the Quran.

Explanatory Footnotes:

(**) Womb-vote jihad is the birthing of their 8 babies to our 1 baby birth rates that will project increasing numbers that will vote Sharia into the host nation in due season.

(**) Whatever country Muslims are living they are too conduct peaceful & violent jihad to overthrow the government and install Sharia.

(**) Read the Arabic or Arabic-to-English versions of the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira. Read & educate & spread!

(**) To be a Muslim at all, they must acknowledge Allah is the only god and Mohammad is his prophet, and all Muslims must believe what Mohammad believes, does, thinks, says. No exceptions for this IS ISLAM. No exceptions. Every Muslim believes this and if they don’t THEY ARE NOT Muslim as it is stated in the Quran.

(**) Islam is actually a political system with a religious arm for motivating and justifying political deceit and stealth lying.

(***) Quote from an online news source.


Public Facebook Reference:

Does @RaquelEvita Believe She is NOT a Muslim who Believes in Sharia? @FoxNews

~R.OliverLuce | 01-08-15

@RaquelEvita says she represents many peaceful Muslims and says, they DO reject radical terrorism which does not represent Islam.

Therefore I have put together a multi-faceted question for her:
So the following two items I am stating for you Raquel Evita Sarawati as a Muslim are two items you must then believe:
(1) There is no god but Allah.
(2) Mohammed is His prefect prophet.

And in the Quran you do know that you are to live as Mohammed lived, to speak and to act as he did.
So, in order to do as Mohammed does, you must look to the books of the Hadith and the Sira to gain understanding how he spoke, acted, and lived his life.
From his life then you are to believe Mohammed, because Mohammed himself has said, “he gets everything from Allah through the angel Gabriel.” And of course this statement of his is in the Quran itself.

Therefore, without my saying anymore information at this point in developing my question for you.
What would you say, at this point, that would make you any different from those who are the radicals, and their stealth-Jihadist Muslims who support their terror-military, and their Sharia Imams who say they are the true Muslims of Islam?

Again, what would be that difference between Raquel Evita Saraswati and them?
And, one more question, what does abrogation mean to you?

Raquel Evita Saraswati’s appearance on FoxNews:

Does the Deceptive Arabic Quran/Hadith Own FoxNews or Not?

~R.OliverLuce | 01-04-15

Can it be true certain Muslim elements, such as Dubai for example, have bought shares of FoxNews STOCK that may be putting a muzzle on Fox for conveying the truth of Islam and the Arabic Quran and the Hadith?

Muslim ownership of Fox could possibly put a muzzle on FoxNews in reporting factual details about Islam in general.
And it also could prevent reporting of the truth in particular about the peaceful Muslims as such.

Because here it is! The peaceful Muslims are peaceful for only as long as Allah says it peaceful in the beginning when Allah see the numbers of Muslims are few and ineffectual.
Let us be clear! Today’s peaceful Muslims do support the defense and the promotion of SHARIA that is defined in the Quran (and further explained in the Hadith). They do this through claiming victimization over so-called religious and trivial matters on the host schools and on the host businesses. Of course they do become offended at all the Christian and Jewish symbols that may be in and around the host nation’s government buildings as well. In addition to the above peaceful jihad measures they will use political and religious legal means on the host’s legal statutes; Islam does use the host country’s own legal system and laws against them in breaking down the will of the host that could or might begin to pushback.

What follows is a more violent aspect of their increasing level of all kinds of jihads in showing the host nation who might be in charge. But it’s them who are becoming in charge! This is only after their numbers increase and they begin to get the upper hand in convincing the host leaders of their deception, using a form of false guilt that plays on the host nation.

Of course there is a third stage of jihad that is waged by all Muslims whether they be the peaceful Muslims or the Islamic terror military force many Muslims start and join, what we in the host nation call radical terrorists. Violence attacks are now started and continued because now Muslims believe they are in control of the host nation. They are now the ones who direct what direction the country will go! Never mind the previous government, Allah now rules. Muslims are now truly peaceful because they OWN the host nation and those who are NOT Muslims will be forced to leave, die, and/or pay a heavy tax to stay. But everyone must and will obey Sharia.  Everyone!

Awake! Islam is Only a Political Force with A Religious Arm for Control

~R.OliverLuce | 10-08-14

Some Muslims enlist in violent Jihad because they have the dream and the steel strength to fight for Allah in spreading Sharia Law! All the rest support all forms of growing types of Jihads. One of which is the Islamic political victimhood & false legal battles in our courts. Another is taking over the streets in to PRAY. After all, it’s their peaceful religion to do so. It’s not so! It’s their sign they are taking over the community!

A source for information you can go to, to verify what is being said HERE, is Dr. Bill Warner for one! Another is simply reading & watching Muslims do their many various political types of Jihads in Europe. A third example is listening to the Muslims and their own Imam’s words in their own temples of doom in the U.K. Yes, blunt words and the British leaders still believe these peaceful Muslims are only lovely and peaceful DESPITE what these Muslims BOLDLY say in public with their ever-increasing Jihads in forcing Sharia Law EVERYWHERE in the U.K.

There are always going to be a small remnant who are ‘Muslims in NAME’ only! BUT I have to the a story of a meeting I’ve had with a so-called ‘peaceful Muslim’ about three weeks ago.

I am going to explain here that even those Muslims who say they are not practicing their Muslim religion will stand with the teachings of the Quran with their Imams telling them when it’s time to go various activities such as ‘peaceful political Jihads’ to advance the cause of Sharia Law on all Americans (This is done in every host country when their numbers reach a certain level, mostly through births). This gentleman tells me, “hey, come with me and visit my Temple with me.” The not-practicing-Muslim said this AFTER I had invited him to my church where God heals people! Then I told this particular Muslim, “what if they want my head, I ask him?” He slipped up by briefly telling me, “if you support BUSH and Iraq then maybe…,” oops. Seems like he slipped up with his mouth!!

Yeah, I’m now interceding for this particular Muslim whom I had a discussion with, who doesn’t even practice His so-call religion. But nevertheless Islam is a political force with a religious ARM in the spirit of persuading for control. It is true that every Muslim whether they appear to be friends or not will always turn and follow their Imams to obeying the current STAGE status of what Allah is telling them to do in the Quran. We see Muslims killing Muslims and arabs and each other. It’s about obeying what Allah is saying currently in the Quran!!


Dr. Warner: A Taste of Islam {Islamic Research}

William Federer: What The West Needs To Know About Islam

Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration

Islam: What You Need to Know

Study & explanation for living in God’s power

Heb 9:8 The Holy Spirit is signifying this, that the way into the holy place has not yet been disclosed while the outer tabernacle is still standing,

# Study & explanation on Hebrews 9:8:
The flesh seemingly hides the spiritual side of the person.

Heb 9:9 which is a symbol for the present time. Accordingly both gifts and sacrifices are offered which cannot make the worshiper perfect in conscience,

# Study & explanation on Hebrews 9:9:
A gift or a sacrificial act may never do until the person offended forgives you whether or not they have suffered harm or not. They may be disappointed in the person. To accept God’s Covenant of Love by accepting HIS Son(His Word of love) you can be SURE you have been forgiven and have SURE promises and a SURE conscience!!