Publishing Your Own Blog Article Online with WordPress & Twitter

~ROliverLuce | 04-12-15

A brief summary in getting started writing your own blog articles and publishing them on the Internet using both and

And has an easy way to auto-tweet every newly written article you publish on on the initial first publish and save action. In other words, will tweet your article automatically on the new article’s first publish action.

[To auto-tweet your articles from you must FIRST setup your Tweet account PRIOR to turning on the auto-tweet action in My twitter handle is @ROliverLuce for ]

What your website looks like to everybody display your prime blog you’ve written with a menu of other articles you may have written:

A sign in web page to your WordPress account:

Go here to create your account on
Simply go to the web page listed here and press the [create website] button in the middle of the page:


A Movie is Like an Advertisement. It Promises Something to Everyone in Their Subconscious’ness

~@ROliverLuce | 02-23-15

The title of the movie in question (or for any movie that’s violent) which is “Infliction” with it’s accompanying Ads gives a strong hint of it’s character right away. Viewing the movie’s trailer, which I did, does give a good idea of what the subject is about & it’s unnecessary intensity alone focusing on the subject of violence and the focus of violence with everything else being subjugated to that focus.

The movie’s subject could be something redeemable with some aspects to show the reality of violence without even giving much time to it, if it relates to the subject of the movie at hand.

We have driven the public to expect undue violence so now movies without it might seem rather boring. No wonder we have many people who have grown cold to each other. It’s no wonder we keep voting evil men and women into high office in our states and Federal government. Yes even movies have an impact on American righteousness which is no more. The break up is imminent one might say. As Rudy has said recently about a certain President. Where is the love of country?

Enough said. Join with me and others in continual prayer-warfare that men and women will return to their GOD without pretentious religious attitudes. God is our Creator and HE is sending HIS living Word of Promise again in judgment and it may be soon, very soon. Matthew 24:14.

Does @RaquelEvita Believe She is NOT a Muslim who Believes in Sharia? @FoxNews

~R.OliverLuce | 01-08-15

@RaquelEvita says she represents many peaceful Muslims and says, they DO reject radical terrorism which does not represent Islam.

Therefore I have put together a multi-faceted question for her:
So the following two items I am stating for you Raquel Evita Sarawati as a Muslim are two items you must then believe:
(1) There is no god but Allah.
(2) Mohammed is His prefect prophet.

And in the Quran you do know that you are to live as Mohammed lived, to speak and to act as he did.
So, in order to do as Mohammed does, you must look to the books of the Hadith and the Sira to gain understanding how he spoke, acted, and lived his life.
From his life then you are to believe Mohammed, because Mohammed himself has said, “he gets everything from Allah through the angel Gabriel.” And of course this statement of his is in the Quran itself.

Therefore, without my saying anymore information at this point in developing my question for you.
What would you say, at this point, that would make you any different from those who are the radicals, and their stealth-Jihadist Muslims who support their terror-military, and their Sharia Imams who say they are the true Muslims of Islam?

Again, what would be that difference between Raquel Evita Saraswati and them?
And, one more question, what does abrogation mean to you?

Raquel Evita Saraswati’s appearance on FoxNews:

Demonizing, Comparing Immigrants With Stealthy Un-Assimilating Muslims

Demonizing, Comparing Immigrants With Stealthy Un-Assimilating Muslims.
By R.OliverLuce | 05-03-2013

The shooting of President McKinley in 1901 was accomplished by a lone Polish man.
As AlJazeera reports the American media demonized a whole class of people who were Polish immigrants at that time. AlJazeera then went on to compare the demonization of Polish immigrants with the demonization of the so-called Boston Bombers who are of Chechen descent. AlJazeera media feels the comparison is correct and therefore is wrong to blame Chechens in general. Of course, AlJazeera is ignoring the fact Checkens are almost ALL Islamic. Lets be clear here (and not clear as Liberals think, when being clear). The Polish people were never a terror group nor a terror-religion (Catholicism). So, yes, the Polish immigrants as a whole was wrongly demonized by the American Media at that time of 1901.

However, we can not compare Polish immigrants nor the killer of President McKinley to the so-called “Boston Bombers.” Why? Because the “Boston Bombers” who are of Checken descent, actually represented a whole class of Islamic-Muslims who pursue Sharia Law onto our America system of law! Islam wants to install Sharia Law on America. However, they know they can’t do that now. So instead they are pushing for installing Sharia on just themselves, thus proving they are not assimilating into the American Culture! Sharia Law contradicts the Constitution in almost every way, and will demonize our own Constitution by it’s very nature in time as they out produce Muslim babies 8 to 1 to ours. And on top of this issue many “assimilated” Americans continue to murder (abort) their own babies as we speak! Who knows how many babies are being born to Muslims today. It’s been reported that it is 8 to 1 in Europe! Are the Muslims truthful when reporting who is in their households when the Government comes around every 10 years. Muslims are forbidden to lie to each other. But it’s god’s will to lie to us who are “assimilated.”

To reiterate the “Boston Bombers” not only are they of Checken descent they are of the Muslim faith. The SAME faith that’s prevalent in Arabs and people from the Middle East, who are in America. These people are from such countries [that are Islamic] as the nation of Checknya and others, i.e. Saudi Arabia. And it’s this faith, this culture that wants to dominate not just Europe, not just us, America, but the whole earth!
It’s a strategy. The United States today faces the same Islamic strategy for the destruction of our way of life, as it’s currently happening in Europe. Lebanon once was a symbol of greatness and freedom with it’s shining cities in the 1950’s. It’s now a sad result of what Islam has done to a Christian country. Islam used terror, out-producing babies, and Sharia Law to overtake Lebanon.

Islam is not a peaceful religion. It’s a hate-driven culture with a hate-driven religion with a god named Allah with an image and a thought-process of a demon.
Ignoring excuses, LQQK at the fruit and be wise. We can no longer listen to ‘stealthy’ evil gainsayers any longer. All cultures are NOT EQUAL.

* Reference: