@CNN & Other Liberal Media are Pushing Lies Through Polls Again!

Here we go again! CNN & other lying liberal media giants are telling Americans how to THINK!

We the Americans (barring registered illegal aliens who voted) even in the majority of the States per the CONSTITUTION have spoken:

(1) Expose and remove the members of the swamp people in both political parties.

(2) Expose illegal anti-American sanctuaries in deporting all lawless aliens and bring back America law for all Americans with no exceptions. Even good people need to obey the law!

(3) Block any further Muslims from entering the United States

(4) Cut out most regulations that destroy jobs and cut unneeded Federal Agencies.

(5) Cut government spending and debt.

(6) Bring back the military to defend these United States of America. And why not?

(7) Begin closing all Islamic temples nationwide and deporting all Muslims.

Now, everyone now knows hardcore anti-American liberals are angry and are willing to spy, cheat, and lie to destroy the WILL of the American people. Allowing Obama and other liberal elites to destroy the will of the people can not be allowed to happen.

~@ROliverLuce | 03-17-17

News Article Reference:
Title: CNN/ORC poll: Americans break with Trump on immigration policy


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