George Clooney & Liberal Elites of Both Wayward Parties are now Muslims with an American Conscience!

You see, Georgy and all other ‘hardcore’ American liberals know better than Muslims who grew up Muslim. Those so-called true Muslims were brought up in The Middle East knowing only Islam and nothing else that would dispute it as they were growing up!

George Clooney and his Muslim wife have taken in a total of zero(0) Muslim refugees as reported by one Facebook friend.
I have not verified this, but surely it is very likely. Here is what I’ve seen happening (overall) in the minds of these liberal elites of lawlessness.

Yes! Here is what’s going on inside all hardcore liberals, including Mr. George ‘Gravity’ Clooney, who do understand the nature of Islam. Do not be fooled; they do in believing in being spared with impunity. Read on!

George and others who happen to be ‘educated’ Muslims from their Christianized-American upbringing still have a Christian-American conscience who knows better, deep down! BUT George, in particular, is bitter at God deep down and thus rejects (among denying certain other classes of people) those 2nd class invading Muslims egged on by Turkey; Those are Muslims who behead (and other cultural jihads) or simply supports the best thing ever for mankind if people do reject Allah.

But oh no, not him! Not George! He believes, deep down, Sharia will never cut off his head for living high on the HOG with walls around him with armed guards and with approval from the most senior Islamic Imams of Earth. Oh no, Georgy can’t imagine getting punished ever for being an elite with the world at his disposal.

~@ROliverLuce | 03-17-17


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