American Liberals Moving to New Zealand to Revive New World Order!

Along with Donald Trump winning the American election thousands of Americans are moving to New Zealand!  That is thousands upon thousands of liberal minded Democrats moving to New Zealand.

Why is that?  How can this be possible?  Are Americans moving to another white man’s country (so to speak) with the same cultural norms as America?

Wouldn’t it be more natural for liberal minded democrats to move to a Muslim-Sharia tyranny of their choice INSTEAD of moving to places like New Zealand?

Liberals are supposed to have fallen in love with Islam’s Sharia that is replacing the American Constitution!  O.M.G!  That was when Mr. Barack “Husain” Obama was in charge with flooding the USA with thousands upon even more thousands of Muslim refugees into hundreds of America’s small towns throughout the countryside!   Even Turkey had all this in their plans years earlier (the 1990’s).  But why would liberal Democrats move to New Zealand of all places?

Of course,  perhaps to bring a flood of Muslim refugees with them to the poor unsuspecting New Zealand.  After all, they are ready to believe the lies, are they not.  Look at Europe!  Look at America!  Look at Canada!  Look at Lebanon (once a Christian nation)!  Look at Turkey (once a Christian nation centuries ago)!

~@ROliverLuce | 03-14-17

News Article Reference:
US Applications for New Zealand Citizenship Jump 70 Percent


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