Muhammad Ali, Jr. May Not be a Real Muslim Because He Truly Would Never Live for Sharia

~@ROliverLuce | 02-27-17

{A Very Clear & Present Danger Even for All Liberal Followers of the Elite Liberals of Our Nation.}

The boxer, Mr. Muhammad Ali was a Muslim when he was alive. Did Ali, Sr. believe he was a real Muslim? Does his son, Ali Jr. think he’s a real Muslim? All Muslims are Sharia believers who must commit all types and kinds of offensive jihads with those Muslims who chose the Muslim stealth terror army tactics of violent jihads.

As a fact, all jihads are the subject of eventually ushering in Sharia around the world and when threatened Islam will maintain it. No-Go Zones are created for Sharia and are strongly protected against the host nation’s own authorities! And the establishment of these zones is meant to be EVER EXPANDING ZONES to encompass the entire host country like America!

What the West has done is capitulate and backed off causing for the first time in modern history to EMBOLDEN Muslims everywhere to commit acts of offensive (so-called peaceful) jihads and the so-called Muslim Army terror acts of jihads!

Again, if Mr. Ali Jr. says he’s a Muslim BUT does NOT believe in living under Sharia Law he is NOT A REAL MUSLIM. He is thus subject to DEATH even by a dictate from an Islamic Temple. Islam will murder him for Allah in the FAR FLUNG FUTURE by any Muslim who finds him. Ali, Jr.’s death will most likely occur when foreign Muslims, who are pouring into America and now living in America, WILL rise up in enough numbers and command Sharia over everyone, over non-Muslims, and over even the half-heart (ignorant) Muslims in our Country. Americans who become Muslims before the Sharia takeover may not be fully ready to commit to Sharia until they realize they must do so or be beheaded! That day is coming IF Trump does not ENFORCE the Constitution and the Anti-Muslim laws of this country, today!

News Article Reference:
Muhammad Ali Jr. Speaks Out About Being Detained After Officials Asked if He Was Muslim


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