Scary N.W.O. Liberals are Pushing for Tyranny once Again

~@ROliverLuce | 02-14-17

Mr. Joe Romm, of the NY Times, a columnist there, is spreading the Liberal Agenda with a scary title: “Rapid warming and disintegrating polar ice set the stage for ‘societal collapse.’ Carbon pollution is destabilizing both the Arctic and Antarctic.” See the scary article’s title he has written? Are we scared?
No, because an action is required here! Action must continually bring the spirit of truth on the scene where the lies are planted! And the truth will cause trembling, back peddling, and failing backslashes because the truth will expose the lies for what they are!
The author telling us (Americans only of course) carbon is bad, deadly, and really evil to the point our social structure will fall apart, LOL.

What I want to know. WILL both the GRASS and TREES of the FIELD feel offended? Feeling offended at this author’s attitude on carbon is not good? Well, killing carbon is deadly!! The poor ol’ grass and trees of the field NEED their carbon and more of it! Without it, THERE IS NO AIR! Without AIR liberals die. Yes, you and I as well will die too. Lol. Come on! The grass and the trees of the field want to bring you and me fresh, clean AIR, and LOTS of IT!

Ok, so, what’s wrong with this picture? Of course, we’ve got it! Carbon is good for the planet! More the better.
Without carbon, liberals will not breathe like the rest of us, Earthlings of humanity!

Spread the word that liberal tyranny-hacks are attempting to dictate from the sidelines since their election defeat of 2016!
For if we do not, many Americans could remain confused within the delights of liberal short-sound-bytes which are full of lies and rumors. And many poor uninformed Americans might again vote liberalized tyranny back into power! God forbid, right?

News Article Reference:
Title: “Rapid warming and disintegrating polar ice set the stage for ‘societal collapse.’
{Carbon pollution is destabilizing both the Arctic and Antarctic.”} Really?


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