Lawless Gainsaying Liberals Hiding Behind a Poor illegal Woman!

Lawless Gainsaying Liberals capitalizing on a poor illegal woman. A poor illegal woman given passes by ICE in the Lawless-Obama Era is now TODAY being deported by Trump’s ICE!
We must drain the swamp of lawlessness!

Pass or NO pass,
Obama’s ICE was wrong in giving an illegal alien woman ‘pass-throughs!’

WHAT ABOUT giving attention to our LEGAL immigrants?

It is time to DRAIN the lawless swamp with hardcore liberals hiding behind illegal aliens with their Alinsky-Communist Agenda in gaining permanent control of America through alien & Muslim dumping!

It’s time to celebrate LEGAL immigrants!! NOT illegal aliens, please.

It’s time to save the Republic from hardcore liberalism!

~@ROliverLuce | 02-09-17

News Article Reference:


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