Anti-American Liberal Elements Threaten People’s Choice in Removing Sharia from America!

Hardcore liberals are spreading the message:
Trump is systematically attacking every institution that holds him in check.
Here is the real scoop!

Whether President Trump is attacking government checks and balances as a supposed tyrant is not accurate! The American people want their constitution back! The people in their various STATES elected Trump to do just that! They expect the new President to deal with anti-American elements (includes Muslims and Alinsky-communists) within our institutions. Most Americans expect Trump to deal with these anti-Constitutional groups and our culture that are causing havoc which we can see in full bloom in Europe! We must never allow riots and offended Muslims to dictate a creeping Sharia over our culture and freedoms.

Anti-American pro-Sharia liberals and Muslims have been allowed to infiltrate our American institutions during the Obama era. They are still in control to a great extent. So attacking these institutions is an attack on those groups who are attacking our freedoms and the Constitution. It is against American law and culture to allow Sharia to gain control and replace our Constitution.

And now when Trump deals with these issues these liberals and Muslims threaten and riot in hopes to continue the sharia effort against our freedoms!!

Thus, our freedoms are at risk with radical-democrat groups supporting the gradual increase of Muslims in our country and now the introduction of millions of Muslim refugees from Syria, initially through the efforts of a former President. And we are not even mentioning those Alinsky groups here! But, this former president also appears to be a Muslim by his behavior and strong support of Islam. A support of Islam is against our notion of freedom in America! Sharia is the danger which we see exploding in Europe today!

~@ROliverLuce | 02-06-17

Donald Trump is systematically attacking every institution which could hold him in check?


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