Crisis of Willful Ignorance In the Face of a Latent Muslim Invasion of Sharia!

Crisis of Willful Ignorance In the Face of a Latent Muslim Invasion of Sharia!
@ROliverLuce | 01-29-17

In the course of the following news article edited by the DailyBeast, (with other liberal news media such as @YahooNews and @NYtimes) we have this disturbing quote:
“…the first major Constitutional crisis of the Trump presidency [is being] played out.” [1]
However, this ‘crisis’ is nothing more than an example of Alinsky-liberal news extortion!

These gangs (MSM, elements of the Democrat party) of liberalism are playing against American Law [2] established in 1952 in shoring up the Constitution.
As free people, we should understand the Constitution by its very nature forbids any group, race, religion, or anyone bound to a concept of a hateful and abusive behavior of demanding our culture be torn down by their ‘offended’ (political) feelings by our culture! These same ‘offended’ feelings are not religious in any way. Because, in this way, Muslims are destroying our country. Also, our freedoms are at risk! How is a religion peaceful and tolerant with these attributes?

A major Constitutional crisis being played out? There is no Constitutional crisis.
We are dealing with an invasion of Muslims with a latent but natural instinct for spreading Islamic Sharia in a creeping style in our American society and government. Sharia has no place in the American Constitution. Likewise, the Constitution has no room for Islamic tyranny (Sharia)!

[1] News Article Reference:
Trump’s Border Patrol Defies Judge, U.S. Senator at Dulles Airport as His First Constitutional Crisis Unfolds

[2] News Article, 1952 Anti-Muslim Law, Reference:
Islam was Banned from the USA in 1952 but You’re Not Supposed to Know It!


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