Evil is Knocking at the Door: Keeps-Doing-it-Again Alinsky Liberal Media

~@ROliverLuce | 01-22-17

Liberal Media Calls for Trump to Stop Griping About Crowd Counts & Stop Angering the CIA? What?

Liberal Media is at it Again with their N.W.O. Alinsky-Communist agenda, saying, Trump praises the CIA in an awful light offending CIA Director Brennon once again. And then Trump, supposedly, bristles over inaugural crowd counts. Let’s ask, who cares about the count at the Capital or how large the numbers might be with the Soros-backed pro-abortionist demonstrators? It’s what Liberal Media is trying to extort with lies of comparing the counts between Linda Sarsour’s, Soros led women protesters on Friday and Saturday. And with the inaugural crowd numbers on Friday. However, we do know now from exposure to the 2016 election that the Liberal Media’s interest is in tearing down the Constitution along with the new president!

Here’s an example of media lies that continue and are occurring this weekend: The pro-abortionists, pro-gay’isms, the pro-BLMs against all police, the anti-Constitutionalists women who will be and are now demonstrating against President Trump. Miss Linda Sarsour is the primary person with Mr. Soros who are making these protests happen. And Linda Sarsour happens to support Islamic Sharia over the Constitution on Americans! And most people, most of those women have no idea this woman had escaped a Muslim country supposedly to get away from Sharia is supporting Sharia on Americans.
THE TRUTH IS the Liberal Media is still distorting the news with bits and pieces of taken out of the context of the following video of Trump as you can see in the video. The gaps in the video are there! The Media is supposed to be pro-American. We are all Americans, and thus we do not favor Alinsky Communism with an Islamic flavor.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with addressing the Alinsky-Communist motivated Media in what their motives are! The Liberal Media has been increasingly lying to the American People since the days of President LBJ!
And today we are still faced with the Liberal Media dividing America even after finally being totally exposed during the 2016 election.

[The Media is supposed to be American. It should not be favoring Alinsky Communism with an Islamic ‘flavor.’]

News Article Reference:
Trump praises the CIA, bristles over inaugural crowd counts. ~by Julie Pace and Jill Colvin, Associated Press,
[The Associated Press represents and supports the Alinsky-Communist doctrine of changing America and it’s Constitution. That change was coming with the use of Islamic Sharia without the consent of the American people.]


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