@NBC @YahooNews A Legendary Civil Rights Leader Attacks an American President-Elect

@ROliverLuce | 01-14-17

@NBC reports: Rep. John Lewis says President-elect Trump is not a legitimate President??

Ah, ok, then the ‘Legendary Civil Rights Leader’ has no right to be acting like an anti-American Black man.

So it’s NO WONDER President Trump said what he has said!

We all can’t have our way ALL THE TIME, can we, John Lewis?
Obama’s Islamization of America to replace freedoms with Sharia in time is going to stop.
Why cry over it? John Lewis’s freedoms are at stake as well!!!

John Lewis’s behavior in time past have been legendary. Today he stands in the way of the American Constitution and our freedoms!

Furthermore, there will be further revelations forthcoming (SOON) on who is Representative John Lewis, Democrat, the legendary American for freedoms for everyone, The Blackman, the Whiteman, and everyone else. But Mr. Lewis must continue to prove his character as a legendary leader; checking his attitude before God. Because no one is “once saved always saved” from a one-time era or event. Mr. Lewis must do more than TALK. He must influence and go to work to improve his own people!

America is all about win-win for all sides. BUT, we have elements in our society who hate America, and it’s Constitution!!
But, Alinsky Communism with its Islamic support will not prevail in this country, ever.



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