Premature “China experts” reacting to Tillerson should back off!

~@ROliverLuce | 01-13-17

Rex Tillerson is speaking in ‘off-the-cuff terms’ in answering the REAL question; Should America be tough on reigning in Chinese aggression in “The South China Islands?”

And besides, lets hear what China has to say about this un-issue today:
Quoting, “China’s foreign ministry has, however, played down the tough talks by Rex Tillerson over territorial disputes.” Nevertheless, we know what China wants! They are apparently getting away with stealing at the expense of a global economy! Ok, there you have it. Even China gets it to some degree. China knows Rex Tillerson wants a fair but tough deal in the South China Islands with everyone winning. Not just China!

As for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being rather pro-Russia? What’s wrong with reaching out to them? So quoting Rex Tillerson; “Trump’s transition team has said it is “premature” to say whether Russia will be a defense priority for the new administration and Trump has indicated he will attempt to befriend Putin.” Again, what is wrong with reaching out along with a sense of strength? Strength is something Mr. Obama does not believe America should have, which is revealing to some.

There are a few indications Putin may be a future democratic friend. Consider the following: Putin has proved he has stood against our former lawless President most of the way!! Putin has shown to be a real man in leadership with his actions regarding Syria, howbeit America does clash with him on many occasions without Obama in the mix.

Thus, is Russia the problem? The Democrats are using ‘Fake News’ for the most part in saying they are hacking! But the whole world is digitally hacking America! No! Rather it’s the Communistic Liberals (Democrats) who are the problem here? Lying, over and over again using many false issues, fake news, and abusive regulations, is the serious matter ripping the country apart for an Alinsky Communist agenda! For the Democrats are involved in pushing communism on America for the long run. Democrats are the problem we are facing today in America. The problem is NOT coming from OUTSIDE, but from within our country!

NOW, in dealing with the issue of the Russians. And what Mr. Tillerson and President-elect Trump thinks about doing business with Russia is summarized here: In the words of Rex Tillerson, “…we need an open and frank dialogue with Russia regarding its ambitions, so that we know how to chart our course.” ”
Enough now! We need to get the CIA, yes the CIA out of governing the people from behind the curtains with the elite Democrats and Republicans cheering the CIA’s stealth push in taking down President-elect Donald J Trump!

Article: China may strike back if US blocks Beijing’s access to disputed South China Sea islands, experts say?


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