Senator Blumenthal must STOP trying to call for halts to the hearings on Sen.Sessions for Attorney General!

Senator Blumenthal must STOP trying to call for halts to hearings on Sen. Sessions for Attorney General!
@ROliverLuce | 01-10-17

It’s time for Americans who love their freedoms, in this country, to begin calling halts to Democrat Senator Blumenthal. The people must also stop other Democrats calling for suspending hearings for Trump’s own Attorney General as well. It’s all about delegitimizing President-elect Trump’s victory in the 2016 election.
It’s time these liberal Democrats sit down and stop obstructing the business of setting up the next Presidential Administration!

The people of their particular ‘states’ of this union have SPOKEN! Let those who obstruct sit down and support the Constitution or leave the country. Mr. Franken, in particular, must sit down or be civil regarding American decency in American politics. We have no rooms for his type of anti-American attitude. Liberal-rudeness must stop!

Perhaps, it is time Democrats get with the American Constitution finally or leave the United States for a Muslim- Alinsky-communist type nation abroad! There the Democrats can employ their Alinsky Communist New World Order agenda. Include it’s loaded regulations to be sure.

Americans have seen what these liberal Democrats have done to America through Obama and the so-called Main-Stream-Media. They all have shown themselves to be lawless (private STATE servers in their bathrooms) and full of lies ( ObamaCare hidden laws) as well as projecting lies during the 2016 election!



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