Studying the Living Word for Walking it Out for 2017

Studying the Living Word for Walking it Out on January 1st, 2017
@ROliverLuce | 01-01-2017

// From Psalms 27:4 we get our prime focus: That I will dwell in your house forever oh Lord! Even throughout each day; pg727(TOL)version, pg.814(CJB)version.

// The real sacrifices are a broken spirit and a contrite heart, of which God will never despise; From Psalms 51:19, pg.742 (CJB)version. Those verses 19 thru 21 are about what Moses and the children of Israel knew regarding the law of the animal sacrifices. We must also be that ancient remnant of each Hebrew generation that understood what God required of them in His Law of grace and love. For the Hebrew remnant, of those ancient of days, knew in a limited way, what was required of them in fulfilling the Torah!

// Psalms 58:4(3) thru 6(5), pg.846(CJB), pg.744(TOL). From the womb the wicked are estranged, their venom is like a snake’s venom; They are like a serpent that stops its ears [no matter]. Therefore, we are to continue seeking the truth (even as sinners) as those who separate themselves from other sinner’s who “fully” close their ears.

But because we are of the household of trust in Yeshua who have found the author of the truth we are behooved by His love and graciousness to continue to seek Him in all things! Upon seeking the truth He had shown Himself to us in various ways and we were allowed into His Covenant of Salvation with it’s many great promises. He has accepted us through our heart of contrition that we might be able to listen to His still small voice as we grow in our Spirits toward His glory!


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