Hacking Election? Blame Goes to Obama & his Homeland Security & Policy of Illegals Flooding Election Polls

~@ROliverLuce | 12-29-16

Hacking our Election? Leave Russia out of this!
Obama blame shifting!
Obama’s Homeland Security was HACKING our election!

In addition, Wikileaks were the ones hacking Secretary Hillary’s treasonous home server! Perhaps here is where Russia is to BLAME!! Blaming for what? Exposing treason against the American people??

# Hacking ?Evidence? in Hand,  Obama Sanctions Russia? NO!!

It’s Obama’s Homeland Security was is the HACKING agent in our election! More specifically North Carolina State’s election!

Again!!! Leave Russia out of this! Wikileaks were the ones hacking Hillary’s treasonous home server! Now our Liberal Government is blame shifting!

Illegal foreigners voting!!
What about the millions of Obama/Calif illegal aliens voting & many other irregularities throughout so-called once known as the BLUE STATES?
Obama’s Alinsky-communist Hillary has been stopped by American voters!



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